Quick hits from Allen presser


Some quick hits from Raiders coach Dennis Allen’s weekly press briefing Monday in the aftermath of a 56-31 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs:

— The booing of the fans is understandable and not taken personally.

“This is a loyal, passionate fan base and they’re hungry for wins,’’ Allen said. “I understand that, I think our whole team understands that and I think our whole organization understands that . . . I understand the fans reaction. We have the same frustration. We want to win. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get it done.’’

— Matt McGloin has retained the starting quarterback position in part because of his ability to get the ball down the field. McGloin has 15 pass plays of 25 or more yards since taking over as the starting quarterback, the most in the NFL.

Terrelle Pryor has nine such pass plays during his time at quarterback.

McGloin will continue to start with Pryor coming off the bench. If McGloin is the starter, why play Pryor at all?

“We continue to make the defense work on a different skill set and a different set of plays,’’ Allen said. “And I believe that opens up some things for us in the running game when we’re able to do those things. . . . we’ll continue to look at different ways we can utilize both players to give us a chance to have success on offense.’’

— Allen said the Chiefs beat three different defenses on their three touchdowns on screen passes to Jamaal Charles _ “vision, max and man-to-man.’’

— Running back Darren McFadden is expected to be on the practice field Wednesday and may be available to face the San Diego Chargers.

— The Raiders recent struggles make it appear as if they were a better team in Weeks 1 and 2 than they are in Week 15.

“I think we’ve played better a times this year than we’ve played collectively as a group the last couple of weeks,’’ Allen said. “I don’t know if I’d say we were better then. I think it’s the same team. But I do think that we’re in a little bit of a rut and we’ve got to pull out.’’

— Allen’s contact with owner Mark Davis is minimal. The chain of command goes from Davis through general manager Reggie McKenzie to Allen.

“Mark and Reggie talk quite often and most of my communication happens with Reggie and then Mark and Reggie communicate,’’ Allen said.

— Allen declined to quantify how much of the Raiders problems have to do with coaching and how much has to do with talent.

“We’re all a part of it, OK? We’re all a part of it,’’ Allen said. “We’re not in the blame game. We’re not in the pointing fingers game. That’s for everybody else to do.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • rifflicks


  • J Hill

    No matter where you stand on what the Raiders SHOULD do, pretty hard to ignore facts like all but 1 of the assistants having no deal past this season.

  • JOn Wooah

    I see the smoke is getting Thicker.. IAN RAPPORT reporting all kinds of business news regarding the assitant staff… Talking about contract renewal talks stopped as the L’s stacked up.

    Said Reggie asked mark to rollover their deals for another year.. and mark was like “NAH”

  • Morilla_00

    I don’t think Trestman wanted to come here.

  • Raider_Riff


    Not sure how much truth there is to any of that article. Silver and Kawakocksucker have a running competition on who can block the most Raider fans on twitter.

    They are professional trolls.

    But that article is pretty damning. If its only 50% accurate then we are in for a rough decade.

  • Papertiger

    Ha! Looks like he’ll have to change his jersey #

  • JOn Wooah

    Man i really dont want to see DA gone, but his defense is gonna get him can’d I mean forreal. That was terrible yest

  • FourMoreYears

    I can see that reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

  • RaiderLen

    Joe cool not so cool? lol

  • rifflicks


  • Charlie

    Here is a little nightcap for you short term memory folks. Most of these contracts had NO OFFSET LANGUAGE.

    Contracts Reggie inherited PRIOR to getting under the cap for 2012:
    DT Richard Seymour $14,068,000
    QB Carson Palmer $12,500,000
    LB Kamerion Wimbley $11,850,000
    CB Stanford Routt $10,785,334
    FS Michael Huff $9,828,750
    RB Darren Mcfadden $9,478,833
    DT Tommy Kelly $8,874,266
    WR Darrius Heyward-Bey $8,159,000
    LB Aaron Curry $5,757,500
    P Shane Lechler $4,900,000
    TE Kevin Boss $4,750,000
    DT John Henderson $4,750,000
    PK Sebastion Janikowski $4,500,000
    CB Chris Johnson $4,500,000
    LB Rolando McClain $3,640,000
    OG Cooper Carlisle $3,300,000
    FS Hiram Eugene $2,500,000
    DE Lamarr Houston $1,116,250
    SS Mike Mitchell $965,500

  • Raider_Riff

    My gasket blew when we ran out the final 30 seconds of the 3rd quarter yesterday as if we were winning the game.

    It’s been a warpath ever since.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    The Game reporting Silver says Mark often throws hissy fits on the plane rides home. If so, not cool. You want to be a successful owner, you do your talking behind closed doors. Silver claims Mark often acts like a petulant kid.

  • Charlie

    That is some more reality for you. See below. Read it and weep.

  • SnBG

    Silver…..I’ve talked to several Raiders players who believe this is a good coaching staff and coordinators Tarver and Greg Olson (who signed a two-year deal before this season after replacing the fired Greg Knapp) are doing a terrific job with deficient talent. And they think it’s wrong to blame Allen for the talent deficiencies caused by the team’s well-documented salary cap troubles and decisions that can be traced to McKenzie.

  • RaiderLen

    That’s an oldie but goodie. Tell me because they are not similar, how many games should DA win in Oakland this year.

  • Raider_Riff

    $$$ talks.

    Plenty of fans here knew what Trestman was worth.

    Trestman was never even given a consideration. He should have been top on the list. The guy is great.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    Do you really trust Reggie to pick the next franchise QB for the Raiders?

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Seems to be what the players are saying too.

  • Raider_Riff

    If the game is reporting it, I believe it.

    They have nothing to gain by throwing Mark under the bus. They are the Raiders flagship station and could get in serious trouble for lying or even telling the truth about stuff like that.

    Can you blame Mark tho? He’s a fan just like us. I like that he cares.

    It could be worse, we could have Jerry Jones or Al Davis as our owner….. ouch.

  • Charlie

    Where are all the ex raiders Reggie has cut and what are they doing today?

  • Raider_Riff

    Players at the end of their contracts are going to say that tho.

    I want to believe them, but you have to consider the context.

  • FourMoreYears

    Well, you weren’t able to keep up with the conversation this time, but the important thing is, you tried. Here you go.

  • Raider_Riff

    Any of us could have made those cuts. Nothing special done there.

  • rifflicks

    we understand yours

  • jtdxyz

    ugh, that’s just ugly

  • rioderek

    16-16 the 2 years prior to RM and DA -8-25 with them calling the shots. FIRE THEM ASAP !

  • Raider_Riff

    And so far, we are even worse in the 2 years since Reggie.

  • rifflicks

    N O he’s not a fan like you….his opinion actually means something

  • J Hill

    Problem is, the 2 examples cited are questionable.

    “First, the departure of quarterbackCarson Palmer, who not only was asked to take a pay cut, but also, according to a source close to Palmer, was insulted by the team’s lack of guarantee and insistence that he compete with Terrelle Pryor.”

    That whole hint reeks of the owner. McKenzie insisting Palmer compete with Pryor??? Earlier in the year the same cats were reporting that Pryor was forced on the front office by the owner.

    And his second example is “almost” picking Hayden in rd 1?

    LOL at the players blaming the talent. They know they suck???

  • Charlie

    That is all you have to evaluate Reggie with.
    He had nothing but compensatory picks in 2012, three picks in rounds 1-3 this past April and no money under the cap in 23 months on the job.

  • Raider_Riff

    Yep. Very damning and telling.

    I’d hate to lose Tarver honestly. And I think Sporano is worth his weight in gold.

    It’s the HC that needs to possibly be let go IMO. And most definitely the GM.

    But we need to upgrade. Clear cut upgrades at those positions.

  • RaiderLen

    Just answer the question. If it’s the big difference a coach makes, tell me how many games Reid would win with the current Raider roster, as compared to Allen.

    Just answer that. You can do it.

  • Charlie

    No way. We finally have ALL of our high round picks and cap room for the first time since we traded Gruden. Come on.

  • FourMoreYears


  • Raider_Riff

    Ya. Good eye JHill.

    No fvcking way that Reggie and DA ever asked CP3 to compete with TP. Especially since they wanted no part in the kid this entire offseason and for most of this season.

    Silver’s article is clearly suspect.

  • RaiderLen

    Brilliant. Pretty subjective subject eh?

    Give DA 6 Pro Bowlers and a QB and we can revisit the topic.

    Go eat your cookie.

  • RaiderLen

    Sure, He’s not drafting one this year.

  • Raider_Riff


    And the fact that I can almost guarantee he will make a run at Freeman again this offseason.

    That QB list is a who’s who of WTF.

    Hayden vs Star… he reached

    Watson… much better players were available, another gamble that we couldnt afford

    There’s enough for me to evaluate Reggie on.

    Especially when you consider he had the option of blowing up the team when he first took the job. But he evaluated the talent and felt we were a playoff team. We went 4-12. So either his eye for evaluating his own team is crap or the coach he hired and sticks too is crap. Pick one?

  • JOn Wooah

    I dont believe everything SILVER says either.. he has a big ax to grind with Mark since his boy HUE was fired. Hue and Silver are real good friends and Silver took it personally when he was canned.

    He is kinda like half gossip reporter/ Nfl reporter.. his sources are hue and his Silvers opinions. Papa said it was PALMER’s agent DUNN who wanted a multi year deal for PALMER and Reggie didnt want to give it to him. Had nothing to do with PRYOR.. if that was the case then why did REGGIE trade for FLYNN??

    Alot of it is speculation and Opinion. Rappaort, keeps his 2 cents out of the article.. just reports on the business side.

  • Charlie

    That is a two year Sh*t sandwich.

  • rioderek

    16-16 AD’s last 2 years, 8-25 with the fat man and the clueless coach cleats.

  • RockyMountainRaider

    After hearing yesterday that allen has never beat a team with a winning record, thats all you need to know right there. Unless your content with a team that never wants to improve!

  • Gdog

    Current starters on 8+ win teams: CP, ShoNasty, MMitchell. and Wheeler.

    Flynn starting for GB.

    Former starters (now injured) on 10 win teams: Kelly.

    Former starters on 4 win teams (now injured) Bryant.

    Thats SIX starters on teams doing better or the same as us (including QB, kinda important).

    Why do you keep asking this?

  • J Hill

    Palmer has to compete with Pryor but Flynn doesn’t?

    Clearly wasn’t what the HC would have communicated to the GM.

  • JOn Wooah

    if your looking for a QB leader.. it would be hard not to take a chance on Aj mccaron.. ..

  • Raider_Riff

    Let me clear something up for you…Im not discounting the uphill battle that this regime inherited.

    10 yrs of horrible draft picks
    60 million in dead money
    21 million on the IR
    DMC mailing it in
    The CP3 trade

    But c’mon, nothing theyve done has made it any better. They’ve done the obvious, which is blow up and restart. I get that. But I just dont believe they are the ones to rebuild this thing.

  • Raider_Riff

    Exactly. So transparent. Just another hate-piece by our buddy Silver.

  • FourMoreYears

    If you honestly don’t think that a guy with over a decade of head coaching experience in the NFL could do better with the SAME ROSTER as a guy who’s first year as a head coach at any level at all was last year, then you don’t deserve the cookie anyway.

  • Raider_Riff

    Pretty hard to argue with this. But it isnt so clear cut:

    Shonasty – couldnt afford to keep
    MM34 – ran out of town
    Wheeler – couldnt afford to keep
    CP3 – asked to leave
    Kelly – good riddance
    Bryant – couldnt afford to keep

    and then there are the DHBs and Romac’s of the world. Which Reggie doesnt exactly deserve special credit for.