Allen not worried about job security, says Raiders ‘closer” this season

ALAMEDA – Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that his team this season is “closer” to being a playoff-caliber team than it was last season and that he isn’t concerned about his job security.
“Listen, that’s not what my job is,” Allen said, when asked if he has received assurance from owner Mark Davis that he’ll be retained beyond this season. “My job is to try to get this team better, get this team ready to play against the Kansas City Chiefs.
“I’m not going to talk about speculation or anything like that. I’m going to worry about winning a football game this week.”
The Raiders were 3-10 at this point last season. They finished 4-12 on the heels of an 8-8 campaign in 2011, the season before Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie arrived.
The Raiders are 4-9, with three games remaining against divisional foes – Denver Broncos (11-2), Kansas City (10-3) and San Diego Chargers (6-7).
“We’re a lot closer,” Allen said. “Obviously the record doesn’t say so. We all recognize that, at the end of the day, this is a production business. We understand that you are what your record says you are.
“But I also know there’s a lot of areas where this football team has improved. We’ve got to continue to improve in those areas and other areas so that we’re able to win football games and not come away and be disappointed.”
Allen said he and McKenzie are in lock-step with their long-term outlook for their complete rebuild of a franchise that last finished with a winning record and qualified for the playoffs in 2002.
“Reggie and I have been on the same page in everything that we’ve done,” Allen said. “We understand what the vision is, we have a plan for what we’re trying to get accomplished and we haven’t varied from that, and we won’t waver on that.”
Safety Charles Woodson called the Raiders loss to the New York Jets on Sunday “embarrassing” and reflected badly on players and coaches. The Raiders were in all but two of their first 12 games, but they got outplayed by the lowly Jets in a 37-27 defeat.
Allen said he hasn’t spoken with McKenzie or Davis since the Jets game ended.
Davis vented about the Raiders poor play after the 10th game last season, saying he wanted to see progress. He hasn’t weighed in on his team’s play this season at all to date.


Steve Corkran

  • I guarantee you if you go back to two and three years ago you will find they did hit it on some players in the draft.

    You can whiff once and a while but when you constantly whiff on 1st round picks you get what the Raiders and Browns have been going through the last ten years.

  • RaidingTexas

    Sounds like an argument for Hue Jackson part II. No thanks.

  • Yeah he sucked all year long be real.

  • KoolKell

    Well at least the local media isn’t shielding Allen today. Don’t have TP to throw under the bus, I guess.

  • You are high on crack please name some….

  • Great post!

  • tuckrulefool

    (0.co) Buzzards circling the carcass that is the 2013 Oakland Raiders. Even manb00bs has to know that he is toast. His lone shot is winning 2 of the last three……lol on that one!

  • So what that other DB’s suck? Joe Hayden is legit. So is Patrick Peterson. Jimmy Smith helped save a Super Bowl last year on the most important play of the season.
    Because other teams drafted other crappy DB’s has no bearing on our situation.

  • LB32

    New face same feel and results.

  • TP2 sucks he is not an NFL caliber QB get over it already.

  • DutchRaid

    Lord, for some reason I think we beat the Chiefs…and get blown out of the water the last two games…

  • So funny how they try to spin it like that.

    Reality is a bltch for some I guess…

  • Don’t forget to add:
    6th round pick, Andre Ellington
    Maybe the Best RB in the draft, taken 10 picks after Murray.

  • tuckrulefool

    Unless we are talking about McGloin, right? It’s etched in stone he has no long term starting future (despite being a mid season rookie). Does your hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness even register? Or instead do you just type incoherently and hit enter? Clearly, it must be the latter…

  • Davy Jones

    I think RM/DA are safe for this year. It seems only fair to give them a shot at a full draft and all that FA money before dropping the axe. So if he survives, how may wins does it take to save DA’s job in 2014? And don’t give me no pussified “depends on the circumstances” answers, sack up and give me a number. I say: 9-7.

  • KoolKell

    How many games has MCGloin won?

  • LB32

    OK, what’s DA excuse now? What’s really changed since TP got hurt? They found a way not to lose three in a row with him manning the controls.

  • We had a full draft this year when all was said and done

  • c2e

    same # that the D hasn’t lost


    Due to unforseen circumstances QB @TerrellePryor will be unable to attend tonight’s @ToysForTots_USA event.

    Conspiracy theories may begin

  • The only one he played with Dennarius Moore.

  • KoolKell

    I think Reggie stays, he got the Cap Room.

    DA, I’m not so sure of. Doesn’t seem to know a damned thing about Offense

  • Davy Jones

    Fair enough, but Reggie would tell you that he’d have walked out of the casino with more money if he could have walked in with more money.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    He is also a coach that does not want to come here. Seriously, talk about guys that actually might take the job.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    And they will stay great Shaw is not coming out. He is not going to take the pay cut for one thing.

  • The_Judge37

    For a guy who’s not “Going to Macy’s” in Free Agency, then what does he need all that oney for?

  • Davy Jones

    Walked into the wrong location after rolling to his right?

  • KoolKell


  • 1960AutumnWind

    DAs fault. Trying to lower his profile and keep the man down.

  • plunkhead

    Purple drank?

  • SR Raider

    Agreed. I’ve been expecting this scenario since the Dallas loss. Win #5 is big for the coaching staff

  • The guy who leads the team in TD’s.
    They are kind of important in this game called football.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Yea that is an interesting point. Moore helps stretch the field. You could see them trying to do that with Ford in Dallas but gave up on the endeavor against NY.

  • eastoaklandraider

    and just add haydens name to that list, just another dime a dozen db. I would not draft a db that high unless he was a cant miss like woodson.

  • plunkhead

    KK you are supposed to banned forever. Someone said you threatened the corkroach

  • The_Judge37

    First half of the season, it’s the offenses fault we can’t win games, 2nd half it’s the Defenses fault. Can’t we just all agree that it’s the P!ssPoor coaching that can’t get this team on the same page?

  • LB32

    McLoving is going to have to win 2 out of 3 to have a better winning percentage than TP, what’s the chance of that happening?

  • Buckarama

    We are not winning another game this year. drop 8 of the last 9 yep, we’re better

  • tuckrulefool

    that’s funny.

  • Davy Jones

    It’s a metaphor. He had to trade down to get the missing 2nd rounder. Entering the draft missing your 2nd rounder is a decent handicap . . . but I’m not making excuses. 2014 is put up or shut up time for RM/DA.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    You have to look at each decision and think – could this have been done better. Not some pie in the sky some guy that came out of nowhere but someone that you could see coming that was not taken. Case in point. Pick at 12 for Hayden with Richardson and Star on Board. Case #2 getting rid of Palmer with no real plan to fix situation and then bring in Flynn in desperation. RM is not all bad but he has left a lot on the table.

  • Goldie7


    The defence wasn’t there in this game but the offense kept playing.
    In all of the other games, the team was ready to play and played hard.
    So, yeah, that’s an improvement.


    I understand what you are saying; however, we are far from being a playoff-caliber team.

    Talk about us being a playoff-caliber team, we can’t even hold onto a lead (look how we let the Redskins and the Cowboys come back to beat us)….The Texans and the Steelers nearly came back to beat us.

  • Chase

    I agree that Reggie stays, but of course Allen doesn’t know much about offense. That’s not the reason to fire him. He is a defensive coach and has always been. It’s almost as fare to blame Tarver for our offense as it is to blame Allen for our offense. If we fire him it should be for poor in game coaching decisions or strong defensive regression.

  • KoolKell

    Really. Sometimes people post here under my name.

  • Davy Jones

    Not much. Draft a QB.

  • The_Judge37

    I say Revoke the Pass for 2013. 2012 was supposed to be the “Rebuilding year”

  • SnBG

    Without the talent you can not win. O line is rated very low. D line has no impact guy to rush the passer. We played with Pryor whom lost games for us. Can’t win, can’t win without a few more pieces.
    Franchise QB
    O linemen especially at G.
    Pass rusher .
    We get those pieces and DA/Reg look like genius.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    1 td 8 ints last 4 games enough said!!!! Worst QB in NFL over that period even worse than Geno.

  • SnBG

    None with the current talent at key positions.

  • Just Win Baby

    The Raiders might get a slop gimme win against Denver’s third stringers on the last game of the season……..but I doubt it.