Jon Becker

  • nolarick

    So Cable accidentally won out in the AFC West? Hue failed to do what Cable did. How is Hue better than Cable?

  • DJ Johnny

    Guest. This is what happens when you delete a post you’ve made.
    It doesn’t delete it… it just changes the name of the poster to “guest”.

  • spiff

    not to have high hopes on a gruden returning . but if it coud happen I ‘m for it………..

  • Al_is_theraiders

    youre midwest dumb…

  • Al_is_theraiders

    fewer than half of gbs draft picks from 2011 remain on the roster….wonder who the scout was then….

  • kenchun24

    He just wants the extra spending money from a nice NFL contract (his family is wealthy) and celebrity athlete clout to party with Drake in Vegas on bye weeks.

  • tuckrulefool

    Is branch actually as good as most raider fans think he is? ive never been overly impressed to be honest. Decent but not outstanding as many fans and media types keep suggesting…

  • Blackholepriest

    When he looks like garbage after 6 starts then what?

    And you record is 1-5 his stats suck then are you going to take the blame? Huh smart guy?

  • Blackholepriest

    McG arm is better he has shown that he can move the team and score. Let him develop as you build the team mean while he and TP can grow with these young players. Get a vet QB in case the bottom falls out and continue building when you see a sure fire franchise QB then sell the farm and get him.

    I would develop these two kids until I was sure we have a chance at greatness then take that chance.

  • Blackholepriest

    It is easy as hell to sit at your keyboard dumb as a box of rocks and demand the continue this mad quest drafting QB after QB ignoring tremendous tAlent elsewhere asking them to be great the first 10 games of their careers. You will never develop any QB that way. All QB struggle early on it takes time you ignorant feeble minded fans cannot grasp that.

    No QB is going to master the NFL in his first 10 starts most need 50 starts. Two straight years of starting usually you start to see something like Kappy, RG3, and the like but it takes time. This is the NFL ……….period

  • brad

    Snow 4 inches! that would be above his little head LMAO!

  • brad

    one of the last 3 Cancers on the team!

  • Blackholepriest

    There is no franchise QB in this draft there only a bunch of reaches. Same as when Locker, Ponder and Gabbert come out. Teams reached on all of them and look at them. They are all looking for another guy if they can get ‘me we already have that. Build the rest of the team and when someone worthy of franchise QB status thorn you have what it takes to surround them send be great. It’s exactly how SF and Seattle did it.

    Build your defense and Oline when you do have a QB he can have the help it takes to look good. Thus league is very tough on young QB it eats them for lunch. Reggie should get vet help for these young QB’s…”………period

  • wildsach

    ahmm, really, aren’t you the one who constantly called for McG’s head after his last two outings, where the D’s abysmal’s performance was largely responsible for the loss–Titan’s/Cowboys ? When did u finally realize a QB doesn’t come into this league, and overnight turn into a Brady or Manning ? Never mind, important thing is, you at least, “got it”.