McFadden, Walker still sidelined with injuries

ALAMEDA — Running back Darren McFadden and defensive lineman Vance Walker aren’t at practice again today. That makes it unlikely that either will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.
McFadden missed last game with an ankle injury that he suffered in his return from a three-game absence because of a hamstring injury. Now it’s likely that he’ll miss his sixth game this season Sunday and 29th of his six-year NFL career.
Rashad Jennings is expected back after he missed the New York Jets game with a concussion. Also, Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones are healthy and ready for action if called upon.
Walker is recovering from a concussion that he suffered against the Jets. He has not been cleared to practice at all this week. Therefore, the odds are long of his making a rapid recovery between now and the Chiefs game.
Wide receiver Denarius Moore is back at practice, showing no effects from practicing the day before for the first time since he injured a shoulder against the Houston Texans on Nov. 17. He missed the past three games.
It remains to be seen how Moore fits into the equation upon his return, given the emergence of Rod Streater as a go-to receiver and Andre Holmes as a viable No. 2.
What is certain is that Moore pushes Jacoby Ford down the depth chart, which makes it a stretch to envision Ford getting many reps. Ford has 13 receptions for 99 yards so far this season.


Steve Corkran

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    I don’t know, but just google The Game 95.7 and you’ll see a scrolling list of podcast interviews they did today, his among them. Just finished listening to it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cork or Jerry writes on article based on it. He was asked what his future plans were. He said I want to play next year. and then he said, “I think here is the only place I’ll play.” Expressed confidence in the direction the team and the org. are going.

  • willy91137

    I think we can beat Kansas City on Sunday 3422

  • R8erEduc8er

    Nice, thx. Listening now…

  • SnBG

    Folks, you need a good all around team to be good but without the QB you are wasting your time.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV
  • NYCRaider

    How many superbowl qbs did it without a playmaker around them. thats virtually what a rookie QB would walk into right now.

  • SR Raider

    Agree 100% on the 2nd round prospects. WR or DE in the first, QB in the 2nd

  • SnBG

    Well I’m out. Going to watch to great QBs play each other.

  • Goldie7

    Hopefully Johnny Football, would not pull an Eli Manning, and tell the NFL/media which team he wants to play for. Remember that?

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    He may be the weakest QB ever to win two Super Bowls (admittedly not a long list, but still…).

  • Elway did it too and there are 7 super bowl trips between those 2 QB’s so maybe we do want Johnny Football to tell the NFL who he wont play for.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Next season, grasshopper (although we still could break .500 this season).

  • Flacco turns it on in December and the postseason.
    Money player. October football bores him.

  • If they did this “in my city” feature for a Raiders game, would they actually show stuff in Oakland, or just show the Golden GAte Bridge and stuff from the City?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    They could show Kooky’s house, his red corvette,and…

  • the authoritative dr robert

    For those people holding onto The Pryor Charade, as u watch tonight’s game, ask urself if u could ever imagine Pryor making the throws and decisions these two do.

    Feel free to compare McG as well.

  • So do we root for the Donkeys to help our “playoff chances”?

  • seymour bush

    They could show tons of cool sh** here in Oakland. Like riots, the aftermath of the riots, and people preparing to riot. And the golden gate bridge.

  • the authoritative dr robert

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking milk while reading that.

  • Jim Jesus

    I just listened to parts of his interview this morning on ESPN and the kid sounded genuine and sincere and was saying all the right things. I still am not sold on him being “our guy” but I don’t wish him to fail either.

  • Jim Jesus

    LOL You are right though!

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Against the Chargers? Why not?

  • Jim Jesus

    Martian head drops back completes 25 yd pass. Boom. Tempo set. He is damn good that the truth.

  • Jim Jesus

    I’m down. LOL

  • Jim Jesus

    #80 is ballin. That is two very nice catches.

  • Sad thing is, if we would have just beat the Titans, it would be fairly legitimate hope.

  • Jim Jesus


  • Draft Manziel then sign Hakeem Knicks BAM!!

  • Jim Jesus

    Yep and should have beat the team last week too.

  • Jim Jesus

    Phiily has been on a roll since our debacle against them. Foles is doing great happy it wasn’t a one game (against us) deal.



  • Every time I go to youtube and watch Manziel and tell myself I am going to be critical of his arm and how many different kinds of passes he has in his arsenal…..Every time I am blown away!

  • Dude can spin it, noodle arm theories are nonsense. He isn’t Bubba Watson or John Daly, but he isn’t Corey Pavin either.

  • Rick Worth

    F u #20 don’t let the door hit your fat $ss on the way out last of the slackers good rid.

  • Rick Worth

    Really why not

  • Morilla_00

    rivers is such a dbag

  • Its so easy to get memorized by his athletic ability and those magical moments where the ball always seems to bounce his way.

  • Rick Worth

    Houston hmmmm you think there thinking that too gets to play in Texas too

  • I could not have said that any better

  • Rick Worth

    Don’t hate him much as I used to weird

  • Rick Worth

    But ya still dbag

  • Rick Worth

    Tru dat

  • eastoaklandraider

    I would have showed my face but my phone no longer lets me post which is why i havent been here as frequent lately

  • Rick Worth

    That’s all over no?

  • Rick Worth


  • Goldie7

    SilverandBlack666 Goldie7

    Elway did it too and there are 7 super bowl trips between those 2 QB’s so maybe we do want Johnny Football to tell the NFL who he wont play for.
    Absolutely, I surely remember when Elway chose the Broncos over the Baltimore Colts and that’s one reason I never liked him.

  • Rick Worth

    Somebody said draft him anyway

  • wildsach

    why all the hate for a 4 game rookie…geesh !
    You’re obviously one of these guys that expects overnight results w/ a new QB. Not to mention playing for a team whose defense gives up avg 30 ppg.

  • Rick Worth

    Why not any given Sunday

  • Goldie7