Allen not worried about job security, says Raiders ‘closer” this season


ALAMEDA – Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that his team this season is “closer” to being a playoff-caliber team than it was last season and that he isn’t concerned about his job security.
“Listen, that’s not what my job is,” Allen said, when asked if he has received assurance from owner Mark Davis that he’ll be retained beyond this season. “My job is to try to get this team better, get this team ready to play against the Kansas City Chiefs.
“I’m not going to talk about speculation or anything like that. I’m going to worry about winning a football game this week.”
The Raiders were 3-10 at this point last season. They finished 4-12 on the heels of an 8-8 campaign in 2011, the season before Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie arrived.
The Raiders are 4-9, with three games remaining against divisional foes – Denver Broncos (11-2), Kansas City (10-3) and San Diego Chargers (6-7).
“We’re a lot closer,” Allen said. “Obviously the record doesn’t say so. We all recognize that, at the end of the day, this is a production business. We understand that you are what your record says you are.
“But I also know there’s a lot of areas where this football team has improved. We’ve got to continue to improve in those areas and other areas so that we’re able to win football games and not come away and be disappointed.”
Allen said he and McKenzie are in lock-step with their long-term outlook for their complete rebuild of a franchise that last finished with a winning record and qualified for the playoffs in 2002.
“Reggie and I have been on the same page in everything that we’ve done,” Allen said. “We understand what the vision is, we have a plan for what we’re trying to get accomplished and we haven’t varied from that, and we won’t waver on that.”
Safety Charles Woodson called the Raiders loss to the New York Jets on Sunday “embarrassing” and reflected badly on players and coaches. The Raiders were in all but two of their first 12 games, but they got outplayed by the lowly Jets in a 37-27 defeat.
Allen said he hasn’t spoken with McKenzie or Davis since the Jets game ended.
Davis vented about the Raiders poor play after the 10th game last season, saying he wanted to see progress. He hasn’t weighed in on his team’s play this season at all to date.


Steve Corkran


    After both 8-8 season with Gruden, fighting in all the games we did lose, we all knew something good was borning, only because if you win 3 out the 8 we will be in the playoffs easily.
    Now, after both 4 wins seasons fighting in 6 out of the 9 games we have lost, even if we win 3 out of the 6, we will be 7-9 next year. That makes us think we are far away from being a contender.

  • aig-raiders

    BTW, Tom Brady was not a franchise Qb either. They lucked out in getting him. They dumped the franchise QB they drafted (Bledsoe).

  • rudegruden

    Lovie took over a 7 win team and made them an 11 win team by year 2.

    Gruden took a 4 win team and made them an 8 win team by year 2.

    Both coaches improved by 4 wins by year two. Right now we went from 8 wins to 4. Lets say 5 to be generous.

  • rudegruden

    Gruden took a 4 win team and made them an 8 win team in year 2 (even year 1). Thats called progress.

    DA took a 8 win team and made them a 4/5 win team

    I’m not sure why some refuse to see the obvious

  • Howard Benner

    By the letter of the rule, yes. . .but I said “established as the league wide standard. . .” how much contact after five yards that clearly violates that rule never is called? I tried to cover both points. . .what was seen & what happens as the players are running down the field, jockeying for position?

    I didn’t establish the “standard;” &. like PI & defensive holding, it’s always been & will continue to be a “subjective,” judgment call. . .that will never change. . .

  • SR Raider

    They’ve been so beaten down by losing they can’t remember that 8-8 is a bad year?

  • Yes, I’ll credit him for wasting 6 million on a QB who started one game before getting cut. Do you trust him at finding a franchise QB for us then?

  • Steveopa

    The defense is partial to blame we were down 20-3 at the half ten of those points came from bocked punt and McGloin throwing a pick that resulted in three points.

  • brad

    Yeah a meaningless game against Denver that will have clinched Home field! LMAO!

  • Gdog

    I guess the wait until the season is done to judge is out because we lost by 10 on the East coast?

  • Stabler

    Can’t stand Dennis Allen, starting with his very first press conference. Fire him and let him go work for the Broncos again.

  • MapleLaugher

    Not a big fan of a head coach sitting at 4-9, in his second consecutive losing season, who is not worried about job security. Maybe he should be, maybe he should coach to win instead of starting McGloin and playing prevent styled defence every week. He needs to go, yesterday. Punt Reggie with him, we need someone with the ability to evaluate talent running the show now that we will have some money to spend, not a guy who drafts like this clown or a coach who makes decisions like he’s been castrated.

  • DaJolt

    Allen is gone

  • Chris

    The Raiders will not win another game this year. Bank on that.

  • Chris

    Just fire Shrek and his clueless sidekick baby!

  • Chris

    If I was an NFL head coach and I only won 8 of my first 29 games in the league, I would be VERY concerned about my employment situation in the 30th game and beyond. I’d certainly be meeting with my boss (GM) frequently and boss’ boss (owner) on occasion to explain what I’m doing to improve the results.

  • Just Win Baby

    and they just barely beat the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns. I think the Dolphins will crush them.