Players in full support of Allen, McGloin starting vs. K.C., Jennings cleared to play


ALAMEDA – Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that his team this season is “closer” to being a playoff-caliber team than it was last season and that he isn’t concerned about his job security.
“Listen, that’s not what my job is,” Allen said, when asked if he has received assurance from owner Mark Davis that he’ll be retained beyond this season. “My job is to try to get this team better, get this team ready to play against the Kansas City Chiefs.
“I’m not going to talk about speculation or anything like that. I’m going to worry about winning a football game this week.”
The Raiders were 3-10 at this point last season. They finished 4-12 on the heels of an 8-8 campaign in 2011, the season before Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie arrived.
The Raiders are 4-9 so far this season, with games remaining against their divisional foes – Denver Broncos (11-2), Kansas City (10-3) and San Diego Chargers (6-7).
“We’re a lot closer,” Allen said. “Obviously the record doesn’t say so. We all recognize that, at the end of the day, this is a production business. We understand that you are what your record says you are.
“But I also know there’s a lot of areas where this football team has improved. We’ve got to continue to improve in those areas and other areas so that we’re able to win football games and not come away and be disappointed.”
Allen said he and McKenzie are in lock-step with their long-term outlook for their complete rebuild of a franchise that last finished with a winning record and qualified for the playoffs in 2002.
“Reggie and I have been on the same page in everything that we’ve done,” Allen said. “We understand what the vision is, we have a plan for what we’re trying to get accomplished and we haven’t varied from that, and we won’t waver on that.”
Running back Rashad Jennings said he and his teammates are behind Allen and the other coaches 100 percent.
“We’ve made a lot of strides,” Jennings said. “ … You have a lot of hungry guys who want to change this culture and turn this program around. The majority of the guys feel that way.”
Safety Charles Woodson called the Raiders loss to the New York Jets on Sunday “embarrassing” and reflected badly on players and coaches. The Raiders were competitive in all but two of their first 12 games, but they got outplayed by the lowly Jets in a 37-27 defeat.
Allen said he hasn’t spoken with McKenzie or Davis since the Jets game ended.
Davis vented about the Raiders poor play after the 10th game last season, saying he wanted to see progress. He hasn’t weighed in on his team’s play this season at all to date.
Wide receiver Rod Streater said there’s a marked difference in this year’s team, as evidenced by the Raiders having a realistic chance to win six of the nine games they lost. Last season, the Raiders got blown out five times.
“Our record might not be different,” Streater said, “but as a team we’re right there. … Last year that wasn’t the case. I feel like everyone is all in. They believe from the start we can win these games. The attitude is much different.”

— Matt McGloin will start against the Chiefs on Sunday, Allen said. McGloin has started the past four games after he relieved injured regular Terrelle Pryor.
Pryor’s right knee now is fully healed. However, the starting job is McGloin’s until further notice. Allen said Pryor might be used in some capacity the final three games – Pryor played one series against the Jets.

— Jennings said he finally passed all the tests required of players that suffer a concussion and he is cleared to play against the Chiefs on Sunday.
Jennings got hurt against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. He missed the Jets game while he recovered.
He said he is eager to play again. He’s also hopeful of re-signing with the Raiders.
“I would love to, if I had it my way,” Jennings said. “I feel I am a Raider. I feel at home here. I understand the system, I’m going to continue to grow in it, take ownership over it.”
He leads the Raiders with 588 yards rushing and is tied with Darren McFadden in rushing touchdowns (4).

— Allen said the concussion suffered by defensive tackle Vance Walker appears to be more severe than the one that tight end Nick Kasa got against the Jets.
Linebacker Sio Moore (neck) is questionable for the Chiefs game as he undergoes further evaluation for the injury he suffered Sunday.
Left guard Khalif Barnes hurt a knee and an ankle against the Jets. Right offensive tackle Tony Pashos injured a foot. Both are expected to be healthy enough to play against the Chiefs.

— Streater had modest goals when he joined the Raiders in 2012 as an undrafted free agent: “Making the team, getting a jersey. That’s all I wanted.”
Streater since has established himself as the Raiders most consistent receiver, and he’s on the verge of accomplishing something that no Raiders player has since 2005.
He has 787 yards receiving through 13 games, placing him within striking distance of becoming the Raiders first 1,000-yard receiver since Randy Moss in ’05.
“There’s something about that number you want to get to as a receiver to be considered one of the good ones for the year,” Streater said.


Steve Corkran

  • Blackholepriest

    We have lost games due to bad game management and decision making. You cannot deny that whether he stays or goes.

  • jtdxyz

    hmmmm…just the fact that DA has to say that they’re in “lock-step” probably means they aren’t

  • jtdxyz

    it’s in the job description of a GM to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of players

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. For a one year period, that may pencil out. Long term, under the new CBA, the players will get the money, and Al Davis never had to play under the current rules. Can’t bring myself to delve into it again, but I’ve found no better or more mind numbingly detailed analysis of this than at:http://www.askthecommish.com/SalaryCap/faq.aspx
    If you have, please give me the link.

  • brad

    like it’s cement lol!

  • brad

    so what the car is still new.

  • JOn Wooah

    more production then dj

  • Wouldn’t be cool if everyone on this blog, “excluding kkkell of course” oh and the angry one, sorry ! Could chip in and run this like the packers?

  • brad

    I don’t think Jets have the D that K.C. does! we will see if we can get one from Philip and depending on finish for Home field for Denver if we see Payton more than two possessions that’s If they have it Clinched!

  • brad

    but you need to be talking to them anyway not sitting back waiting on bargain basement!

  • Orthodoxdj

    Where RM should really be taken to task is his choice of Hayden in the draft. There were better players.

  • wildsach

    Amen, we’re gonna know what is like going against a good (Andy Reid) defense. As I remember, the Eagles over the yrs always had solid D’s. He’s def a D minded type of guy. You’ll see.

  • wildsach

    Bingo, your last 2 sentences say it all, IMO.

  • RaiderCDE

    ‘Just Win Baby’ is gone. Take it down. Change it to ‘Just try and have a good attitude, baby’.

    RM/DA have changed the culture, alright..

    Just keep lowering the expectations and you can’t go wrong … Cut all your players than say, ‘we don’t have good enough players’ – choose to take on $50 million in dead money and then say, ‘We don’t have the money’, trade your franchise QB for peanuts and then say ‘we don’t have a franchise QB’. Fire your winning coach and hire a losing one and say ‘we don’t have the coaches’. Change the definition of ‘competitive’ and say – ‘as long as we’re changing the culture and being competitive’. Its all rather brilliant actually. Redefine what it means to be a success.

    Yes, Dennis – you and Reggie’s ‘vision’ is quite clear. In 3-4 years, we’ll only be 3-4 years from making the playoffs.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    ANd your refeerence to the 3-5 year rebuild project is what. Clue us on Reggie’s “talent evaluation” skills. I’ll give you a hint. Think Millen

  • wildsach

    Somewhat true, yes, but mostly priest, due to lack of talent, continuity & basics on the D’s behalf.

  • Howard Benner

    His specialty is coaching the offense. He’s cut his coaching teeth with the Green Bay Packers. . . WCO. . .surely you’ve heard of that. . .

  • wildsach

    Don’t care who makes the picks, so long as we build our D w/ quality players.

  • wildsach

    Brees is shorter no doubt. Thing is, Brees has a lot more experience and plays for a team with a viable defense. Passing skills—very similar.

  • wildsach

    KC avg on giving pts is 18 per game. We give up an avg 30+ pts per game in our losses. Pretty much sums up why our D needs to hold them.

  • W.J

    Here’s what a lot of people are missing. Next year will not be year 3 of a rebuild. It will be year 1. And given what we have seen from RM so far I just fear he will trade back, pick up more mediocre players and declare brilliance.

  • Howard Benner

    Reid coaches the offense. When he was the HC in Phily he left that side of the ball to Jim Johnson, he of the innovative blitz packages. He died of cancer (melanoma) after the 2009 season. His absence & the problems Reid had filling that void led to his exodus from Philly.

  • 0ak R8rs

    You don’t know that yet. He had no OTAs. No training camp. Very few guys come in and play CB well as a rookie. VERY FEW. And have you noticed how bad our secondary has been since he’s been gone?

  • 0ak R8rs

    That may not happen this year. We need to be active in the FA market. Hopefully no overpaid big ticket guys. But active. We HAVE to spend an additional $60 million next year at least. League rules.

  • 0ak R8rs

    And while Star and Richardson r playing well, they aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. Ansah is doing great. Bu we couldn’t get him unless we didn’t trade down and not had a 2nd. Guy I see making a real impact is Vacarro. But we didn’t need a strong safety. He’s making a serious impact tho. Looks like a 5 year vet already. Of course, 20+ other teams passed on him as well.

  • turf toe

    Visited my family in Milpitas over the weekend. Nice hotel, great food, fun, etc. Then I watched the game in Hi Def.
    We are a terrible team. We have a coach with no sense of time and little sense of strategy, our GM makes moves that barely make sense, and the force once known as the Raiders is the joke of the league.

    Nobody cares about us, and they are correct to do so. My brother, who went to Cal with Chuck Muncie (when they said Muncie was there, which may be and urban myth), said something that stayed with me the entire drive back “The Raider fans are the only thing that has stayed the same,” he said. “They are just as committed, just as driven, just as insane. But the team…they are not the Raiders anymore. They are barely an NFL franchise.”

    He’s right. I like you guys, I like the idea of the Raider Nation, and I’m glad the fan base is still there. I will still watch every game, but this sick, boring flu-ridden avatar of a football team appeals to no one but the most committed. DA should go, Reggie should go, and Mark should think about selling.

  • nolimits3333

    Go Dennis Allen! And take Reggie with you.

  • Raider Rick

    D.A. needs to fire Olsen and get an O.C. thats gonna save his azz!! Too conservative. We need a hogg O.C . Thats going to utilize the guys we have. This vanilla crap Olsen runs gets coaches fired….Gruden said so himself bout this guy. Love our Defensive system and Sp. Teams. Jennings is a keeper . TP2 needs to start and Mcgloin as backup. We need a true Mike ….Roach is small. Lot of work….can Reggie do it?


    Well, Olsen is constricted in his play selection by:

    (a) an offensive line that hasn’t been healthy all year and has never been the OL that he expected,
    (b) a changing quarterback problem-Flynn to Pryor to McGloin who by the way has only played four games,
    (c) the “starting running back” McFadden being “injured” virtually all year,
    (d) no standout tightend, and
    (e) lack of a go-to receiver.

    Olsen is one hell of an improvement over Knapp.
    And you can make the same evaluation of Allen who can only plan for the players he actually has on the team.


    What do you mean can McKenzie do it?
    He is the general manager and the guy who BUILT the team that Allen and Olsen coach.


    “The Raider fans have stayed the same,” he said. “They are just as committed, just as driven, just as insane.”

    That hasn’t been true for a decade. We’re not the same team at all which is the problem.

    McKenzie and Allen have been here two years while the mess that they inherited has been going on for over ten years.
    They have to rebuild the franchise.
    They are trying to change it from the ground up.
    Apparently you think that can be accomplished in less than two years?
    Seems like it will take longer than that to rebuild the franchise to me.

  • turf toe

    My brother was referring to the Raiders post-Gruden, not just the last two years. I agree with everything you said, England, but I don’t have faith in DA or RM to fix us.

  • Jayhawk_Raider

    Nick Roach has been a bright spot in my opinion, he was a great FA pickup. As a matter of fact, I think our LB’s are fine, its our line that needs to be bolstered.

  • brad

    you are missing the point, but you will get it soon enough grasshopper! Durability! Long term! why we need a QB what do you want to do platoon Pryor and McGloin? Hits are inevitable on the QB! LMAO!

  • SnBG

    I don’t see Reg or Allen being fired as they all knew this was going to be a 3-4 year building process. We need to focus in on getting a few more players through the draft. Nix and Barnes are the weakest links on the O line and need to be upgraded. Houston is an above average DE and we should try and get a Pass rushing 4-3 DE to either compliment him of replace him. Our #1 priority in the draft should be QB. Manziel or the best QB on the board. These are the things that will make the team better, not a HCing change.

  • steveopa

    McGloin last three games 3td to 5 turnovers in the last three games. Pryor deserves to start. People want to act like McGloin has been playing like foles or josh McCown. This is far from the truth. If you take away his 3 TD game against the Texans he has been very average to slightly below average. Why wouldn’t Pryor get his job back under those circumstances.

  • Chuck

    It takes 3 to 5 years when you get rid of everyone on the team,very easy to get 50 mil in cap money by getting rid everyone and sucking for 2 years.We could have did what the chiefs did and make good use of our top 5 pick and keep people who might can help.

  • rioderek

    Olsen and DA coach like a guy who plays chess and executes the exact same moves every time he plays. They’re very predictable and vanilla.

  • Rick Worth

    Totally agree its funny how some people forget this stuff right on bro.

  • rioderek

    I challenge any and all Reggie Mc and DA supporters to explain the direction it appears those two are taking with this team, as in ID. Are they attempting to build a power team, finess and or fast team. Are they building a team around a core of bruisers, technicians and/or highly skilled types. I see no direction or identity. I simply see a mismatched collection of players being directed by a group vanilla coaches. Maybe a few of you supporter types see something I’m missing.

  • Thechairman66

    Prior in 7 games*
    5 TD/10INT/1,579 yards/QB rating: 68.7

    McGloin in 4 games*
    6 TD/3INT/1,044 yards/OB rating: 86.1

    Andrew Luck through his first 4 games as a rookie

    7TD/5INT/1,208 yards/QB rating: 77.1

    The numbers speak for themselves.

    I suspect that if McGloin were a 1st round draft pick people would be ecstatic with his performance thus far.

    *Games started

  • wildsach

    so sorry ur overnight expectations weren’t/aren’t playing out according to ur wishes. Obviously ur a professional who can analyze all aspects of any football team, NFL or otherwise.

  • wildsach

    most forget about the recent lack of play by the abysmal defensive side of the Raiders, only echoed by C. Woodson, “we peed down our legs”, we’re like the Bad News Bears. There, how else can it be clearly stated. This defense has to step it up if we’re gonna win anymore games this yr. Raider D gave up avg 30+ pts in their losses.

  • jano

    Jacoby Ford isn’t the same player after coming back. I cringe when the ball is thrown his way or he’s fielding a punt.

  • Raider Rocker

    I disagree. You’re confusing play calling with execution. Guys upfront miss their block and the RB gets stuffed for a loss and you call it bad play calling. Olsen has been great for this team.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    Not sure if I qualify as a supporter. However, as far as I can understand, the management is trying to build a hard working blue collar mentality team. Players that show up every day (when not injured) ready to work, study, and get better. It seems that they want guys who will try their hardest. I’m sure (if they’re still around) we’ll have a much more accurate idea as to what they have in mind after this off season. (No more cap handcuffs restricting them to the Goodwill of freeagents)

  • Raider Rick

    Yeah and he lost a couple of draft picks AND he cant pick a succesful QB. We have our #1 pick with three surgeries already, our #2 pick thats made of glass (scouting ) and well….restricted free agents is the only plus. Reason im asking If he can do it……Will he waste pur Cap money and then let go players like Flynn with 5 Mil in their pocket for nothing?? Uh huh……

  • KrisKringle

    Agreed, his a goner, last days as a Raider are numbered…

  • DanfromVegas

    McGloin is nice though.

  • He had undrafted people make it, ,but injuries hurt his drafted players.