Final: Jets 37, Raiders 27


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The Raiders will have to wait another year to prove they can win in the Eastern time zone after absorbing a 37-27 loss Sunday to the New York Jets Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

It was a season-high point total for New York, which came in ranked 31st in the NFL in scoring but had little trouble moving the ball against a Raiders defense that was solid a month ago but a sieve over the past two games.

The Raiders, 4-9, have three chances to exceed last season’s win total and will be underdogs in all there games _ at home against Kansas City, on the road against San Diego and at home against Denver.

Oakland has now lost 13 consecutive games in the Eastern time zone dating back to 2009.

The Jets, who snapped a three-game win streak to improve to 6-7, scored on a 25-yard touchdown pass to Geno Smith to Jeremy Kerley, a 7-yard run by Smith, a blocked punt and recovery by Antonio Allen, a 15-yard run by Chris Ivory and field goals of 41, 23 and 49 yards by Nick Folk.

The Raiders best moments came on big-yardage plays, as Marcel Reece ran 63 yards for one touchdown and Matt McGloin hit Rod Streater for a 48-yard score. Place kicker Sebastian Janikowski converted field goal attempts of 41 and 40 yards and missed from 52 yards.

Reece, playing as the lead back with Rashad Jennings sidelined with concussion symptoms, gained a career high 113 yards on 18 carries, including his touchdown run.

Oakland trailed 20-3 at halftime and never got the margin inside 10 points in the second half, with the Jets answering every Raiders score with one of their own.

Terrelle Pryor came in for one scheduled series in the first half and led the Raiders on a 58-yard drive ending in Janikowski’s 41-yard field goal.

In the battle of rookie quarterbacks, Smith got the better of McGloin, who was cheered on by three busloads of fans from his hometown of Scranton, Pa.

Smith was 16 of 25 for 219 yards with the touchdown pass and one interception. McGloin was 17 of 28 for 223 yards, two touchdodwns and an interception out of his own end zone to Ed Reed that the Jets turned into a field goal by Folk.

McGloin’s final touchdown came on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line to Mychal Rivera, by which time a light snow had begun falling and the Raiders were out of time outs.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • lefty12

    You mean a coaching staff that could convince him to become a WR or TE?

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp


    7) Traded for Matt Flynn, traded Carson Palmer (2013) – As the final move in seriously ridding themselves of all memory from the pre-McKenzie era, the trading of Carson Palmer has huge implications for the future of this franchise.

    Between the two deals, Oakland sent a 2014 fifth-round pick to Seattle and a 2013 seventh-round pick to Arizona, while they received a 2013 sixth-round pick and a 2014 seventh-round pick from Arizona. What McKenzie cared more about, however, was the fact that the team saved some serious money in the deal.

    Again, it’s hard to evaluate this move from any perspective other than a financial one, but in that case, it was a major win for McKenzie.

    If Flynn can prove to be an NFL starter, this will look brilliant in hindsight, but even if he flames out, McKenzie unloaded Palmer and his ridiculous contract for very little cost.

    8) Drafted DJ Hayden, Menelik Watson, Sio Moore, Tyler Wilson, Nick Kasa, Latavius Murray, Mychal Rivera, Stacy McGee, Brice Butler and David Bass (2013) -There’s a lot of promise in this group, especially at the top, but ultimately we’re a long way from knowing the results of this draft.

    At the very least, the team filled a lot of needs – picking up a high-level defensive back, a big offensive lineman, a speed rusher, a young quarterback and a pair of potential tight ends.

    So there it is, 17 months in and eight major moves made by McKenzie.

    From my point of view, the guy has this team 100-percent on the right track (they’re estimated to have upwards of $50 million in cap space next season) through shedding bad contracts, searching for bargains and drafting well.


    Hilarious. BTW, this same site gave me a warning for “trolling” Cuz I had the nerve to say Reggie was doing a chitty job. Hilarious

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    new post fellas.

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    mike duhAntoni with some wonky lineups again tonight.lol

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    then re-unite him with Cutler and draft Clowney.


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    You post under 7 different handles.
    What’s the matter? Stings when you get a taste of your own medicine, loser?

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    Link that he is buying minority shares please.

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    Not sure where you got this numbers. Wish they were true. Here’s the truth:


    We r 32nd out of 32. If it wasn’t for nfl tv money we’d be bankrupt. There’s professional soccer teams with more than us. Lots of them. From second and third world countries.

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    The fact u believe that is idiotic.

    I post under one handle nitwit.

    Ur convinced all kinda if people are other people cuz they think Pryor stinks. Plus u think I’m people that I argue with and u claim its cuz of some sort of wild idea about arguing with myself to throw off the scent.

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    I wanna get this straight. U hate cross posters so…..u cross post.

    Ur a strange person Danny.

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    During the pre season he was interviewed by Papa? And when asked about it, nodded, smiled and put his finger to his mouth in the ‘shush’ mode…

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    That’s shows what a great memory you got because you can remember one of the few bad games he had but how many game winning or game tying fgs did he make?If Reggie draft a fg kicker that was half as good he would be a hof.The pro bowl is a fan contest if you remember all of the current and ex players thought it was a joke he only made 1.

  • Chuck

    He is a raider I guess if Reggie had drafted him you would.

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    Sporano is a proven loser. Why hire him when there are better options available

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    That makes no sense. I’m supposed to root for every guy in every position on this team exactly the same? I wasn’t aware I wasn’t using proper fan technique thanks for the heads up. Can we end this conversation now? Because it’s really stupid.

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    I just asked a question if you don’t like it don’t answer it.

  • It’s like one of the bad kids won the contest to own willy wonka

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    Allen has had his chance…Hire a new HC NOW! McKenzie on thin ice too!

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    Do you blame him?

  • GimmieAMilk

    Fire Allen and Mckenzie TODAY!

  • GimmieAMilk

    Raider defense can’t tackle Justin Bieber, Offense line cant block Chloe Kardashian from rushing the passer. Special teams look like Dancing With the Stars performance! Coaching is f***in numbing! What’s left?

  • GimmieAMilk

    Fire Allen and McK Today! Let Sparano finish the season as HC! What can we lose other than meaningless games!