Raiders work out slew of free agents

The Raiders worked out former Atlanta Falcons first-round draft pick Jamaal Anderson, a defensive end, and former New York Jets running back Joe McKnight, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

Anderson, 27, notched 7 1/2 sacks and forced two fumbles during stints with the Bears, Bengals, Colts and Falcons. McKnight rushed for 502 yards in his first three NFL seasons, primarily as a backup.

The Raiders also worked out the following players: linebacker Frank Beltre, defensive end Donte Paige-Moss, tight end Jordan Thompson, defensive back Neiko Thorpe, linebacker Devan Walker and guard Jarrod Shaw.


Steve Corkran

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    I wonder if maybe if he wasn’t promised the HC job for the remainder of his contract if DA is fired midseason.

  • Alex7

    seemed like it was mostly rumor anyways. Maybe a contract-negotiation ploy.

  • Chino

    @BairCSN: This: @RAIDERS Tony Sparano has signed a 2 year contract to remain the Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach of The Oakland Raiders.

  • RaidO

    DA’s failure will be Sparano’s opportunity

  • TrevJo

    to the first question… below years indicate the season, not the SB date:
    2012 Joe Flacco (pick 18)
    2011 Eli Manning (pick 1)
    2010 Aaron Rodgers (pick 24)
    2009 Drew Brees (pick 32*)
    2008 Ben Roethlisberger (pick 11)
    2007 Eli Manning (pick 1)
    2006 Peyton manning (pick 1)
    2005 Ben Roethlisberger (pick 11)
    2004 Tom Brady (pick 199)
    2003 Tom Brady (pick 199)
    2002 Brad Johnson (pick 227*)
    2001 Tom Brady (pick 199)
    2000 Trent Dilfer (pick 6*)
    1999 Kurt Warner (undrafted*)
    1998 John Elway (pick 1#)
    * indicates won with a team that didn’t draft him
    # Pete Roselle shenanigans

  • RaidO

    “Sparano is the only NFL head coach to lead a one-win team to the playoffs the following year and only the second to conduct a ten-game turnaround, both of which he accomplished in his first season with the Dolphins”

    Demote DA to DC and let Tony be the HC

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Also, didn’t Riff post this big “insider” post yesterday wherein he said that Sparano was gone already?




  • Alex7

    but then he went 7-9, 7-9, and 4-9 once the league caught up with the wildcat. No QB there either.

  • RaiderLen

    RAIDO seems to lack the concept of context and a larger picture.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Still think the manner of the losses weighs heavily there. Say McGloin, the vet QB, and the drafted QB just can’t get un tracked, but the D is vastly improved. That might mitigate the call. Defense getting blown up routinely again and Sayonara.

  • Alex7

    if you google Tony Sparano, an NBS sports site sits at #2, claiming he’s signing with the Bucs.

  • DutchRaid

    Maybe Riff is actually Mark Davis…saw the block backlash and decided to pony up the money…

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Headline: “Sparano does NOT sleep with the fishes.”

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    As we all know, in the event DA is assassinated, the assistant HC stands in.

  • DutchRaid

    You think Sparano got saddled with a bad QB, Chad Henne? Can a GM doom a HC?

  • Back-N-Black

    This would get 80% of NFL coaches fired.

  • Gdog

    Raiders next HC if DA falls on his face? Good job though Reggie! The only guy I for sure wanted back!

  • Gdog

    Indeed. He is either the best interviewee in the history of interviews, or I don’t know what…

  • Back-N-Black

    Tony Sparano signs two-year contract with Raiders

    Posted by Mike Wilkening on January 10, 2014, 8:01 PM EST

    The Raiders have retained one of their top offensive assistants.

    The club announced Friday that offensive line coach/assistant head coach Tony Sparano had re-signed for two more years.

    Sparano had appeared on his way to become the Buccaneers’ offensive line coach. However, he’s remaining with the Raiders, whom he joined last January after one season as the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

    Sparano was the Dolphins’ head coach from 2008 through 2011, leading
    Miami to a 29-33 record. He was fired with three games left in the 2011

    Raiders owner Mark Davis has indicated Dennis Allen will return for a third season as head coach.

  • Back-N-Black

    Guess MD is a lot like AD… things don’t go good next year, fire Allen and promote Sparano

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    As everyone but Orgeron understoodsat the time, he was not going to be reainned. Pat Hayden never was into him as hc.

  • Just saw that new movie, Loan survivor. I think I’ll stop complaining about things now

  • Stantastic

    Your A Genius!!! Fire Everyone And You Hurry Up And Quit Your Job Then You Can Run Oakland And Hell Even The Country… Maybe The Entire Planet!!!

  • Stantastic

    Most Of You Idiots Want To See Soprano Back Cuz You Liked The HBO series His Family Used To Do… Please Go Vote WhenYour Done Here!

  • funnyfalcon

    We’re all loan survivors I think. Lone survivors on the other hand…

  • Morilla_00

    Headline: “Sparano’s sunglasses are superglued to his head.”

  • Mike_Trail

    I don’t know Uncle Rico–I don’t think he had a power trip, I think he was forced into that situation because of the power vacuum that developed because AL died and had noone in place….I think Hue was just scrambling, trying to make the best of it…
    I realize that I “should, get over it” and I have moved on…but I just wonder, really, where we would be right now, had Reggie Kept Hue…

  • brad

    with questionable character! LMAO! ask University of Ten. and USC! LMAO