End 1st qtr: Chiefs 21, Raiders 3


The Raiders open the second quarter with a second-and-goal at the 2 while hoping to remain within striking distance of the Chiefs.

Kansas City scored on 49 and 39 yard screen passes from Alex Smith to Jamaal Charles and a 47-yard interception return by Eric Berry off of Matt McGloin.

Oakland has a 34-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • J Hill

    Drives me nuts.

    We’re getting our arises handed to us. What are you celebrating????

  • funnyfalcon

    mcgloin in the first half has been a complete failure the last month or so. might want to flip ’em around.

  • JOn Wooah

    IF your gonna Draft a qb.. might as well get a NEW HC to go with him.. y would u want DA / OLSON coaching the new guy..

  • rioderek

    You’re probably correct. DA is very predictable and usually does the wrong thing. The guy is a disaster as a HC.

  • funnyfalcon

    he’s already learned how to lose.

  • SlashNHack

    The Chiefs are not playing great. Plenty of stupid penalties, no rushing yards, no sustained drives, just 3 Raider turnovers and 3 screens …

  • J Hill

    How far has Pryor fallen when he can’t even get in the game with McGloin fluttering?


  • marks hair

    Títs sucks . he’s gone

  • Rico Stifler

    Cuz they don’t have a very good run O, they throw a lot of bubble screens and short passes to make up for it.

    Carr did play in a pro style offense his first year as a starter, which was Pat Hill’s last year at Fresno State.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    So does Grimmace, but he isn’t

  • DanfromVegas

    I disagree. He is a phenomenal athlete, and he is exciting to watch, but Pryor makes terrible decisions, and he is a very inaccurate passer. Neither of the two is ready to take over as starter, though I think Pryor is a worse passer than MM.

  • Dakota

    Remember, this is the destruction phase…..or is it just the suction phase…..where is that memo again?

  • Jonathan V.

    Either way he might go the Vikings unless we have the 3rd pick or better

  • rioderek

    Pryor works for a clueless HC. The same applies to why Reece gets so little action. Or why Mustard played so much more than the much better Rivera early in the season. DA has no clue.

  • Rico Stifler

    Another comment from a dumbass…

  • DanfromVegas

    I have to agree. Pryor was so ineffective at passing that McGloin looked like the second coming of Gannon in comparison.

  • RaidO

    They needed a innovative OC this year. Not Olson

  • rioderek

    DA conservative, scary and clueless. In a lost game and season, he leave 2 TO on the board with 30 seconds to play vs at least trying to get into FG range. A cowardly POS HC to say the least.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Cuz they’re not great. They will get knocked out 1st round of the playoffs, but they’re eons better than what Grimmace can put together

  • DanfromVegas

    You may be right about McGloin, but it would be a step backwards to go with Pryor. The guy will NEVER be a starting NFL quarterback.

  • 2romes

    He is not a very good passer you are right but if he were to improve I think he would have the bigger upside by far.

  • kenchun24


  • Rico Stifler

    I hope Bridgewater doesn’t go back just so we could get Carr. Vikings won today also, so their record is 4-9-1. We’d pick ahead of them right now cuz we’re gonna be 4-10 after this game…

  • Rico Stifler

    You suck, at everything… RM could kick you in you colon and make you cry like a beitch….

  • rioderek

    8-22 for the passer McGroin.

  • 2romes

    We need a team and a avg. QB. Raiders need to know how to compete for sixty min. Not there yet.

  • David Henderson

    All long time Raider fans KNOW that Al Davis hired OFFENSIVE HEAD COACHES…NOT Dminded coaches… So what is wrong with the current HC, HES A d GUY… and they cant get that right…bring back who? the last Head Coach, 8-8 and 8-8,then the Boys were feared and respected, JON GRUDEN… facts

  • 2romes

    How accurate is that? Joke.

  • Rico Stifler

    Nice! TJ with a nice play….

  • r8ter4evr

    Wow TJ can play DA game not over yet

  • Jim Jesus

    no sac!

  • RaiderDirt

    This coaching staff still have not beat a team with a winning record..

    Damn , i feel like I’m walking across a bridge of same towards this Bart station…


    AND I’M DRUNK!!!