Raiders announce coaching staff additions


The Oakland Raiders have hired Joe Woods as defensive backs coach, Marcus Robertson as assistant defensive backs coach, Chris Boniol as assistant special teams coach and Vernon Stephens as assistant strength and conditioning coach, General Manager Reggie McKenzie announced Thursday.

The four additions complete the Raiders’ coaching staff for the 2014 season.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 1960AutumnWind

    I love how you point out the downgrade on the OL for Pryor and fail to mention the best receiver on the team went down for 3 of McGloin’s games. I get it. You are a Pryor guy. The DVOA and QBR are attempts to “objectively” evaluate a QB based on strength of other teams defense and factors in things like running etc… Issues like who is on the line on a given day are not considered neither is which receiver which makes stats harder but if you ever are going to use stats for comparison this is about as good as it gets.

    Look for the record (for you and the other guy that likes Pryor) I do not want to go into this season with just McCloin (i.e. I do not think he is a legit starter but has shown enough to at least compete and maybe be a BU) and personally think TP has had his chance and is not the answer either. My point was never to advocate for either of these guys as a starter but make the point that most on this blog understand is that McGloin is a better QB than Pryor to make the larger point that Angelo is not paying attention so I downgrade his ratings. Sorry if you took this initially as an affront to you. All you were doing is posting it for comment which I did comment.

  • Howard Benner

    I attempt to err on the side of objectivity. I don’t endorse either candidate as the answer going forward.

    I would opt to sign Josh McGown for this year, hoping the Raiders draft, say Devin Gardner of Michigan next year. But if I were to stake my claim I would opt for McGloin as I revere a QB who can read defenses, change plays & protection @ the LOS, get the ball out quick &, when blitzed get the ball to the “hot” receiver. . .if I “glossed over” a point or two, my bad. . .but you fail to point out Andre Holmes was added to the roster when McGloin was the QB. . .see games, monster, Cobwoys, Dallas. . .BTW; I think Nick Kasa will really come on next year. . .

    You contend Denarious Moore is the Raiders best receiver Seems McGloin, Pryor & Rod Streater all combine well. . .just sayin. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Since DA will win out regarding scheme they will be after 4-3 ends exclusively, not stand up OLB’s. . .I don’t see Kraken or Allen coming to Oakland. Michael Johnson is a possibility. . .Mack is a year & about 20 lbs. away from filling that role. . .they already have Moore. . .sure hope “the Clown” drops to #5.

    In addition, If they sign Sam Shields & draft Jean-Baptiste. . .if Hayden develops. They have a young nucleus of cover corners & Houston across from ‘The Clown. . .”

  • Raiderfusion

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  • 24

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