Raiders off to sluggish start in free agency


The Raiders re-signed a running back and signed a left offensive tackle on Tuesday, the first day of free agency. However, as in keeping with the theme of the day, little went as expected for the Raiders as they entered the so-called reconstruction phase of the Mark Davis-Reggie McKeniz-Dennis Allen Era.
Darren McFadden signed a one-year, $4 million contract to return to the Raiders for a seventh season, when it appeared all along as if the Raiders would reward Rashad Jennings for his superb play in place of an injured/lackluster McFadden last season.
Instead, Jennings high-tailed it to the New York Giants, following left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer and defensive end Lamarr Houston in jumping at a sizable pay day from another team without looking back at Raiders headquarters in Alameda.
The lesson here, folks: Ignore players, coaches and general managers when they wax poetic about wanting to extend their relationship. Veldheer, Houston and Jennings all went on and on about wanting to return to the Raiders. Davis, McKenzie and Allen made it sound as if those players were at the top of the to-do list.
As usual, money talks. Veldheer got more to sign with the Arizona Cardinals than the Raiders paid Rodger Saffold to play left offensive tackle, and Houston joined the Chicago Bears without giving the Raiders a second thought.
Fans naturally are up in arms about the Raiders losing Veldheer, Houston and Jennings and the lack of high-profile players walking through the doors at 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway to replace them next season.
Keep in mind that today is but the first day of free agency. The Raiders still have more salary cap room than any other team in the league, and it’s not even close, so McKenzie has the ability to stock the roster with a handful of impact players.
Many of those options got snapped up today. Look for McKenzie to make his move once the initial wave passes and overlooked players surface in the form of bargain-priced free agents that are talented enough to make the Raiders a better team.
The Raiders reportedly are set to meet with Austin Howard, a four-year veteran from the New York Jets who just hit free agency.
Howard, 6-foot-7 and 333 pounds, started all 32 games the past two seasons at guard for the Jets. He is slated to visit the Raiders later this week.


Steve Corkran

  • Raider_Riff

    Field Yates just confirmed it on the Game.

    Apology accepted.

  • And as soon as we go 4-12 this year you will harp on the “neglect of first round picks on the O-line”.

  • marks hair

    I like building to the Lines but this isn’t building….
    this is over paying for a bandaid.. way over paying

  • Raider_Riff

    The agent? You mean his lawyer brother who doesnt have a clue about being a agent?

    Turn your radio on. Another reporter just confirmed what Im telling you.

    Go ahead, keep arguing the world is flat.

  • Raider_Riff

    Al’s deals were back loaded werent they?

  • His lawyer brother played Chris Hanson like a fiddle last week.

  • Charlie

    Reggie is putting resources against the most important unit on the team.
    The Oline.
    You want us to spend our cap space on what?
    How is the money we are spending on the Oline bad business?
    Have you seen what a real playoff Oline looks like compared to what we have?
    The Riaders history is based upon some of the best Olines the game has ever seen. The QB’s were interchangable but the Oline was always one of the best.

  • FourMoreYears

    He won’t answer you. It doesn’t fit his worldview, therefore it doesn’t exist.

  • We wish, then there wouldn’t be dead money hits.
    Back loaded means non-guaranteed salary.

  • marks hair

    so it’s okay to spend it now, but not on our own home developed player s…..

  • FourMoreYears

    new post

  • Saffold and Howard don’t know what a real playoff O-line looks like. They never been on one.
    However recent Raider cuts, Paul McQuistan, Samson Satele and Kevin Boothe do.

  • Raider_Riff

    Ummm….considering JV just took less money to go to AZ than stay here…

    ….it was the lawyer brother that got played.

    But go ahead and keep dodging the subject matter.

    How did I know DMC #’s?

    How did I know what Middlekauf and another reporter is now confirming on the radio?

    More details will come out. I dont know why you are rushing to judgement. You have everything to lose in this debate. And no PFF stat line will save you from it.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Despite me wanting to move on from DMC, it’s good to know he wants to be here. Of course, he’s already made his money but still…

  • NYCRaider

    LOL yeah put todd marinovich in instead of stabler and we would be fine. Replace gannon with Jamarcus and the Raiders wouldn t miss a beat. Your posts are almost as insane as they are repetitive. Move on Charlie who claimed”RM never overpays”

  • RaiderTruth

    And how many Pro bowls did Lamar and JV have?? and you wanted to sign and/or tag both of them…And you dont know the language of the contract. So stop exaggerating.

  • RaiderTruth

    the raiders like Versatility on the line. So to say they overpaid is respective to the end product and who starts. Barnes, Wiz, Saffold, can play 3 positions each. So depth won be a issue…. and the whole injury prone Oline is over blown, they are deeper this year already

  • 0tt0

    who is Al Acrity….is he any good…how much does he want

  • Raider_Riff

    SI is now confirming my accounts.

    You still staying stubborn?

  • pcraider

    Maybe Reg thought it was Austin Powers not Austin Howard’s
    That’s why he ponied up (insert pinkie in corner of mouth)…..
    30 million dollars…..

  • RaiderReloader

    I am sure Saprano wanted them, and if we wanted them over JV and nix its all good.

    I think we will see a WR and vet QB up next, along with some seemingly random to us resigns

  • turf toe

    I could not find one respected NFL watcher who thought RM had a good day. Thanks for being all over this, Kenchun.

  • turf toe

    Charlie sez…Go RIADERS!

  • Dirk Suave

    With this FA period there was an air of opportunity for the Raiders. Reg has messed up on the surface. So far I just don’t see any appearant logic to the moves made so far. Veldheer was a top tier LT. Not easily replaceable. Houston was a diamond out of coal player and they let him go for nothing. If the Raiders aren’t 8-8 or better he needs to be fired. This year was going to be tough enough already with the moves being made by Denver. Maybe Reg is hoping to have one last crappy season and get the #1 pick next year. Then it’d be Winston. But this team isn’t that lucky and another piss poor season will cost him his job.

    We could not afford to have these losses and expect an improved season. Reg needs to nail the S out of this draft. I had high hopes this year. Now not so much. I knew we wouldn’t be playoff worthy but we could’ve challenged at least. Now I expect a 2-14 season. Whoever is the QB won’t have an effective line. DMac won’t have a great season even if he were actually gonna be healthy. The Oline is the most important aspect to offense. It doesn’t matter how good your QB and or RB and WR are if your line sucks. Ask Philip Rivers about it. The Saffold signing screams out like the Dubs Bogut signing without the upside. Right now the line looks like:
    Two of five have injury history. One is a holding machine. Now we are counting on them? This is the Raiders line at least for the next two years. Could it grow to become a decent line? Sure but not as fast as we needed it to be.

    Then there is the draft. So many holes and we have to pray they can lure in Tuck and Woodly. But are they really interested on helping this rebuild? I doubt it. Sure they came to talk… It’s just good business for them. They both have rings so maybe ring chasing isn’t what either wants. Sure would be nice if reg picked his behind up and got some players signed that the fan base could believe in. All three top safeties are off the board and we didn’t even get a visit from one. Guess he wants CWood for one more year. Signed DMac instead of Jennings. I understand this one at least. DMac is banking on himself as well as teams shying away from his history. And it’s apparent to me that this year or next the rookie we drafted last year will play. Reg wanted a stop gap til he is ready. Hope he’s ready now cuz hell probably be the starter after week 5 or 6 once DMac revisits injuryville. With the Oline we’ve signed it looks like Raiders are geared to not take a top lineman in the draft. So now it depends on other teams above us. I think Clowney goes 1. Rams won’t be able to trade down if that happens so they take Robinson at 2. Then it’s Bortles to Jags at 3 and Bridgewater to Browns at 4. That leaves Manziel or Watkins for the Raiders. But watch… Reg is gonna trade down with the Lions so they can take Watkins. Then he drafts someone like Ealy or Mack. But whoever it is he needs to hit on most of there picks regardless of round. We need seven or more picks of coal that turn into diamonds for this year not to suck. And we all know draft history. Those types of drafts don’t happen often even for the best teams.
    Your losing me Reg. But the season hasn’t started so you’ve still got time to make me a believer. But man it sure seems like you’ve dropped the proverbial ball… Leon Lett-like.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    just took a look at cork’s twitter. guy named jim thomas, a rams’ beat writer for the st. louis dispatch, tells cork saffold bench pressed 400 pounds just the other day.

    i think mark told the doc to flunk him. i hope, though, that that doesn’t undercut rm’s ability to bring others here.

    tafur, on twitter, reports that da and rm took tuck and woodley out to dinner tonight–he thinks there’s a good chance to get them by morning

    funny that the rams don’t seem to be pushing fgor saffold to get shoulder surgery. will be interesting to see if he does this off season.

  • Twinkle

    No I’m not a movie buff but I’m still willing to give the man time to do his job.The uproar from the Nation is a little premature imo due to the fact that Reg has been given this season to get the ship floating or else.The Saffold thing was a shame but glad it was corrected by the Doctor and the D signings and Howard must upgrade our attitude in here surely.I hope we don’t have to fire anyone for the sake of continuity and here is an interesting article that more or less mirrors my own feelings toward Reg.
    Enjoy your posts always agree with em sometimes lol


  • Twinkle

    Sorry dude I’ve been on the defensive all damn day and maybe a little shell shocked.