Clowney plans on being gone by time Raiders pick at No. 5

Finding a legitimate every-down pass rusher is on Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie’s lengthy to-do list this offseason.
South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is an intriguing candidate, assuming he’s available when the Raiders pick in the first round of the draft in May.
The Raiders hold the rights to the No. 5 pick. Clowney, 6-foot-5 and 266 pounds, is confident that he will be long gone by the time the Raiders pick.
“You watched the Super Bowl. Defense wins championships,” Clowney said in response to why he should be selected by the Houston Texans at No. 1.
Clowney met with the media Saturday at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis on Saturday in advance of his on-field workouts. The Raiders no doubt were among the teams paying close attention to everything Clowney said.
He intends to bolster his case for being a top pick, if not the first, by running a 4.4-second 40-yard dash, a time usually reserved for wide receivers and running backs.
The Raiders most accomplished pass rusher last season was end Lamarr Houston. He is slated to become an unrestricted free agent unless the Raiders re-sign him between now and March 11, the start of free agency.
If Clowney performs well in the 40-yard dash, as well as other drills, in Indianapolis, that might force McKenzie to re-sign Houston or another proven end in free agency, just in case Clowney isn’t around at No. 5.
Clowney arrived in Indianapolis surrounded by questions about his work ethic and desire to play hard every down. No one doubts his ability.
He countered by saying, “I want to be one of the best. I want to be one of the greatest of all time.”
Earlier this week, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier fueled the speculation about Clowney’s work ethic lacking by saying Clowney wasn’t the hardest worker.
To that, Clowney said: “Once I get to the NFL, my career is going to go up.”
Raiders coach Dennis Allen said the Raiders scouts do their due diligence on all draft prospects.
“You can tell a guy’s work ethic by the way he plays the game,” Allen said in an interview with Sirius radio in Indianapolis. “It’s visiting with former high school coaches, former trainers, former equipment people, just trying to dig as much as you can into the background of that particular player to find out little bit more about them. Obviously, we’re going to spend some time with these guys in the interview process.”


Steve Corkran

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    ah, that explains it

  • How’s that Bynum is better than David Lee thing treating you?
    Bazemore can play D and slash and dance on the bench, but nothing else.
    Go Lakers

  • Dakota

    can they throw megatron in?

  • 0ak R8rs

    There’s a trade scenario for you. Fairly’s bad attitude could be a product of that Detroit locker room. Chicken and egg so to speak.


    Brewed in SF but think you can find it all over.

  • J Hill

    Bynum will get his 3rd ring this season while David Lee will be at him working on his D.

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    How? That’s your thing apparently. Go ahead. Enjoy.

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    Sounds cool. Lots of local beers here too. Have a small brewery that’s been around for a century, still hangs on year after year. Stegmaier/Gennesse/Gibbons.

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    I try them all. I don’t know sht about wine, but I’m somewhat of a beer connoisseur.

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    Yea. But they don’t all take off their Junior year and have their college coaches bad mouthing them.

  • Ted Stosterone

    Doesn’t excite me at all. Seems like an easy bust possibility.

  • Ted Stosterone

    “If Clowney performs well in the 40-yard dash, as well as other drills,
    in Indianapolis, that might force McKenzie to re-sign Houston or another
    proven end in free agency, just in case Clowney isn’t around at No. 5.”

    Never understand this logic. Hopefully the brain trust recognizes they need to ADD good players, not replace one with another. Christ.


    McKenzie better figure out REAL QUICK that we need FOUR incredibly great players for a front FOUR, not just resigning #99 will suffice. We can resign #99 + go get 3 really awesome players tp play w #99 to go get the QB, stuff the run and make our DB’s and Line Backers look good – It’s OK if they are 29 to 31 years old, we can replace them 1 year at a time via future drafts or FA. Let’s do it

  • Return

    Says a lot about Spurrier too. You want to talk about loyalty? He sounds like a cross between DA and a rat. What coach goes out of their way to sabotage one of his players. I’m sure this is just great for team morale. Fvck Spurrier.

  • Return

    Yep. Hire 1 year contract players. Trade a talent to get same or lesser talent. Trade down to get two mediocres (at best) instead of getting one star. This isn’t building. It’s just rearrangeing the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • 0ak R8rs

    That’s only a somewhat valid point. It’s not a coaches job to be loyal to his players. It’s a players job to be loyal to his team and his school and his coaches. Clowney has none of that. Clowney was probably 10 times worse than spurrier is leading on to say make him say that in the first place. Say what you want about spurrier. He’s not gonna commit recruiting suicide by bashing clowney’s work ethic unless he has very good reason to do so. Fck clowney.

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    this guy will be a decent player ….4-8 sacks per yr guy…

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    well maybe thats ok

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    like Kony Ealy just as much.

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    Houston is better inside. He’s not fast enough to be an elite or above average DE/pass rusher. Over paying to keep Houston, then playing him as an end would simply be another Reggie Mc & DA blunder.