Quick hits from Allen presser


Some quick hits from Raiders coach Dennis Allen’s weekly press briefing Monday in the aftermath of a 56-31 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs:

— The booing of the fans is understandable and not taken personally.

“This is a loyal, passionate fan base and they’re hungry for wins,’’ Allen said. “I understand that, I think our whole team understands that and I think our whole organization understands that . . . I understand the fans reaction. We have the same frustration. We want to win. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get it done.’’

— Matt McGloin has retained the starting quarterback position in part because of his ability to get the ball down the field. McGloin has 15 pass plays of 25 or more yards since taking over as the starting quarterback, the most in the NFL.

Terrelle Pryor has nine such pass plays during his time at quarterback.

McGloin will continue to start with Pryor coming off the bench. If McGloin is the starter, why play Pryor at all?

“We continue to make the defense work on a different skill set and a different set of plays,’’ Allen said. “And I believe that opens up some things for us in the running game when we’re able to do those things. . . . we’ll continue to look at different ways we can utilize both players to give us a chance to have success on offense.’’

— Allen said the Chiefs beat three different defenses on their three touchdowns on screen passes to Jamaal Charles _ “vision, max and man-to-man.’’

— Running back Darren McFadden is expected to be on the practice field Wednesday and may be available to face the San Diego Chargers.

— The Raiders recent struggles make it appear as if they were a better team in Weeks 1 and 2 than they are in Week 15.

“I think we’ve played better a times this year than we’ve played collectively as a group the last couple of weeks,’’ Allen said. “I don’t know if I’d say we were better then. I think it’s the same team. But I do think that we’re in a little bit of a rut and we’ve got to pull out.’’

— Allen’s contact with owner Mark Davis is minimal. The chain of command goes from Davis through general manager Reggie McKenzie to Allen.

“Mark and Reggie talk quite often and most of my communication happens with Reggie and then Mark and Reggie communicate,’’ Allen said.

— Allen declined to quantify how much of the Raiders problems have to do with coaching and how much has to do with talent.

“We’re all a part of it, OK? We’re all a part of it,’’ Allen said. “We’re not in the blame game. We’re not in the pointing fingers game. That’s for everybody else to do.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • That’s your buddy!!!!

  • Goldie7

    Maybe if he could get a style or try to copy Sean Payton, or even make up a style; maybe he can stay our HC.
    DA has no style whatsoever.

  • SnBG

    Tell Willy how you did it.

  • SnBG

    No nudies though….OK.

  • That’s about all I got for now, other than a bunch of Mimi pictures on this laptop.

  • BigBenRexor


  • the authoritative dr robert

    Listen jack azz. The better player is always the best choice. Pryor is putrid. Any coach shoulda known that. We traded for Flynn. Nfl teams don’t do that and abandon the plan with no one in line that has done anything. Say what u want about Flynn but Pryor was worse. Always worse.

    Proof? Everything that followed. And it’s not hindsight cuz I said at the time how it would all play out. Our HC knew less than me.

    Ur doing a tap dance. Reality us that Flynn produces and we traded for him. Idiotic decision not to key him start the season. DA thought Pryor was gonna lead us to the playoffs or something?

  • Goldie7


  • I got to see my hero the Great Gradkowski live.
    Only Seabass, shocking I know, f’d it off for everyone.

  • SnBG

    Landry here. Hey I had no style and I did pretty good.

  • plunkhead

    That did it. I am gonna scan my pics with a hot LA Raider cheerleader

  • DJ Johnny

    Well Dennis, maybe if you could win more games in TWO YEARS than the guy you replaced did in ONE…we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • kuhlest

    Jets-top 5 defense, young QB to groom, 2 if ya count Sanchez

    Redskins – good young QB, RB, WRs and more pieces on defense in place.

    Bucs – its close, but their young QB is in place, young stud RB, 2 top WRs, and again 4-6 very good pieces on def.

    Vikes – probably the closest to us in status, but they do have a top 3 player in the NFL (AP) and some really nice talent at WR, so again more there

    Titans – Young QB goiing into 3rd/4th year, nice young WR core, and a solid defense…

    so again unless you have a HC canidate that is interested in developing UDFA skill players and having some good draft picks this year and 60 mil in his pocket to add to this group of 2nd tier players….we are the least desirable team on the list.

  • BigBenRexor

    Oh yea, I remember that one

  • SnBG

    Like the facial hair. Cool.

  • As the joke always goes..why do Italians always have those thin little mustaches? So they can look like their mom.

  • Goldie7

    Nope. Mr. Landry had mega style; coaches today could never compare.

  • Where is Mimipeechee?

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    Brahs, my girlfriend Sharon is totally pizzed and it looks like we might break up

    She came home from her shift at Jamba Juice and wanted to do it in the jacuzzi and I told her she needed to meditate on her feelings

    She started crying at my rejection and threw herself onto my waterbed in a huff

    I tried to explain that her growth trajectory was askew and she tried to pry the Lawg from out me zipper and put it in her phart box by herself

    I patted her kindly on the head and put on a Brian Kest yoga video, a classic move in the Zen Dawg’s new arsenal


  • kuhlest

    translation= DA is prolly back for a 3rd year….unless a lot of those positiions don’t become available, i.e. Vikes? Bucs? Skins? Titans? Jets? all speculation at this point…

  • Pretty bummed that (A) I made her wear this on Turkey day, and (B) we stink.

  • SnBG


  • kuhlest

    my wish list would include in order of priority;
    1. Ken Whizenhunt
    2. David Shaw (raider ties, dad)
    3. Jon Gruden
    4. Lovie Smith
    5. Steve Marriucci

  • SnBG

    Great photo, will show my wife.

  • kuhlest

    ….maybe see if the Harbaughs have a 3rd brother???

  • Goldie7

    SnBG Goldie7

    Landry here. Hey I had no style and I did pretty good.
    Goldie7 SnBG

    Nope. Mr. Landry had mega style; coaches today could never compare.

  • aig-raiders

    yeah they blame grad for seabass missing a chip shot

  • Howard Benner

    Dear myopic, moronic less than authoritative whatever you call yourself. . .READ the excerpts of today’s Raider live chat. You will notice the concensus, particularly embraced by Cork is the jury is out & to do due diligence it’s time to give Pryor the keys for one more game to determine what he has. your rants resemble those of a spoiled entitlement brat who was told he can’t use his Iphone or engage in Facebook activities & blames his friends. . .Reality just dialed in &, again, you are out. . .to lunch. . .not coming back. . .get over it. . .

  • DJ Johnny

    Yeah. Maybe DA should wear a nice suit like Landry and Lombardi did.

    With a Lombardi style hat.

  • DJ Johnny

    I don’t know if I would trust you with my money with that look on your face and the McClain jersey.

  • the authoritative dr robert

    I don’t care what the mindless masses say. They wanted Pryor and that was pathetically wrong.

    I was right. I predicted how it would play out. We’ve seen what Pryor offers which is embarrassment.

    He sucks and so do u.

  • SnBG

    Old school. Nice.

  • Howard Benner

    Your words carry such weight. . .I am so effected. i will never post again. . .climb inside my shell. . .pull the cover over. . .wait for spring. . .

    Try this on for size, mr. inside source. . .this more readily embraces reality. . again when the aforementioned check was administered you were out. . .for the count. . .

    Dennis Allen on hot seat; Reggie McKenzie likely safe


    By Michael Silver

    NFL Media columnist


    Dec. 16, 2013 at 07:52 p.m.


    Dec. 17, 2013 at 03:44 p.m.

    While second-year Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is likely safe for 2013, coach Dennis Allen
    is very much on the hot seat. Going into Sunday’s game against Kansas
    City, a source familiar with the mindset of ownership said that the
    season’s final few games will be crucial toward determining the coach’s

    Silver: From zero to hero in Miami

    In his 32 Questions column,
    Michael Silver chronicles an unbelievable week for
    Dolphins newcomer Michael Thomas.

    If the Raiders
    are competitive and appear to be getting better, Allen likely will
    return. But if they get embarrassed, appear to be regressing and don’t
    look like they have a plan, Allen likely will be fired. The 56-31 defeat to the Chiefs was not a promising sign.

    It also seems that, even with Mark Davis running the team in place of his late father, the Raiders are still the Raiders.
    After Allen was hired for the 2012 season, most of his assistants were
    given two-year contracts. At the end of the season, McKenzie recommended
    to Davis that the contracts of the assistants retained by the team be
    rolled over for another year, so that they’d continue to have two years on their deals, as per NFL practice.

    Though McKenzie is allegedly in control of all things football,
    Davis rebuffed the request, meaning that numerous assistants (including
    defensive coordinator Jason Tarver) have contracts that are about to expire.

    I’ve talked to several Raiders
    players who believe this is a good coaching staff and coordinators
    Tarver and Greg Olson (who signed a two-year deal before this season
    after replacing the fired Greg Knapp) are doing a terrific job with
    deficient talent. And they think it’s wrong to blame Allen for the
    talent deficiencies caused by the team’s well-documented salary cap
    troubles and decisions that can be traced to McKenzie.

    First, the departure of quarterback Carson Palmer, who not only was asked to take a pay cut, but also, according to a source close
    to Palmer, was insulted by the team’s unwillingness to guarantee
    Palmer’s presence on the roster and insistence that he compete with Terrelle Pryor.
    That triggered Palmer’s rejection of the pay cut and desire to force a trade to Arizona. McKenzie countered by trading for Matt Flynn (disaster) and drafting Tyler Wilson (disaster).

  • the authoritative dr robert

    How about u stop replying to me if u don’t wanna hear my views?

  • c2e

    …and what exactly does this have to do with the Raiders? Maybe there’s some whacked subliminal messaging going on in reference to us fans getting screwed or something. On second thought, nah.

  • Howard Benner

    Point, counterpoint. . .I thought it was the other way around. . everybody is entitled to their viewpoint, particularly since we are all passionate Raider fans tired of this 30 year malise. . .

  • wildsach

    of course he does. Ultimately he does have to answer to his boss as well. But just as many coaches say,”we win & lose as a team”.

  • wildsach

    They will prob pickup another QB somewhere, my guess is prob not their #1 pick. I would go for top tier D players—Clowney, Barr. Maybe a decent WR.

  • according to a source close
    Palmer was insulted by the team’s unwillingness to guarantee
    Palmer’s presence on the roster and insistence that he compete with Terrelle Pryor.


    I like Palmer even more since he left the Raids.

  • AD will let you know,,,,,

  • wildsach

    more Raider-like.

  • Raideraholic

    On the bright side we signed Sam Montgomery, All our defensive woes have been solved.

  • Raiderfusion

    Did anyone notice that the Saints got rid of their kicker because he missed a couple kicks in the loss to the Rams. I say send them SeaBass for a pick in next years draft. Where we’re headed Cormona can get the job done.