Raiders don’t tag Veldheer or Houston


Despite the most salary cap room in the NFL, the Raiders declined to use the franchise tag Monday on either left tackle Jared Veldheer or defensive end Lamarr Houston.

When the 1 p.m. deadline (PST) came and went, Veldheer and Houston were five days away from being able to negotiate with other teams for their services.;

The Raiders have more than $66 million available under a cap projected at just over $133 million. A one-year tag on Veldheer would have cost the Raiders $11.6 million, while keeping Houston as a franchise player would have cost $13.1 million.

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie said following the season he would use the franchise tag if necessary but preferred to work out long-term deals with club wanted in its future.

Although the free agency period begins March 11, agents for players can begin soliciting offers from other teams on Saturday, potentially driving up the price. Players cannot sign during that three-day window, which was instituted by the NFL this season to try and limit tampering.

Veldheer missed the first 12 games of the 2013 season following surgery to repair a torn left triceps. He has stated on numerous occasions he wants to remain with the Raiders and be part of the building process.

Houston, considered a leader by example and a versatile lineman who can play inside and outside, said following the season he thought it might be time to move on but coach Dennis Allen and McKenzie have both said they would like to keep him on the roster.

Despite just six sacks last season, Houston’s market value was enhanced when two coveted defensive ends _Greg Hardy of Carolina and Brian Orakpo of Washington _ were given franchise tags by their teams.

Veldheer was a third-round draft pick out of Division II Hillsdale in 2010 and Houston arrived in the second-round out of Texas that same season.

Other Raiders who are free to negotiate with other teams Saturday if they have not been re-signed include running backs Rashad Jennings and Darren McFadden, defensive tackle Vance Walker, safety Charles Woodson, cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Tracy Porter, wide receiver Jacoby Ford, defensive end Jason Hunter, safety Usama Young, cornerback Phillip Adams, tight end Jeron Mastrud, guard-center Andre Gurode, tackle Tony Pashos and defensive tackle Daniel Muir.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    What are you an echo?

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    did you medal in their Olympics too

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    No. I kept trying to swim in the drainage gutters and they DQed me.

  • marks hair

    no one offered more so reggie took the magic beans instead of fair value

  • TrevJo

    Old trades are irrelevant. Last year’s draft class was terrible. The Rams got what they got in the RG3 trade because RG3 was a special talent. The Browns got what they got in the Julio trade because Julio was a special talent. Look at who the Dolphins traded up to get, he sucks. They were generous to give us anything to trade up for Dion Jordan.

  • Raider 8

    that’s a good question.

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    Never say Never Jared


    Might have been a nice combo with Houston. He has alot of help on the D line in Detroit. We will never know.

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    what a joke

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    I’m sure I can find one to fit a pinhead like you

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    Exactly, if no one is offering more, you take what’s offered if you can still get what you wanted #12 anyways.

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    or you stay in the top 3… where the great players are al availible

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    you would think it’s not difficult to apply common sense instead of emotion, yet here we are explaining basic principals yet again.

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    lol, and draft DJ at #3, which is what Reggie would have done. Hmm, DJ and a 2nd round pick or just DJ? Tough choice.

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    I hope reg was lying.. but maybe his eye for talent is just that pathetic.

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    nobody forced a bad deal on reg.. stay at 3. take the bpa.. Ansah duh

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    and you guys wonder why my raider buzz has taken such a big hit….pardon the pun.

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    Ansah would have been a solid pick or the trade down which occured….but then the head scratcher of a pick with Hayden….Ooofff

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    Raider 8 • 6 hours ago

    i don’t understand why any of you would even want a gm that couldn’t build a playoff caliber team with the most cap space in league history, a top 5 pick and a full draft. only reggie’s family members would make this many excuses for him.

    None of this has happened yet. Are you Nostradamus?

  • Ronin559

    You can never have too many good linemen, especialy on the defensive side of the ball. I would love to see Reggie resign Houston, add Bennett (from Seatle) in FA, then maybe we get lucky with Clowny in the draft.

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    The past is the past or haven’t you heard?

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    meanwhile while we are all paying attention to veld….. houston being targeted by eagles and pack…..i really didnt think the rest of the league wanted raider players because they werent any good