Raiders in a hurry to bolster pass rush


The Raiders are meeting with defensive end Justin Tuck and linebacker LaMarr Woodley on Wednesday as they seek players that can get pressure on the quarterback on a consistent basis.
Coach Dennis Allen and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver are high on players that have the ability to “affect the quarterback.” Tuck and Woodley fit the bill, with the duo combining for 16 sacks last season and 117 1/2 during their NFL careers.
Tuck, who turns 31 in late March, recorded 11 sacks last season, his ninth with the New York Giants. That’s almost twice as many as the six notched by defensive end Lamarr Houston, who bolted the Raiders in free agency Tuesday.
Woodley turns 30 during the 2014 season, which will be his eighth. He spent his first seven seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The Raiders signed offensive linemen Rodger Saffold and Austin Howard and re-signed running back Darren McFadden on Tuesday, the first day of free agency.
Houston, left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer and running back Rashad Jennings signed with other teams after saying all along that they intended to return to the Raiders.


Steve Corkran

  • 1.75 pretty much if he is on the roster week 1, about a million above the vet minimum, which is about what he is worth.

  • Davy Jones

    I’m not butt hurt, I’m truthful: A botched contract negotiation is a botched contract negotiation, and a bad contract to an injury-prone underachiever is a bad contract to an injury-prone underachiever. There are plenty of people on the blog to tell you everything is going great, if that is what you are looking for.

  • JV.

    Line him next to sims and or raji and he’ll do better. If we get antonio smith we might also kick him inside instead of DE.

    I want clemmons.

  • marks hair


  • DMAC

    Isn’t Melton’s game similiar to T Kelly.
    All rush and no stopping the run?

  • IMO, Mathews will be the biggest top 10 bust in the NFL draft this year.

  • Papertiger


  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Nope. Not rated ahead of him in the draft. Not according to PFF.

    Saffold is better.

  • 504 Raider

    They got this year left with me. Make or break.

  • Guest123

    for what they signed for, Reggie should have price matched and not let them say no. We have too many holes to begin with without adding two more key holes to arguably our two most talented players pre-free agency. I hope that Reggie can pull a rabbit out of the hat today and into next week. but losing Houst/Veld stung a bit. Too much lost momentum.

  • DJ Johnny

    If we can land Tuck it would be good. McGinest rated him 3rd best available pass rusher left (for what that’s worth).
    His strength is 3rd down rushing the passer I guess.
    I wonder if we’d had him last yr do we beat Tennessee, the Giants, and Dallas?

    Maybe not Dallas but there were a few games I think where a 3rd down stop here and there wins us games.

  • J Hill

    They have to have some serious cuts coming.

    Where did they get the $ to add Talib AND Ware?

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    Brahs, any of you see that new pick of my girl Miley Cyrus on stage in her undies?

    Total spank shots, get on that asap

    Make you all forget how your free agent dreams have been crushed



    Ok, thanks. I was hoping that he enlisted his brother’s help after he’d agreed in principle, to work out the fine points. Sounds like his family had more influence in this than anybody.

  • Papertiger

    what is tinyurl?

  • Guest123

    Don’t you love the buzz that Reggie likes him?

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Bergs at LG is weak. Think we put Barnes or Saffold (if Watson pans out) there.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    The blog is filled with liars who claim I said things I never did.

    Ur in that group I guess.

  • Ware to the Donkeys.
    Ware on one side and Miller on the other is just cruel.

  • DMAC

    I think so to
    But Reggie and company are high on Bergs
    Said he was coming along before his injury

  • Papertiger

    I just hate the fact that he’s going to probably eat up a roster spot. God, it makes me sick!!

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    It seems steep. But I’m pretty sure Reggie probably loved him when he was drafted and feels he will be an anchor on a strong line.

    We will see if he’s worth it.

  • FourMoreYears

    Wouldn’t have mattered if he was tagged.

  • Papertiger

    Hopefully, Miller’s washed up.

  • Nwr8r

    Ware signed with Denver

  • Return

    No don’t flip this. I don’t have any source as to the yea or nay. I’ve seen official reports from the Veldheer camp in terms of tweets (they could well be bogus but no one in the media has said they are) that says RM lowballed him. I’ve seen and heard it via sports media from some reporters that he was lowballed.

    What I have not seen is anybody in the media report here is 9 million- I want ten- temper tantrum to follow.

    Riff might know a player or two (maybe Reece) but he isn’t close to the organization at all. Don’t be so gullible.

  • DMAC

    Miller’s not the same w/ out the juice

  • Ron69

    Let’s get one thing straight, the Howard signing means Watson won’t be RT any time soon, which leaves only the LT spot for him.
    Many people predicting OL don’t have Watson at LT, let me tell you something he was drafted to play there, he was a pretty good LT prospect who every one tought was going to be RT here because Veldheer.
    I’m not saying he is the LT savior or is a lock to start, but you have to give him a chance.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Maybe. Could be Robinson or Lewan or maybe we don’t draft an OT at all and Watson is the guy.

    Makes the versatile Saffold and Barnes more valuable in case Watson fails.

    But I feel Watson could be stellar.

  • DMAC

    Did the Donks cut Egg Head or what the f#ck?
    How the f#ck are they landing all these players?

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Looks like in FA going strong on power scheme not Bergs game. I do not think he makes it out of camp.

  • Raider_Riff

    Reggie did price match.

    Actually, he offered more to Veldy cause he thought AZ was offering $8+

    I dont know what the exact numbers for Lamar was, but I know we tried and he wanted to stay. But Lamar went for the better money.

    Bears overpaid for Lamar. I think it’s safe to say that.

  • FourMoreYears

    “Don’t give me that same old sheet about 3 to 5 year plans and slow building.”

    “Could be more. Who knows.”

    This statement doesn’t bother you?

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    Yeah. I was so ready to move on.

    But he is talented of course and maybe he can be a good third down back.

    I just hope they get a true feature back.

  • Raider-Fan-inKC

    Agreed, he was brought in as a project player, and he’s being coached by a damn good o-line coach. Watson has raw talent we should see if he transitioned into the potential the coaches saw in his limited time in college.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    He has the tools to be great.

  • Raider-Fan-inKC

    They had like 30 mil in cap space, all this spending will come back to hurt them when they have to rebuild after Manning retires.

  • DMAC

    Best coaches on this staff are Soprano and April. IMO
    Hard to argue that one.

  • Raider_Riff

    2-14 and also 7 pro bowlers.

    They had a LOT of talent.

    Not even close to the situation we were in. Im not saying Reggie isnt a fool, Im just correcting you where you are wrong about KC.

    Reggie fcked up when he fired Hue. It’s been all mistakes from there.

    He could have easily used Hue as a resource to get a head start on knowing which players needed to be cut.

    Instead he fired Hue and everyone else, hired his Brother, and wasted 2012 on those evaluations himself.

  • DMAC

    30 mil?
    I sure hope so

  • Raider_Riff

    nope. Good to have you back.

    Life is good. I proposed to my chic last night. Flew her out of town for work today. Got the house to myself. Life is good.

  • Return

    Riff look, you are not an insider. That’s pretty obvious. You might get a tidbit of gossip here and there but that’s all it is. Gossip. Once in a great while you actually might report something true.

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    I meant “could be more wins”.

    I’m being restrained and reasonable.

  • frustrated raider fan

    we paid saffold more than any lineman except Albert, how does a team with no playmakers pay a guard $8M?

  • Raider-Fan-inKC

    Their “window of opportunity” of a SB is waning cause of their secondary defense seen as the hands of Seattle, They want to mortgage their cash on DBs and pass rushers now so and pay for it later.


    Our pass rush was sorely lacking up the middle last year. The mistake we made in past years was having have two guys in there that just want to rush the passer. You can’t ignore pressure up the middle because if you do all the QB has to do is step up and let the ends get pushed right on by. A DT that can push the pocket is essential if you want to affect the QB in a meaningful way.

  • DMAC

    Broncos agreed to terms with DE DeMarcus Ware, formerly of the Cowboys, on a three-year, $30 million contract.

    Related: Cowboys

    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

  • Raider_Riff

    Rod Woodson is on the Game right now. Good stuff.

    Thinks it’s nearly impossible to get FA’s here due to lame duck GM/HC situation.

    Welcome to the last decade. Thanks Ron Wolf. Dik.


    if mark davis doesn’t have the balls to put his foot down if this fiasco doesn’t work out……….imo he needs to sell the team to an owner that knows what he’s doing by having a hierarchy of front office executives that produces a “checks & balances” system if you will like many other well run franchises do (i.e president and VP of football operations, GM, etc.)…..imo mark has none of that in place and has given reggie unequivocal power as if reggie was al davis himself…….people that is where the problem lies!!!!……..you have the blind (mark) leading the blind ….NUFF said……i mean for gawds sake, mark is still giving the the cash strapped city of oakland another year to pony up cash for a stadium with a team that with the little foundation they had completely lost in one day……tell me people how this will improve ticket sales, morale, fan base and ultimately a struggling city to pony up enough cash………bets case scenario for me …….mark sells the team to a competent owner, who puts his foot down like al used to do and relocate if necessary and hire hire front office personal accordingly

  • PrettyRick

    I’m surprised we haven’t signed BJ Raji yet,,, you know we’re going to snag somebody off the GreenBay tree and I wouldn’t mind that one. If We’re going to continue the trend of signing injured players than I’d definitely make a move for Brandon Spikes as well.