Trask on Reggie, Allen, Raiders


Noting that she remained a Raider fan and talking up the passion of Mark Davis, former Raiders CEO Amy Trask had this to say on the state of the Raiders on CBS’ “That Other Pregame Show” Sunday morning:

Trask: The narrative has changed in Oakland. Just about two years ago at the press conference, Reggie (McKenzie) remarked that he had looked at the (salary) cap situation and it was manageable. He said the team would be fine. Nothing wholesale would need to be done. And Dennis Allen emphasized at that press conference that there was talent on both sides of the ball. That there was enough talent to compete at the highest levels of the NFL. And that there was talent to compete for a championship in 2012. Well the team then went out in 2012 and went 4-12 after having been one game removed from the playoffs the year before… Continuity is important. I argued with Al (Davis) about that all the time. We had so many arguments, about a lot of things, but about the importance of continuity. But at some point, you have to say, ‘What is more important? Keeping the same person in place or evaluating and considering and making sure you have the right person in place’… When you ask if (Allen) is the right person, I go back to what I opened with. Why has that narrative changed entirely in two years with the team’s performance?


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer