Davis meets with Allen, says Allen’s status as head coach never in question


ALAMEDA — Raiders owner Mark Davis and coach Dennis Allen finally had their face-to-face meeting Tuesday night. A short time later, Davis said Allen is going to remain as the Raiders coach for 2014.
“It’s been that way ever since he signed a four-year contract to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders,” Davis said, by phone, of Allen’s status being secure.
When asked if there was any uncertainty moving forward, Davis said: “No. There hasn’t been a question about it, either.”
The meeting took place Tuesday night, a few hours after Allen told a public relations member at 5:30 p.m. that he was headed home for the night.
On his way out, Allen stopped his car, rolled down his window and said to three media members, “I got nothing for you.”
When asked if he met with Davis, Allen said: “Again, I don’t have anything for you.”
By night’s end, it was Davis doing all the talking. He said the call on Allen’s job ultimately rests with general manager Reggie McKenzie, who hired Allen away from the Denver Broncos in 2012.
Davis said he expects to meet with Allen again Wednesday, along with McKenzie.
At that point, “We’ll talk a little bit about free agency and all that stuff and just start putting together next season’s plan.”
Davis said he and Allen covered a lot of ground Tuesday night in a meeting that lasted about two hours.
“Dennis and I had a great meeting,” Davis said. “We talked about last season, recapped it. We talked about the process going forward, (talked) about some of the personnel, the coaching situation, all of those things.”
Allen said several times since the season ended that he expected to be back as the Raiders coach next season. He just finished the second season of a four-year contract he signed in 2012.
Still, there remained uncertainty until Allen met with Davis and made sure they were on the same page.
One of the main issues was Allen’s staff. Allen and McKenzie wanted the assistants working on two-year contracts. Davis refused.
Several assistants that balked at the hard-line stance were told to take the one-year extensions or seek employment elsewhere.
By Tuesday, six or seven assistants had signed extensions through next season.
As of now, none of the assistant coaches whose contracts were about to run out or had only one year left resigned.
In other news, scout Larry Marmie resigned from the Raiders and accepted a job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Steve Corkran

  • NYCRaider

    Jason garrett

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Wiz could be still mad about his uncle being essentially bullied out of coaching by Pollack and Knapp.

  • rifflicks

    he catches, runs inside. and blocks.
    just what do you expect from a back who lead the league at total yards at one point this season

  • NYCRaider

    Bring out the mirror put on your dress and look at your post when you predicted with Flynn as the raiders QB they would go 9-7

  • Christian W

    New post

  • PlunkforHOF

    The Ultimate Purse-swinging Championship.

  • rifflicks

    I like Matthews too…big and Smart with a strong arm

  • AutumnThunderstorm

    I think the Raiders have a serious shot at Bridgewater if Houston drafts either Clowney or Bortles first overall.

    Jax may not be that big on Bridgewater, be sure content to let either him or Clowney fall to them at #3, or move up one to draft Bortles or Clowney.

    We would then just have to trade past Cleveland to get to Bridgewater Clowney

    it would cost us our first this year and next though to move up to #2 or #3 overall.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Ur really exhausting.

    1) there u go with a nonsense relation. I never said qbs don’t contribute to wins. I said its not all on them. Then u make the weird comment “and yet pine for a limp armed wanna be”. What would that have to do with ur statement about qbs winning games? It has no relation.

    2) it’s actually a housewife that would get all excited about a long run and not be able to understand that doesn’t make him a good qb.

    3) it makes zero sense.

    4) the team win with defense. McG had the offense FAR out producing what Pryor had them doing. So ur now flat out lying. Scoring and passing went way up.

    5) ur really confused. A housewife would say “Pryor won more”. He didn’t. The team did. Due to defense.

  • 2romes

    I think you said it right “Reggie falling over some talent”. I have no ill will over this staff. They proved few to little for me to be happy with. I do wish them the best. They are going to have 3x the chance Hue had.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    We might have. He’s better than Pryor and McG.

  • Twinkle

    Settle down there big guy…he hasn’t grokked the fact that Mitchell just played his rookie season (we had to red shirt him due to the slithers in his ar*e) .He was here for a while but sightings were rare.I think we sat the kid too close to Dmac on that bench imo lol

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Man U don’t get it.

    Lol. U said he put up the same stats last year but was a loser but this year, miraculously he was a major part of winning.

    How can u be that dense? He did THE SAME THING.

    He threw MORE picks this year. But because he had more wins, ur convinced he was a winner this year. But a loser last.

    The same qb. With virtually the same stats.

    Fvcking dumb.

  • RaidingTexas

    Red Jesus was drafted?

  • DutchRaid

    Dude at Yahoo…version 6.0, had us taking Watkins (1st) and Carr (2nd)…

  • Twinkle

    whoever we draft won’t be named Teddy he’s busy right now trying on his new Texan uni.

  • W.J

    Com’on. You’re stupid but your reading comprehension skills aren’t as bad as you are trying to make them out to be.

    5) ur really confused. A housewife would say “Pryor won more”. He didn’t. The team did. Due to defense.

    Classic. Typical talk out of both sides of your mouth while simultaneously inserting both feet.

  • RaidingTexas


  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    For crying out loud. It’s really simple.

    Housewife simpletons give credit for wins to qbs.

    Why can’t u process that? How am I talking out both sides if my mouth when it’s what I have consistently said?

    I’m done with u. Cretin.

  • Twinkle

    Well there is that too lol

  • NYCRaider

    learn to read, i never said same stats. guess you have to make up fiction when you get exposed for stupid

  • W.J

    Why would a Raider fan take a dump on a Raider HOF record?

  • Mike_Trail

    You would think that Manziel is the next coming of Jesus Christ himself…if he is soooooooo good, then he should be drafted #1 overall and we won’t even have the chance to get him anyway. Dude only threw 750 passes in college…or about HALF of what any 4 year QB would have thrown–You don’t surround this kid with the dearth of talent this team has and expect to win. Its set up for disaster. Im rolling with McGloin, and I bet he would beat out JFootball anyway.
    Jesus I am already sick of talking about the draft already. The last draft was a MAJOR letdown, followed by an abortion of a season….I just need a break from Raiderland for a while I think.
    Looking forward to Baseball to be honest. Its going to be a long offseason for the Raiders, especially since Reggie has proven that he likes to do the opposite of what common sense dictates.

  • Mike_Trail

    Tre is the kind of guy that the Raiders always miss out on and ends up on a team like the Chargers or the Chiefs and effs with us for the next 7 years….

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    More lies. When did I ever do that?

    I always said he was a great runner. Try to sort it out in ur little head.

  • TrevJo

    Probably. But he did get hurt.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    I did. Palmer had nearly identical stats both years.

    Last year, his team won 4 games with that qb and those passing numbers and u think he was a big part of their losing.

    This year, his team won 10 games with that qb and those stats and u think he was a big part of their winning.

    How does ur brain fail to see that the team wins and loses. The qb passes.

  • TrevJo

    I forgot what the article was that I read before the 2013 season but it sounded like he wasn’t healthy in 2012 and had a heck of an offseason, was really hungry. I just realized he is 28 years old though, that is old for a RB.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Not necessarily. Obviously if you pay the wrong guys (Wimbley, Seymour, DHB, Kelly, Routt) it doesn’t help much. But you sure as hell aren’t building it w 40% LESS than every other team in the league.

  • W.J

    “HOF records? LMFAO! He ran a long run. He’s a horrible passer.”

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Exactly dumbbell. I never “took a dump” on his 93 yard run.

    I said he’s a horrible passer. Are u on drugs or something?

    Ur like the blog version of Dennis rodman.

  • Howard Benner

    It’s not etched in stone. . .I get your “generally” reference.

    Normally HC candidates ascend from OC, DC or college coaching positions. However, Munchak never was employed in such a capacity. He was an offensive assistant/quality control coach after his playing career & Oline coach before replacing Jeff Fisher as Tennessee’s HC.

    So, one usually can’t become a OC or DC if they never performed that function. However, of late he was interviewed fors the Detroit PaperLions HC vacancy. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Don’t know why they wouldn’t. . .he is the only “plug & play QB prospect in this year’s draft. . .” he is a Florida, albeit from the Miami area, product. . .Bortles is as well but both he & Johnny Football will take a bit more polishing before revealing themselves as an NFL gem. . .

    They just trade past Cleveland? They have two #1 picks. . .draft before the Raiders. . .by then they wil have their new HC. . .both he & Lombardi want “their” own triggerman. . .

    Like 2011 when Jake Locker & Chris Ponder & Blaine Gabbert were drafted, or “over drafted. . .” the same will take place this year. . .’Bridge, Bortles & Johnny Football aren’t the highest graded players in this draft, just like 2011, when only Cam Newton was graded even close to his lofty distinction as #1 overall pick. . .but so goes the subjugation of the QB position, especially when a team “absolutely, positively’ needs one. . .

  • Alex7

    yep yep