Allen on Pryor


A transcript from Raiders coach Dennis Allen, most of which centered on the decision to go back to Terrelle Pryor at quarterback and comments from Pryor’s agent that his client was being set up to fail:

Allen: Alright guys, for the first time in awhile we had everybody out there. Mike Jenkins was limited in practice today with a hamstring. Jeremy Stewart was limited today. Mike Brisiel was limited with a knee and Denarius Moore was full participation with a shoulder. I thought we had a good practice. I think our guys are excited and we’re ready to go out there and compete against the Broncos.

Q: Have you had all 53 practicing at the same time this year?

Allen: I don’t think so. I’d have to go back and check the records, but it’s been awhile for sure.

Q: Was move to Terrelle totally your decision or did Reggie and Mark have input?

Allen: Coaches decision all the way. Obviously we talk. Reggie and I communicate about everything and that was the decision that I made.

Q: All season you’ve been playing players that gave you best chance to win, does this fall in line with that?

Allen: Yeah, yeah.

Q: Pryor gives you a better chance to win than McGloin . . .

Allen: Yeah. I think, listen, we had an opportunity to watch Matt McGloin for six games and now I want to get another opportunity to watch Terrelle go out there and play. Listen, we won three out of the four games we won have been with Terrelle in there at quarterback. I think we need something that’s going to spark the football team and I think this can be something that can spark our team.

Q: Evaluation of McGloin . . . explosive passing you liked _ looking back now is it something that might not have been the case?

Allen: No, I mean, I like a lot of the things I saw Matt McGloin do in there. I thought his accuracy, I thought his decision-making in the passing game, it wasn’t perfect, but I thought overall I thought it was very solid. Terrelle’s been a guy that’s created a lot of explosive plays for us and I’m looking forward to watching him out there on Sunday and giving him an opportunity to go out there and create some more explosive plays.

Q: Anything to do with the matchup, how the Broncos play defense, something he can exploit . . .

Allen: No, I mean, the decision wasn’t made based on that. The decision was made based on giving Terrelle another opportunity to go in there and play, and trying to create something for our football team and give us some excitement and I think Terrelle deserves the opportunity go in there and play again.

Q: Are you aware of the comments made by Terrelle’s agents saying he is being set-up to fail and did you talk to Terrelle about it, and what’s your reaction?

Allen: Well, the first is, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever fricking heard. No coach in their right mind _ this isn’t the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this isn’t made for TV drama. This is football and we make our football decisions based solely on that, nothing other than that. I don’t really give it a lot of thought. I can’t control the ignorance that might come out of somebody else’s mouth. I’ve talked to Terrelle about it. It’s in situations like that that you have to separate the player from the agent. He doesn’t have control, I don’t have control over those things that get said. It’s really, in my book, it’s really nothing, it’s one person’s opinion. I’ve moved on from it and I’m ready to focus on the Broncos.

Q: Did Terrelle seek you out . .

Allen: I called Terrelle after I was made aware of the comments and obviously he was very apologetic of it and said it was in no way a reflection of his thoughts.

Q: Do you see this as any kind of distraction, something he doesn’t need going into this game?

Allen: Well, I certainly would hope not. I think his focus, our focus needs to be totally on the Denver Broncos and the things that we can do to have success on Sunday.

Q: After the Texans game, was it your intention to split the two quarterbacks to get your evaluation of them?

Allen: Well, the first thing was to get Terrelle back to full health. Until you get to that point there really wasn’t a lot of decisions to be made. That was kind of the first thing and then I said all along I wanted to have an opportunity to continue to look at Terrelle and continue to give him opportunities. Some games more than others. And this will be a game where he gets a chance to go in there and play.

Q: You had said McGloin would start the rest of the games this season, why change your mind . .

Allen: First of all, somebody had asked the question, is McGloin going to be the starter, my answer was. Never once said for the rest of the season, but it was always something that, we’re going to continue to look at on a game-to-game basis and we made the decision, I made the decision, to go with Terrelle for this game.

Q: Is seeing Terrelle enough going into next season?

Allen: It’ll be nine games. So I think that’s a pretty good body of work to figure out exactly what we’ve got.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • willy91137

    Yes we have to watch that tomorrow it makes us stronger for football watchers and I have to drink Jamison’s and then Monday morning we will hear the fate of Dennis Alan I think he has two years on his contract I’m sure there is a buy out laws

  • Orthodoxdj

    Josh McDaniels spent two years in Denver. The team wasn’t very good. The next year they went with John Fox. The team was okay, but far from great (total fluke, IMO). Why are the Broncos so good now? Peyton Manning.


    Ohh Shít! Then… only frustration remains!! Gotta go to lunch, hope this bad feeling won´t affect my appetite!.

  • TrevJo

    30 players on Denver/KC/SD making more than $4M on average. 2 on Oakland (useless McFadden and injured Branch). And you imply that this team DOES have talent?

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Lovie Smith. MAYBE Bill Cowher. Maybe Schottenheimer (although he would never come here in a million years). Basically, we need someone who’s a proven winner in the NFL over a sustained period of time. Who’s to say that (for instance) Darrell Bevell or Jay Gruden would even be as good as DA, let alone better?

  • RaidingTexas

    Most CBs are boom or bust. There just aren’t 64 guys in the league that can shut down receivers on nearly every play. Not even close.

  • SnBG

    Did you see the 60 minutes segment on kids going to clinics now more and more with the colleges looking at them as early as 13 yrs old. These kids are getting pointers from NFL QBs

  • SnBG

    They will have to change some of those rules.

  • RaidingTexas

    This isn’t college. The coaches don’t recruit.

  • SnBG

    Same to you and your family.

  • RaidingTexas

    Al lives.

  • TrevJo

    Players play. Denver has a lot of talented players. Kansas City has a lot of talented players. We don’t. You could give Bill Belichick and Sean Payton our current players to work with for 5 years and they still wouldn’t compete with the current Broncos and Chiefs teams because the talent isn’t there.

  • DutchRaid

    Do you think we are in a good position to attract a quality HC, at least better than in years passed?

  • 0ak R8rs

    I didn’t see our players or Tampa’s players going on strike when we traded him and Tampa fired him. Just because Gruden has this magically mystique on this blog, doesn’t mean he carries nearly the same weight around the rest of the league. He’s not parcells. He’s not Bellicheck. You’re not gonna see guys banging down our doors to play for Gruden. He’s just another coach. Well, actually, he’s just another broadcaster.

  • DKnight007

    The stability argument is the ONLY reason to keep DA than that is an issue in itself. Not good. MD needs to do what it takes to bring Gruden back and turn this ship around. Gruden will get this team back to playoffs within 2 years….especially with 60 million in FA money to work with and good draft pick positions.

  • RaidingTexas

    New post

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Not really. A potential new coach would either be working for a GM on the hot seat (Reggie) or a new GM working for an owner who’s proven to have no patience (Mark if Reggie is fired). And our decrepit relic of a stadium is easily the worst in the NFL.

  • Yes Willy this weekend will be painful

  • 0ak R8rs

    Significant upgrade. It’s funny how quick people forget. No pass rush and injuries caught up to us. But we were solid through the bye.

  • Saw the promo didn’t see the segment. Why QB’s are more college ready when they go to college, and pro ready when they go to the pro’s.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Is this the same Gruden who went 58-55 in Tampa Bay with an overall losing record after winning the SB with Dungy’s team?


    Hyperbole has its place, but you are woefully short on facts. For example, you state that there is “general Hospital-type drama” in the locker room and that Allen has no control over, or trust from the team. You can spout this drivel, maybe you could prove it? Also, your comment about Allen being “openly questioned” about his QB situation is ridiculous. Chip Kelly is playing for a division title and he was “openly questioned” about his starting QB up until it was determined that Vick wasn’t going to play for the rest of the year. Jason Garrett is “openly questioned” about Tony Romo every week. The media “openly questions” anything and everything they can think of to create stories where there generally isn’t one, and you can bet your last dollar that had TP kept playing and stinking it up the media would have been “openly questioning that, too. It’s what they do, and clowns like you just lap it up. The media has you right where it wants you, reacting to everything whether real or imagined. Congratulations.


    A lot of coaches have said something similar so maybe something will change.

  • SnBG

    It’s very expensive to send you kid to this clinic they talked about. I wonder if it will start leaving some poorer kids out of the mix. $400 an hr.

  • SlashNHack

    I thought the same thing

  • SlashNHack

    Mistic could be TP…. I have never seen a fan cling so tightly to a player and put that player above the entire team before

  • Zymurge

    Why bother setting that up with the IF statement? For a reasonable condition, it has to have the option of being either true or false. You’re hinging on TP suddenly doing things that he’s either showed no tendencies toward (stay clean in the pocket), incapable of (quicker decisions) or that relies on the above two happening (throw accurately to his weak side).

    Might as well say IF they play the last game against the Broncos they’ll be drafting a QB early. Same outcome.

  • Guest

    Key difference between QBs when it comes to how the WRs react to ad-libbing their patterns after the QB breaks the pocket

    – When MM does this, he signals his WRs to break across or deep. We saw it last week when he told Holmes (if I recall) to break deep out of an out route and went for a big gain. MM looks to use the opportunity for a big gain against broekn down coverages.

    – When TP does this, he rolls to his right and looks for the most obvious target right in front of him. Streater and Mastrud both seem pretty adept at coming back to him and/or crossing the field with his roll out to give him a 5 yard dump off.

    It will be interesting to see if the WRs switch back from big play mode to safety mode after so many games in the former. If they don’t and break deep, will Pryor first actually find them (or more likely take off running) and second will he get the ball to them without 4.3 seconds of hang time while they stand as sitting ducks waiting for the safety to come decapitate them?

  • SnBG

    Markie, THE BOSS HERE. Do I hear 19 HC’s. Give me my 19th HC. Do I hear a bid for 19. How about 20, do I hear 20. C’Mon, give me 20. Oh what the hll, why wait, lets go for 21. Do I hear 21. What’s my bid for 21.

  • BigBenRexor

    Terry McDaniel, Charles Woodson, Nnamdi was shutdown whether you want to down play him or not.

  • FanSinceStabler

    In time, McGloin may or may not be an NFL starting caliber QB, however MCGloin set records for completions and TDs in his senior season in Penn State. He wasn’t backup material there. It’s just too early to say for him in the NFL. Pryor at least has had a couple years to study the pros. McGloin has had… what? … 29 weeks? Obviously, he isn’t a “just add water” NFL QB. Regardless, we should be drafting another QB in 2014.

  • 504 Raider

    I can think of much worse situations for a head coach to step into. Some would see that as a great hand that was dealt.

  • gtown1_sj

    Not sure what Raider games you been watching, but TP always gets pulled to his left, his weak side. I think if you watch TP, he likes to juke right and then curve back left. Crapernick does it too. count how many option run/throw plays go left and how many go right. Its a lot less than you think going right.. maybe two a game.

  • 504 Raider

    The ONLY thing that scares me with Freeman is his reported drinking problem.

  • wildsach

    ahummm, now that wouldn’t look very good for ever drafted him. Unless of course it was MD himself.

  • wildsach

    looked to me like the catch was made, possession established all the way to the ground, then a second went by before it was knocked out by the defender.

  • wildsach

    yeah, if they weren’t in demolition/rebuild mode. Next season, after the draft, they’ll have no excuses for not showing marked improvement. If DA & Co. doesn’t win at least half the games, I maintain—he’s a goner.

  • brad

    Pryor wont hit our O-lineman in the back of the helmet I do know that! LMAO!

  • brad

    Agreed like I said Fox got the D and Payton got the O! That’s the Brain Trust! ex-O coordinator in S.D. and
    ex- D.C. in Oakland! They are much better off! Go Raiders!

  • brad

    Belichick would not be 4 – 12 I bet that!