Passing on Allen OK because of Streater, Holmes


Rod Streater and Andre Holmes have played so well of late there’s no need for the Raiders to lament the one that got away.

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen, a contender for the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year, played in the Raiders’ backyard at Cal.

Although in need of a playmaking wide receiver, the Raiders passed on Allen three times in the NFL draft in favor of cornerback DJ Hayden, cornerback Menelik Watson and linebacker Sio Moore.

Ten spots after Moore was drafted, the Chargers selected Allen at No. 76 overall. With 63 receptions for 931 yards and seven touchdowns, Allen is a front-runner for the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year award and one of the steals of the draft.

Considered a first-round talent, Allen saw his draft stock plummet due to 40-yard dash time in the 4.7 range while coming off a knee injury. At the NFL scouting combine, there were rumors of a failed drug test.

It turned out Allen had a test red flagged for having too much water in his system, a sign of attempting flush or mask a potential positive test. He took another test and passed it.

“Obviously he had the injury coming out but I knew he was a talented player and he’s shown that with the way he’s playing,’’ Raiders coach Dennis Allen said.

Keenan Allen said had no contact with the Raiders heading into the draft, which isn’t unusual _ the Chargers hadn’t contacted him either. Seven wide receivers had their names called before Allen.

“It was definitely hard watching, especially seeing guys picked before me,’’ Allen said by conference call. “It’s unfortunate, not only for me but the teams that passed on me. I’ve just got to make them pay for it.’’

If the Raiders feel any remorse, it has been lessened by the play of two receivers who weren’t drafted at all.

Streater was undrafted out of Temple in 2012 and signed with the Raiders as a free agent. Holmes also wasn’t drafted out of Division II Hillsdale in 2010, hooking on with the Dallas Cowboys before being released. He also was cut by New England before signing with the Raiders.

With 54 receptions for 846 yards and three touchdowns, Streater is 154 yards shy of becoming the first Raiders receiver to gain 1,000 yards since Randy Moss in 2005.

Holmes has 17 receptions for 322 yards, all within the past month. With Streater at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds and Holmes at 6-4, 210, the Raiders have two targets capable of making jump-and-catch plays and a quarterback in Matt McGloin who believes in giving them a chance to go up and get it.

Since McGloin became the starter, Streater has 25 receptions for 423 yards and is averaging 16.9 yards per reception. Holmes, averaging 18.9 yards per catch, has made all his catches with McGloin as the starter.

With Denarius Moore (39 receptions, 615 yards) returning against the Chiefs after missing three games with a shoulder injury, the Raiders have three wide outs with the capability of making plays downfield.

All three go about their business without flash, in contrast to the diva stereotype associated with the position.

“Usually there are some characters in that group, but we have a good group of guys,’’ Allen said. “They come in, they work hard, they really don’t say a whole lot. They just try to do their job the best they can. From early in the year to now, I think that position group has been one of the bright spots and of the more improved spots on our team.’’

— Defensvie tackle Vance Walker was not on the practice field, indicating he has not sufficiently recovered from his concussion and will be ruled out Friday afternoon. Running back Darren McFadden (ankle) and safety Charles Woodson (ribs) were on the field and expected to play.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    That’s not designed to entice people to visit your site? Come on, man.

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    That post was meant for those who already have the link. Not newbies who dont even know of the site.

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    I had to log in just so you know. Enjoyed the read. Sorry some people!

  • Charlie


    No sources? I said it about a thousand times. Read the article!

    “Bad contracts can set a team back for years. Just ask the Oakland Raiders. Joel Corry 11/15/12

    Oakland Raiders ($28,114,475-Dead Money; $124,105,427-Adjusted Cap)

    Reggie McKenzie, who was hired as general manager in January, INHERITED A MESS BECAUSE OF THE PREVIOUS REGIME’S PENCHANT FOR SIGNING BAD PLAYER-FRIENDLY CONTRACTS. The Raiders began the offseason with $145 million committed towards this season’s cap, which is $120.6 million, when they only had approximately $3 million of cap room to carryover from the 2011 season. In order to reduce their cap obligations by approximately $22 million to comply with cap rules, McKenzie restructured (Carson Palmer, Richard Seymour, etc.) and terminated contracts.”
    Try reading it. The article also gives examples of the Routt and Wimbley contracts and the damage they did.

  • funnyfalcon

    still can’t believe the routt contract.. wtf, AD, wtf…

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    stadium issues?

  • aig-raiders

    he has to be brave and make the catch

  • Twinkle

    I love this blog……halfway through Dec and we’re balls to wall arguing the draft (as usual) in May and the end of season rumor mill.Curious …….what does Chuckie bring to the table that an experienced Regime does not?A few years as an assistant, a few more as HC and a whole bunch of gasbagging on TV.He might be OK if he could stop stepping on his own dik but then again so might Regime.I can’t see MD paying for either a HC or GM for two more years whilst they’re on someone else’s payroll.Just a thought…

  • wildsach

    yep, unrealistic to think he’s comin here.

  • Yung Kim

    I’m new here. Been reading these comments. And there’s a lot of disagreements concerning the qb situation.

    For you McG fans– yeah he’s a good back up but I don’t see why you think he’s so great. You don’t build a franchise on a McG. As KC’s LB said, he’s short and can’t see back there so he throws it blindly trusting his reads. I like how he gets rid of it though but maybe it’s because he’s a ginger, but I can’t ride with him.

    People have been criticizing the defense. But I don’t know the exact stat but I feel when TP was qb the raiders consistently got more first downs or had more time of possession. That’s also why the defense did better w TP in. Plus, w McG playing these raiders are the most boring team in the nfl. I can’t stand Dennis Allen and his cool intellectual always consistent self. Me thinks this is also why the raiders always do bad in the second half. There’s no passion. And ppl say passion is overstated but have you ever seen Ray Lewis’ passion? You don’t this makes a difference

  • Tyrone Wheatley

    One thing I’d like to point out here though is just how important coaching is. Hue Jackson, although maybe too wild to be head coach, really was creative and a great offensive play caller. He made Campbell look good. Raiders were an actual threat and fun to watch with I would say less talent than today’s offensive squad.

    So yes id like to see DA get canned and we get Stanford’s shaw or another offensive guy. The NFL has changed. The rules have changed. Offensive minds get wins. I doubted chip Kelly but he the man. Dennis Allen is not. Olsen is helluva lot better than knapp but he’s no hue Jackson. He’s not good enough.

  • Howard Benner

    Shaw is not leaving Stanford, @ least not for the Raiders. . .

  • Howard Benner

    A press release masquerading as a post. . .hummm. . .trying to get on the Raiders good side?

  • Howard Benner

    He’ll be available in the second round. . .Perhaps the third. . .depends how he tests out & performs in the post season bowl games. .Senior Bowl. . .

  • Tyrone Wheatley

    He’s already been a raiders coach. His dad was our d coordinator. He’s got a top four pick and a lot of cap space. And stays in the bay. He is going to the nfl next season.

  • Howard Benner

    . . I think both points are common knowledge. . ..Shaw may be coming to the NFL. . . not to Oakland. . .there are more attractive positions around. . .
    Jim Harbaugh was a Raiders coach. . .he didn’t come to Oakland. Jim Trestman was a Raiders coach. He didn’t come to Oakland. I hope this isn’t your rendition of deductive reasoning. . .I would love to see Shaw become the Raiders HC. . .just not very likely. . .

  • wildsach

    OK, u made ur pt—–ur a TP fan. Agree, neither QB has been spectacular. Fact is, ur heralded TP is a talented runner of sorts w/ 3 yrs on the team, but def not a QB. McG barely has a tad over 5 games w/ a lot of long pass completions. True, McG had a meltdown his last outing, but no less than the D. You think TP or any other QB never had a bad game ? Perfection at this level of QB’n doesn’t exist, especially w/ a rookie. As far a coach DA goes, he has one more yr in my view to put this together and get to at least .500. Anything less is unacceptable. I’m confident w/ a few key players on D, we can do it next yr. GO RAIDERS–Just Win Baby !

  • Tyrone Wheatley


    Some people like challenges. I do. He might be life long raider fan.

    And it’s Marc Trestman. Deduct that.

  • Tyrone Wheatley

    Haha you’re one of those guys that keep emphasizing the 3 years. First year he wasn’t even practicing much because of the suspension. He was like qb #4. Last year he was #3 until the last game. This is his first year with any significant practice time.

    But yeah I really wanted TP to get better and he still might. But he doesn’t gun the ball. I’ve seen him do it occasionally. But I don’t get why he doesn’t gun it. He just lofts or pushes it out there. I hate hearing his and DAs comments about being “calm in the pocket.” Nah. You can’t be crazy but you need urgency and decisiveness in the pocket.

    McGloin? Man you guys are trying to turn the raiders into the Tennessee Titans.

  • Tyrone Wheatley

    But yeah I’m hoping they draft a qb w the first pick. Bridgewater or Mariota. Just have no confidence with DA in developing that QB.

  • UCLA Raider

    RM brought NEW scouts to Raiders including his own twin bro, right? Here are my grades so far for these scouts:
    – 2013 Draft(including undrafted signings) : C-
    – 2013 FA acquisitions: C+

    Not bad and not good either. Mediocre.
    How do you guys grade them?

  • SnBG

    I grade them as wait and see. Hayden and Watson IMO will be cornerstones for us. Moore was at one point in the season considered for ROY.

  • SnBG

    Sio Moore is rated higher than Burnett by PFF. Not bad for a rook. I’d say Reg did OK with Moore.

  • Howard Benner

    Realist. . .you could “wikipedia” him & perhaps find more revealing info. . .

    So, facts are lost on you via spelling. . .

  • Tyrone Wheatley

    Get off your high horse, Howard. Your presumptuousness is quite laugable and more suited for the 49er blog. Yeah your opinions are infallible truth.

  • Howard Benner

    You may disagree with my opinions (talk about “high horse;’ you post as “Tyrone Wheatley?” Equally, if not more laughable. . .). . Presumptuousness? Methinks that is the mirror staring back @ you. . .

    I AM entitled to my opinion, & your attempts @ verbal intimmidation won’t change that.

    One thing I think you refuse to consider is what a college coach gives up when translating from college to the pros; virtual control. Does a college coach have to check with the AD when recruiting a player? I don’t think so. Does he have to look over his shoulder when hiring an assistant coach? Don’t think so. At a school like Stanford Shaw usually doesn’t have to worry about off the field shenanigans; doesn’t have to worry about the “nothing good happens when you’re out after midnight” syndrome. The college HC is usually an extension of the parental unit college players seek from their HC. In the NFL? Not so much.

    Also; Shaw has stated he is quite content @ Stanford. Who is presumptuous now, Tyrone?

    I would stick to “point, counterpoint,” but you insist on making this debate personal. Respect other’s opinions without the editorial elucidations of others backgrounds. . you insult my character as a lifelong Raider fan.with the 40whiner innuendo. . . . Stuff that, along with the accompanying Christmas coals, in your Christmas stocking, alias someone you are not!

  • Howard Benner

    These are a few of my favorite college players. . .Blake Bortles, QB, UCF. . .Billy Turner, LOT (let’s just say Olineman), NDSU. . .Deone Bucannon, SS, WSU. . .Ra’Shede, DT (3 technique; 5 technique 3-4 end), Minnesota. . .Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU. . .Morgan Moses, LOT, Virginia. . .(waiting on a Moses Morgan). . .Taylor Lewan, LOT, Michigan. . .Jake Matthews, LOT, Texas A&M. . .

  • wildsach

    Well, we did get beat by the Titans. Course that was largely due to horrid D play.

  • wildsach

    YOU KNOW IT—draft a pass rusher. Don’t be the definition of craziness——doing the same thing over & over expecting different results.

  • wildsach

    McGloin will be OK. Just needs more experience and a D that can hold what we get on offense. We scored enough to beat teams only to have our D give away the ranch in the 2nd half, sometimes at games end.

  • wildsach

    If we have a substandard yr next yr, won’t have to worry about RM pointing to anything.

  • rioderek

    How do you know. Have you ever spoken to him relative to the subject.

  • Howard Benner

    If you read on past the first post you will discover Shaw revealed in an interview he was quite content staying @ Stanford & harbored no aspirations towards the NFL.

    Of course that is invariably subject to change. But as of last report that was his stance on the issue.

    The rest is my conjecture, which is very abundant amongst the other bloggers on this site. . .

    If I have to preface every post that embraces my opinion with “in my opinion,” then do you expect all the bloggers to be held to syntax & spelling standards beyond approach?

  • Rob

    Thanks Jer for bringing some sense to Corks prior article