Pryor plans on leading in `different way’


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If he had it to do over, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor would still take the field with his sprained right knee.

As for the aftermath of his last start on Nov. 10, Pryor would handle that much differently.

In a 24-20 loss to the New York Giants, Pryor’s running and passing were adversely affected. He completed just 42.9 percent of his passes (11 of 26) with a key interception and had a season-low 19 yards rushing.

Following the game, Pryor, speaking in hushed tones and avoiding eye contact, referred to his knee injury several times, a stark contrast to earlier defeats where he accepted responsibility and pointed the finger squarely at himself.

“It was just bad leadership on my side to make an excuse at the end and say it was my knee,’’ Pryor said Friday. “Whether it was or not, that’s one of my biggest regrets right there. Any time you step on the field you’re held accountable and that’s what I realize I could have done different.’’

Pryor got back on the field for a series in a 37-27 loss to the New York Jets, leading the Raiders to a field goal in the first half, and will probably get into the game at some point Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs at O.co Coliseum.

The role is similar to how Pryor was going to be used until he beat out Matt Flynn and won the job outright. McGloin has assumed the Flynn role, operating a conventional offense, with Pryor coming in as a change-of-pace with his running and passing skills.

“(McGloin) is more of the prototype quarterback,’’ Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson said by conference call. “With Pryor in there _ and he will play some _ it’s a whole different ballgame. You’ve got the regular offense, then you’ve got that zone-read college-type stuff to deal with too.’’

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson said Pryor was going in for the third series against the Jets even if McGloin had led the Raiders to two touchdowns, and coming out even if he had produced a touchdown.

It’s clear that McGloin’s passing, quicker delivery and decision-making has made him No. 1 until he plays his way out of the job, and Pryor said he defers to the judgement of coach Dennis Allen.

“Right now Matt’s the quarterback,’’ Pryor said. “The only thing I can do is control what I can control and just keep getting better. That’s where we’re at.’’

After compiling a 3-5 record as a starter, Pryor said he doesn’t look at his backup status as a setback.

“It’s just push forward and find ways to get better,’’ Pryor said. “You could always put your head down and cry and whine about it and talk behind everyone’s back, but there’s another way. It’s an opportunity for me to be a leader in a different way and try to grasp guys and teach guys. That’s how I’m going about it and that’s probably the only way I can right now.’’

Allen said McGloin and Pryor would each like to be the starter but both are on board with whatever the staff decides.

“We’ve got to do the things that give us the best chance for success,’’ Allen said. “We feel comfortable with both of those guys. They’ve both helped us, so they understand what we’re trying to do and as competitors they want to be in there playing.’’

— Running backs Darren McFadden (ankle) and Jeremy Stewart (ankle) were declared out against Kansas City along with defensive tackle Vance Walker (concussion). Wide receiver Denarius Moore (shoulder) is probable but expected to play.

Allen said the Raiders would give some thought as to whether McFadden will go on injured reserve if it appears he will not be healthy enough to play in the last two games against San Diego and Kansas City.

The same goes for safety Tyvon Branch (ankle), who is doubtful to face the Chiefs.

— Three key Chiefs were declared out _ left tackle Brandon Albert (knee), pass rushing linebacker Justin Houston (elbow) and tight Anthony Fasano.(concussion/knee).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Even Peyton has a sense of urgency and panic.
    Tom…cool as can be.

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    Dude has been awesome, pretty much from the moments he stepped on the field. 50 yard TD his first game of his career.

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