Raiders look to force Smith into mistakes

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The Raiders can gain some measure of satisfaction from a brutal road stretch and end a 12-game losing streak in the Eastern time zone Sunday by beating the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

On one hand, the Jets (5-7) look to be the perfect foil, given the recent play of struggling rookie quarterback Geno Smith and a four-game losing streak with only a pair of field goals to show for their last eight quarters.

Then again, the Raiders haven’t beaten anyone in the East in the early time slot in three years, dating back to to a 27-24 win in Pittsburgh on Dec. 8, 2009.

It will be cold, windy and maybe with a touch of snow.

Bring it on, says Raiders rookie quarterback Matt McGloin. McGloin grew up in Scranton, Pa. and played in college at Penn State. There are two busloads of family and Scranton natives numbering 200 or more hoping to see their favorite son end the Raiders’ miseries in the East.

“It’s not a statistic we’re proud of,’’ McGloin said. “Any time you’re traveling across the country to play, it’ll be difficult. But for me, it’s exciting to go back East and play in the cold.

“The weather is going to be a nice change for me. That stat is something we’re aware of and we’re keeping that in the back of our minds.’’

The Raiders are back where they started a month ago, losing 24-20 to the New York Giants at MetLife in Terrelle Pryor’s last start at quarterback on Nov. 11. The Raiders beat Houston on the road in their next start, lost at home to Tennessee and then fell in Dallas on on Thanksgiving.

The two trips to East Rutherford, N.J., plus Houston and Dallas, account for 9,400 miles worth of travel in a month.

Forcing the Jets’ Smith into a few turnovers would enable the Raiders to finish that stretch 2-2 and improve to 5-8 before finishing out the schedule with AFC West games against Kansas City, at San San Diego and the Denver Broncos in the regular-season finale at O.co Coliseum.

Smith, a second-round draft pick out of West Virginia, last completed more than nine passes in a game on Oct. 27. He was 4-for-10 with an interception at halftime last week in a 23-3 loss to Miami when coach Rex Ryan pulled him in favor of Matt Simms.

Responsible for 23 turnovers (19 interceptions, four lost fumbles), Smith was named by Ryan to start against the Raiders early on the week.

“Sometimes I think you can get a different perspective over there,’’ Ryan said of sending Smith temporarily to the bench. “The big thing is you want ot get back out there in the worst way, and that’s how he is. He’s bounced back before after a poor performance.’’

Free safety Charles Woodson told the NFL Network Smith is “like most young quarterbacks that come into this league and are thrown into the fire right away. He’s going to for the most part let you know where he’s going with the ball and teams are able to get their reads on him pretty quickly.’’

Woodson said the plan is to put pressure on Smith and “hopefully he’ll deliver that ball to us.’’

Raiders coach Dennis Allen is mindful that while Smith’s play has been poor for the last month, the quarterback also has four game-winning drives in the fourth quarter and overtime _ including a 30-27 win over the New England Patriots.

“Everybody’s dangerous in the NFL,’’ Allen said. “They wouldn’t be playing in this league if they didn’t have the capability of beating you.’’

— The Raiders placed safety Usama Young (stinger) and linebacker Kaluka Maiava (calf) on injured reserve, ending their seasons. They also waived defensive lineman Brian Sanford.

Three practice squad players were promoted to the 53-man roster _ cornerback Chance Casey, safety Shelton Johnson and linebacker Marshall McFadden.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 10centsworth

    0saw a Raider penalty couple of years ago. Safety we had, I liked, came down on a punt, launched himself five yds from the ENEMY, hit hit just AFTER he touched the ball, knocked him for a loop, ball came loose and…of course, they called a penalty. Who cared. RAIDER FOOTBALL!!!0

  • I have him in one of my Fantasy leagues shlt!

  • Gruden “not expected” to coach in 2014, per ESPN.
    Being that he works for ESPN, that is probably a pretty concrete source.

  • RaidingTexas

    Reported by Jay Glazer. Did not pass concussion test again.

  • J Hill

    Allen breathes a sigh of relief.

  • Never mind I am there now….duh

  • RaidingTexas

    As does the sane part of Raider Nation.

  • willy91137

    Gruden is always going somewhere but it never seems to get there he came out here and lit the torch then he was coming back here I really don’t think he will ever coach again he’s had a taste of the easy life and thought of those long hours

  • Raidersfan727


  • Raidersfan727

    All of our best special teams players will be Awol… I dont think our gunner is gonna play full time rb and gunning either

  • yeah regression is bad some of us get it…..Besides Gruden had a great GM who also ran the Defense and Special teams……..basically if you wanted to replicate the Gruden era you would have to clone Al or bring him back from the dead

  • I’ll take that as 2 cans and a string

  • RaidingTexas

    Streater is the lead story on my NFL.com Fantasy.


  • 10centsworth

    0contract ploy, just got another 2 hundred Gs per year.0

  • Raidersfan727

    I’ve always really liked streater… just seems like a hard worker.

  • 10centsworth

    0typical communication on this blog. I’ve always been ahead of the curve.0

  • RaidingTexas

    Good hands, decent route running. Doesn’t really have breakaway speed, but he can be a solid #2.

  • r8ter4evr

    DA needs to pull out every weapon today @ss on the line love Mcgloin as starter but with our running game in the Mash unit he would be a fool to not get TP some snaps still a dual threat

  • 10centsworth

    0was Freddie a #2?0

  • 0ak R8rs

    Yea. Like Palmer. Throwing embarrassing picks all over the place. Didn’t work out so well there. Don’t want cutler, and he’s better than Palmer. Way better.

  • 10centsworth

    0Jennings was still playing STs.0

  • I submit my posts via subliminal cosmic messaging.

  • c2e

    would you tell your employer that you’re planning on leaving?

  • 10centsworth

    0I’ve notice the echoes you keep responding to.0

  • 10centsworth

    0see below0

  • 0what’s up with this0 ?

  • RaidingTexas

    I don’t think they really had #1 and #2 back then. The game was more run-oriented.

  • 10centsworth

    0I’m surrounded by zeroes.0

  • r8ter4evr

    Dont overlook ego and pride would be a legend if he could repeat hat he did hear last time as HC

  • Too bad there is not a douche bag key on my keyboard like your zero key. Thanks for the explanation.

  • RaidingTexas

    Some fool was on here the other day saying he was linked to Texas Tech.

  • myopinion

    gruden has more football knowledge than da,olsen, and tarver put together.

  • Raiders Inactives: WR Denarius Moore, RB Darren McFadden, RB Rashad Jennings, RB Jeremy Stewart, S Tyvon Branch, G Lamar Mady, G M. Brisiel
    At least Watson is active

  • c2e

    it may be another year, but if he decides to come out, it will be only for a perfect situation and he will be coy about it…which i believe to be oaktown

  • 10centsworth

    0I could see…Douche bag SilverandBlack666 douchbag.0

  • r8ter4evr

    Red Raiders TB and Oak combined LOL

  • 0ak R8rs

    And make him 15 years younger than he was before he died. Don’t forget that. Pretty critical part of your plan. Oh, and make him someone that someone w some talent like Gruden could work with. So we don’t have to trade him and end up w Jacoby Ford.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Look for Casey and Jenkins to have a big day on ST. Love to see Jenkins in slot also.

  • 0ak R8rs


  • That was classic. That is about as legit as me being linked to Lucy Pinder

  • NY is not going to let us run the football do you think McGloins arm can get the win today?

  • Rifflicks

    then why is he in the broadcast booth?

  • SnBG

    Jets are 1 against the run so the game will be won on MM’s arm and defense. Reece will have to be a battering ram today to try and keep the Jets D honest.

  • 0ak R8rs


  • 10centsworth

    0well, despite the MANY naysayers on this blog, football minds see what is being set up at 1220 and relish the “potential” to come out of it. ANY coach would be licking his lips, WE ARE THE RAIDERS and our get back is on the horizon.0

  • 1960AutumnWind

    So good he managed to get fired from TB. Would love to hear it was based on inferior talent…. LOL

  • r8ter4evr

    EASY MONEY! !!!

  • brad

    Sounds like a strategy we have learned from experience! LMAO!

  • I heard that!

  • SnBG

    It’s snowing in Phili, is it snowing in the Meadowlands yet?.