Live chat: Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, Sunday at 1 p.m.


Join NFL beat writer Steve Corkran for a live chat as the Oakland Raiders face the Denver Broncos in the teams’ season finale.



  • SR Raider

    I’ll take a W however it comes. Don’t see Pryor ever getting 300 yds passing tho

  • You want a medal? Lmao. Your crusade was pointless, and troll inducing SO GODAMN WHAT? Flynn is gone. Please feel free to keyboard pointing out Pryor sucks. Its not like its changing anything. Pryor is better than you are. So is McGloin. LMAO! Like YOU are an OC ?! Flynn is GONE.

  • jumpnjiminy

    Palmer sucks and he WILL choke!

  • FourMoreYears

    He’s about to throw for 4000 yards in back to back seasons. That is miles better than anything on our roster. He throws too many picks but then so do our guys.