Raiders-Chargers underway

The Chargers have kicked off to the Raiders with Greg Jenkins the deep man and Taiwan Jones, who lost a key fumble last week, at the 10-yard line. Jenkins downs the kick deep in the end zone.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 0ak R8rs

    Only a loser doesn’t care of they lose games. So you wonder why I think you’re a loser? Or a fake fan?

  • 0ak R8rs

    Not even close to his first drop this year.

  • Raider O

    Are you that stupid? We are 4-10!! We are losers! An extra meaningless win doesn’t change the fact that we are losers, but it does change our draft position which will decrease our chances of drafting an impact player. It’s not rocket science, but I’m not surprised that you can’t understand that.