Allen proceeding as coach for 2014 Raiders


Raiders coach Dennis Allen met with players as a group and individually Monday and was conducting himself as a man who would be the head coach in 2014.

Six coaches had been fired while Allen was talking with players _ Gary Kubiak (Texans), Greg Schiano (Buccaneers), Leslie Frazier (Vikings), Jim Schwartz (Lions), Mike Shanahan (Redskins) and Rob Chudzinski (Browns).

Allen is 8-24 in two seasons with the Raiders. Owner Mark Davis was scheduled to meet with general manager Reggie McKenzie, then at some point brief Allen and the staff on how the club will proceed.

Running back Rashad Jennings said his meeting with Allen reviewed his performance over the season with a message of how the organization would go forward.

“I expect him to be here,’’ running back Rashad Jennings said. “Those are decisions that are not in our hands, but he’s definitey the guy for the job.

Left tackle Jared Veldheer, asked if Allen said he would be back, said, “Yes.’’

Long-snapper Jon Condo

I met with him individually and we met with him as a team and he said, `Hey, I’m going to be here,’’ Condo said. “Hue Jackson once said he was going to be here a lot longer than people in this room and he got canned a week after that.’’

Allen is schedule meet with the media at 1 p.m. for his season-ending press conference.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • hysteric

    Is there a link to the season-ending press conference?

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson


  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Jon Condo’s been around the block.

  • rifflicks


  • RaiderNik

    If he don’t fire Allen, this will be another RM mistake!

  • a42

    Is Condo saying that Hue told the players he’d be around longer than them? No wonder the players quit on him in that San Diego finale. What an egomaniac.

  • aig-raiders

    I know this is not popular. Not a big fan of DA but I think this is the right move by Mark Davis. If you want to attract future good coaches like Sean Payton and the myriad of others that used Al Davis to leverage their teams, then you have to treat DA fair. Mark went public with Deconstruction and he had to allow DA a level playing field. In the long run, this is better for the Org.

  • Christian W

    I can’t believe there are fans waiting outside the organization at allen’s presser smh!!!

  • gtown1_sj

    Unless fans stop buying tickets to watch this garbage, we will be mired in mediocrity. Much respect to the Browns to say enough is enough. Bottom line is business. Hurt the pocket book to force changes. Did not go to a game this year nor did I buy anything with the Raiders on it. Seems I’ll be watching red zone again next year.

  • Thechairman66

    Bingo. Mark Davis and Reggie decided to deconstruct the team before the hired Dennis Allen. Once you commit to reconstruction you acknowledge that you’re going to suck for a few years. Whether you agree with that plan or not, DA didn’t make the decision.

  • Thechairman66

    Cork has made the case for firing Reggie time and time again. Basically there’s two ways of looking at it. If you think the Raiders were in a deconstruction phase where their main focus was cleaning out the old garbage and NOT W-L record then RM is fine. BUT that also means DA is fine too since he wasn’t expected to win under these conditions.

    If you think the Raiders lack talent and have played horrible football then you can fire DA but you have to fire RM too who takes the majority of the blame for creating this crappy team in the first place.

  • Thechairman66

    Also, notice that among the handful of up and coming players only one of them was drafted. That’s a big red flag for a GM.

  • Reggie’s Red ‘Fro

    Fair weather fan at it’s finest…. Browns said enough is enough and look what happened…. Head coach gets fired and players get pissed off… Go ahead and respect such a great and proud organization…. smh

  • Mira Mesa Ma-Raider

    That’s the opposite of true. The team cant conduct business without fan support. We owe it to the players and ourselves to continue to be one of the best fanbases in the Country throughout all of the disappointment. It will be that much sweeter when we make it back!