Allen has sign that he’ll be back as Raiders coach in 2014

ALAMEDA – Dennis Allen has yet to meet with owner Mark Davis, but he said Monday that he has a firm sense that he will be back for a third season as the Raiders head coach.
“I’ve been given the indication that I’ll be back,” Allen said during his year-end news conference, “but it will be important for me and Mark to be able to sit down and communicate and talk about the things that we need to talk about. I have every intention of being back.”
Allen said he intends to meet with Davis in the near future and that he is excited about the next phase of the process implemented by Davis, general manager Reggie McKenzie and Allen two years ago.
That marked Davis’ first full year as the owner, McKenzie’s as a general manager and Allen’s as a head coach.
The Raiders went 8-8 in 2011 under Hue Jackson. Allen guided the Raiders to 4-12 records each of the past two seasons in what Davis termed the “deconstruction” phase.
Allen said the Raiders now are entering the rebuilding phase and that tangible progress is on the horizon.
“We’re closer than what our record might indicate,” Allen said
When asked what he meant by “closer,” Allen said the Raiders have the ability to compete for one of six spots in the AFC Playoffs, perhaps as soon as next season.
“You’ve got to take it one step at a time,” Allen said. “I don’t think we need to be talking about Super Bowl. We need to be talking about competing in an area where we could possibly be a playoff team.”
Allen pointed out the Raiders being flush with salary-cap room in 2014, in possession of a slew of draft picks – they own the rights to the No. 5 selection in the NFL draft in May based on their finish this season – and several building blocks already in place.
The goal, he added, is to add two to three playmakers on offense and defense, be it through the draft or free agency. One of those players almost certainly will be a quarterback.
“That’s a position that we’ve got to make sure that we address,” Allen said. “I’m not sure that we have the quarterback of the future in the building right now.”
Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin are the only quarterbacks on the Raiders roster right now. They cut Matt Flynn early in the season and waived Tyler Wilson twice before he was signed by the Tennessee Titans off the Raiders practice squad.


Steve Corkran

  • 2romes

    You want Pryor to be a Raider Wide Receiver? You say it like he is already a great wide receiver and they would find use for him on the roster at receiver position .

  • Raider Rick

    Id trade Reece for a draft pick…..This staff doesnt even use him as a wide out hybrid Tight end….They run him like a running back……Pathetic……

  • Howard Benner

    remember, pro bowl players were voted in by the fans. Albert isn’t a pro bowl caliber LT. . .

  • Jojo

    Im going on record…if Allen is retained we go 3-13 next year (I hope Im wrong and I want to be wrong!!!).

  • really? all those picks and cap space and we get worse coming off two years of having to sign whatever we could for minimum money?
    Your comment on the record is just silly.


    Or so Amy Trask can come out later and tell the world that “the narrative has changed”. Still can’t believe she’s treating an opening press conference as a definitive statement on what McKenzie and DA thought of the team immediately after taking over. Every coach, every GM that’s ever been hired has said that, and unless they KNEW they were taking over a playoff team, every one of them was saying it strictly to keep the fan base entertained. SMH

  • Angry Little Man

    Quick Slants: Move Pryor to TE, or trade him,…. we had 10 picks in last years draft (deconstructing?) or just a bad draft? ……Draft a qb , then O line, once were done drafting O line draft O line again.

  • Angry Little Man

    almost forgot, do we put up with Jano again ?

  • funnyfalcon

    short, just like the bus you ride to school every day.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Exactly. And that non football person lawyer is an entirely different subject. She’s got no business on any nfl show, even one tent people don’t watch and have never seen. She’s a lawyer. She was involved w one player personnel move that I know of. Palmer trade. And we all know how that one worked out…..

  • wildsach

    Too bad we can’t get all three——-sure as he!! could use all three. Hopefully we’re lucky to grab one of them.

  • wildsach

    if we don’t go .500 he better be gone…..or else I will be.

  • wildsach

    Got no prob w/ Olson. Tarver a diff thang.

  • wildsach

    yeah, D responsible for a few wins and loads of losses.

  • wildsach

    gotta luv the way TP “shotputs” a football. Unreal. Didn’t he say he just learned to throw a pigskin earlier this yr. Amazing. Thing is——-he DID NOT.

  • wildsach

    Best hope whatever QB comes in, wins the first 8 games & def gets us to the P/O’s next yr——else he’ll be a bust and this board goes into super meltdown. Again.

  • TrevJo


  • TrevJo

    He will never be a TE and no one is going to give us anything for him. Any other ideas?

  • TrevJo

    Are you serious? I’d like to use him more too but it’s not like we have so many playmakers in the offense that we need FEWER rather than MORE.

    $3M in base salary, $2.6M in dead money if we cut or trade him. Makes no sense to move him 1 year into a 4 year deal that was half guaranteed money. He’s also 28 so what exactly do you think teams are going to trade for him?
    Last but not least, right now Reece and Murray are the ONLY RBs on the roster that are signed through next year (unless you count Jones). Let’s at LEAST re-sign Jennings (and Olawale or get another FB) before we even think about moving on from Reece.

  • wildsach

    Looks like Tarver & Olson stay as well.