McDonald grades Raiders off Jets game

Beat writer Jerry McDonald graded the Raiders based on their performance against the New York Jets in a 37-27 loss. Here are McDonald’s grades and explanations:

Passing offense:
Matt McGloin finished 18 of 31 for 245 yards, two touchdowns and one interception, but was 13 of 21 for 174 yards and threw both touchdowns in the second half. Had no first-half rhythm and was fortunate that an interception thrown out of his own end zone to Ed Reed resulted only in three points for the Jets. Rebounded nicely, though. Terrelle Pryor had two short completions (including a third-down conversion) in his lone drive. A career-high 130 yards receiving and seven catches for emerging wide receiver Rod Streater.

Grade: B-

Rushing offense:
Considering the skeleton crew the Raiders brought to New Jersey against one of the NFL’s top rushing defenses, it was better than expected. Marcel Reece had 19 carries for a career-high 123 yards including a 63-yard touchdown run. The Raiders had 150 yards in all, although the lion’s share came in the one big chunk. Not a lot of negative plays.

Grade: B-

Passing defense:
Receivers broke open all day for Geno Smith (16 of 25 for 219 yards, one touchdown, one interception), who found the Raiders the perfect tonic for an awful November. The Raiders got little or no defensive pressure, with safety Brandian Ross getting the lone sack. Jeremy Kerley’s 25-yard touchdown grab came in a glut of five along with one Jets receiver and three Raiders defensive backs. Kevin Burnett’s interception of Smith resulted on zero points because of a missed field-goal attempt.

Grade: D-

Rushing defense:
A team that has run often but not particularly well picked up steam late against the Raiders and finished with 32 carries for 145 yards. Smith had 50 yards on five rushes, including an 8-yard TD run, and even though the Raiders have a quarterback that runs the read option, their defense looked at times as if they had never seen it before. Chris Ivory (76 yards, 18 carries) carried defenders into the end zone on his 15-yard TD run.

Grade: D

Special teams:
A missed 52-yard field-goal attempt by Sebastian Janikowski essentially negated Kevin Burnett’s interception, ruining a chance at an easy short-field score. Then to make matters worse, New York’s resulting possession on the 42-yard line was turned into a 58-yard scoring drive, with Smith hitting Kerley from 25 yards out. A blown blocking assignment led to a blocked punt by Anthony Allen that he also recovered for a touchdown.

Grade: F

Was there any area in which the Raiders looked like a sharp, well-prepared team ready to conquer their East Coast road demons? It almost appeared as if the Raiders took the Jets lightly, and they haven’t been good enough to take anyone lightly for a decade. No issues with McGloin getting the bulk of the quarterback work, but is there no scenario when he and Pryor are on the field at the same time? A playmaker of Pryor’s skill can’t be used?

Grade: F


Steve Corkran

  • IAmAlwaysWrong

    more excuses for Reggie: poor guy was saddled with DA for a Head Coach! I mean, our roster is stacked. We would have made the playoffs if not for him! you guys are clearly retarded. I can say that, since the blog will be shut down in 24 hours anyway … thanks to YOU PEOPLE!!!!

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    That’s stupid. Makes no sense why a failure at HC should outlast a GM who has been very solid despite what some the dumbasses on here think.

    I have never heard of a first time GM only have two years and one HC to make an impact, especially considering the cap hell RM took over which led to the roster having to be gutted to fix it cuz Al mortgaged the future every chance he got.

    I think our high pick and the cap situation next year will be enticing to experienced HCs. Our high picks in each round and our almost 70M in cap space will allow the new HC to build the team in their vision. This is as close to a clean slate as you can get in the NFL.

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    You’re speaking like an idiot. So cuz RM’s first draft didn’t start til the fourth round is his fault? Same with his first offseason being 25M over the cap? The fact that he started off in such a crappy starting should not be held against RM. His first season here should be a mulligan considering what he has had to deal with.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    I have come to the conclusion that both will be back or at most DA gets fired to be a scapegoat. DA has two years on contract so it will be hard for Mark to pay 2 HCs for two years with the current fiscal problems the Raiders have. Same with RM.

  • eastoaklandraider

    NFL coaches dont run it like college coaches do, they add things like jet sweeps that keep other defenders occupied

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  • Howard Benner

    Lovie Smith = cover two defense. . .I just hate the thought of another transition into new systems. . .no continuity. . .yes, I realize I am leaving myself wide open to the “continuity of failure” comments. . .the flip side is with the roster about to be completely gutted (except for stalwarts like Veldheer, Wiz, the young WR’s under contract, Reese, the two QB’s & all the other players under contract/current draft picks & street FA’s) what’s the difference?

    I would just hope they realize they need to concentrate on “beefing” up the lines (speed rusher, one Dt, new guards. . even if they move one of the young tackles, Watson or McCants &/or Barnes to OG). . .they need to concentrate on establishing themselves as a physical, run the ball/stop the run team first. . .there has to be a semblance of a nucleus to build around. . .so, with the uncertainty of the first few rounds of the draft, one name, from the third round through the fifth round to consider. . .a player I’ve been on for 2+ college seasons. . under both of my blog names (antispy3 as well); Billy Turner, Oline (currently a LT) for North Dakota State. . .the Bis (with a zon) on. . .

  • brad

    Retarded is excepting the rerun Press Conferences! And throwing away good money! We have lost to teams we were supposed to beat and we still have not even come close to doing damage in AFC! We had opportunities that were blown over and over again . So who’s fault is that? who’s fault is paying Matt Flynn 10 Mil? LMAO! Go Raiders!

  • Bob Miller

    I’ve wondered why McGloin can’t start and have TP lined up in various positions (h-back, wide out). McGloin is, IMO, the better passer, but whenever TP steps on the field he is the best athlete there (again, IMO) and he presents a match-up nightmare on the field.

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