WR Allen reaching great heights with Chargers in rookie season

ALAMEDA – San Diego Chargers rookie wide receiver Keenan Allen’s NFL career took flight in the fifth game this season, against the Raiders, not far from where he carved out a stellar career at Cal.
He hasn’t slowed since that night when he caught six passes for 115 yards and one touchdown in a 27-17 loss to the Raiders at the Coliseum on Oct. 6.
“That was me getting comfortable with the offense, having a feel for the game and Phil (Rivers, quarterback) just trusting me and throwing me passes,” Allen said in a conference call with Bay Area media Wednesday.
On Sunday, Allen is expected to play a key role in his team’s quest for a victory over the Raiders, a game the Chargers need to win to keep alive their faint playoff hopes.
The first game against the Raiders marked the first time Allen reached the 100-yard mark and scored a touchdown in an NFL game.
“It did a great deal” for my confidence, Allen said. “I was able to build some confidence off of that and Phil was able to have confidence in me, too.”
Allen tacked on four more 100-yard games and seven touchdowns in the nine games since he announced his arrival with a breakout performance.
Already, Allen set the Chargers record for most receptions by a rookie with 63. He needs only 71 yards in the final two games to break John Jefferson’s long-standing franchise mark for most receiving yards (1,001, 1978) by a rookie.
Coincidentally, the Raiders selected linebacker Sio Moore early in the third round, 10 picks ahead of Allen.
Moore has showed promise this season, but he isn’t making the kind of impact Allen is for the Chargers.
Raiders coach Dennis Allen said there was some concern about Keenan Allen’s injury history before the draft, which prompted the Raiders to target other players.
“I thought he was a very good player. … I knew he was a very talented player, and he’s showing that with the way he’s playing,” Dennis Allen said.
Keenan Allen said he didn’t hear from the Raiders or Chargers before the draft, but he was thrilled by the prospect of going to the Chargers and staying on the West Coast.
Seven receivers went before Allen. It’s unclear why, although speculation centered on Allen’s less-than-stellar time in the 40-yard dash and his injury history at Cal.
“It was definitely hard watching, especially seeing (some of the) guys picked before me,” Allen said. “But it’s unfortunate; not only for me but for the other teams that passed on me. I just got to make them pay for it.”
Allen suffered a posterior cruciate ligament injury in October that kept him from participating in on-field drills at the NFL pre-draft scouting combine in Indianapolis.
Allen attended the combine, just the same, and he went through the off-field testing and interviews. At some point, his drug test got red-flagged, which resulted in Allen being asked to take another drug test.
“It was all a mistake,” Allen said after he was drafted. “The red flag definitely wasn’t a failed drug test.”
An ESPN report at the time said Allen’s test showed suspicious levels of water, a sign he might be attempting to flush his system. Allen’s agent, J.T. Johnson, said Allen didn’t fail the first test.


Steve Corkran

  • Gdog

    Luckily for you Flynn was a broken collarbone from being completely out of football.. perhaps for his career.

    But do keep trolling about him… we are all just pointing and laughing.

  • J Hill

    Blake Bortles, eh?

  • SnBG

    He hired them also. One twice. Who’s the real idiot?

  • Davy Jones

    ^ this.

  • Gdog

    You couldn’t have been more wrong about Flynn doing well for the Raiders, which is really all that anyone cares about here.

    Even us Golden Haired Hero fans don’t bray about him like you do with Flynn..

  • Raider O

    Pass. Same thing happened with Ponder. He was a 2nd round/ 3rd round prospect, the media hyped him up, and ended up being a 1st round pick.


    First 6 Landry´s seasons were .500 or less. Here they are asking only 4.

  • SnBG

    Your bro DA here O. You tell em my man.

  • plunkhead

    Bortles & James use to make some fine wines.
    Any relation?

  • Gdog

    Hue was easily the best coach since Gruden for us. He went ALL IN on the CP trade though, missed the playoffs, and then doubled down on the stupidity with that presser.

    A shame too… he could have been a damn fine coach for us…

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Exactly…why you think I want Grimmace gone?

  • Davy Jones

    ^ This.

  • Speaks volume on the quality (or lack of) of the ’13 QB Draft class, that a rookie FA is #2 statistically this year amongst rookie QBs.

  • FourMoreYears

    Not the whole story though is it? He also hired Gruden, Flores, and Madden.

  • AutumnThunderstorm


  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Who’s the GM?

  • Raiders for Life

    Too early to tell, let’s see how he does against Baylor.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Al was the fastest in NFL history to get rid of a #1 overall pick. Cable also was able to give Grads the nod.

    McMillen sucks but let’s compare him to Al’s first 2 years as GM. Al’s situation was much more hopeless than Grimmace’s.

  • I’m going to get heated and hated for this one, but looking back at the whole deal, we were better off keeping Cable as HC, Hue as OC and Marshall as DC instead of promoting Hue. That way following the year, once JaReggie came in, he could’ve cleaned coaching house with little resistance had the team not make the playoffs in ’11. I just don’t think keeping Cable would’ve made a difference one way or another. Hue Jax called offensive plays so the offense would’ve stayed the same and/or played better (continuity) and Marshall’s D wasn’t Corky B.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Jamarcus had more than 1 bowl game, most people had Russell #1 overall, plus the Ravens had him as the highest graded player ever. It’s Al’s mistake but Russell had talent up the ying yang

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    The guy most responsible for not making 11 years of 10+ losses.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    That’s what I wanted, but he was scared of losing Hue. Can’t blame him for that, he was most responsible that year.

  • Gdog

    Thats an interesting article… thanx. And yes, just the littlest things can trigger your confidence in sports, and confidence is above about anything in intangibles for a NFL QB… I think its what killed Pryor after the Pitts game.

    I agree… I would go after McCown HARD if has interest in coming back…

  • Gdog

    I’ve suggested the same thing actually. Cable as coach with Hue calling the plays would have been a great tandem. They had totally different skill sets.

  • the authoritative dr robert

    He had one game nitwit. No chance to do anything or get going.

    And that one game was better than 7 of 9 of pryors.

    It’s stupid to even talk to u about football.

  • the authoritative dr robert

    Laughing shows u don’t care about what an idiot our HC is.

  • Gdog

    What metric could you possibly use to polish that turd of a game to make it better than most of Pryors? Ahh never mind. You are just trolling here… never anything of substance. Just anything you can think of to feed your narcissism.

  • wildsach

    highly doubt UCF will hang w/ Baylor.

  • wildsach

    but Baylor better come to play, Raiders QB.

  • wildsach

    McG use to it…doesn’t matter…been dissed since H.S.

  • RediaR

    Keenum is in his 2nd year. Manuel is throwing picks like crazy and not many TDs to back them up. Glennon and MM are fairly close but Glennon has been doing a bit better of late. Geno is Geno and has sucked for most of his starts.

  • rudegruden

    Thats what happens when the sample size gets larger. Reality kicks in. Good example with Anderson.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Do you think he should have ridiculed himself FOR HIRING THEM?

  • DJ Johnny

    I’m an “Al guy” but you could just as easily criticize him for hiring those guys in the first place.

  • DJ Johnny

    Yeah, but he was stuck with a DC NOT of his choosing which could have made all the difference in the world.
    IF…Hue had his own DC and that DC was able to put together a defensive stop vs SD, we win the division, Palmer is the hero who leads us to our first winning season and playoff appearance in a decade, we probably beat an injured Pittsburgh team at home the next week and advance to play New England in the 2nd round of the afc playoffs.
    Just sayin.

  • Best line from that blog post was:
    “Matt Flynn, something of an enigma as he only appears functional as a quarterback in a Green Bay uniform”,

  • Rob

    Matt Flynn is a serviceable back up specifically for the GB Packers. He grew behind Rodgers in that system, and has been able to be successful in games with that team around him. He was terrible everywhere else he has gone. In life, sometimes you just need to find where you fit in and can succeed, and for Flynn that place is in Green Bay. Anyone saying the Raiders should have kept Flynn is an obvious troll and a joke that they spend time on here.

  • Rob

    Hey Cork- if I want to read about Charger players I can open up the Union Tribune. You been hanging out with Tafur lately or what??