Saffold fails physical _ Raiders deal off


Offensive lineman Rodger Saffold, who agreed to terms on a five-year contract worth a maximum of $42.5, failed his physical and won’t be joining the Raiders, the club announced Wednesday evening.

It’s a setback for general manager Reggie McKenzie, who focused on the Rams tackle and guard, allowing incumbent left tackle Jared Veldheer to get away to the Arizona Cardinals for less money than he offered Saffold.
Saffold has not played a full season due to injuries since his rookie season in 2010, with issues including a torn pectoral muscle and a knee injury.
Saffold missed several games early last season because of a medial collateral ligament injury. Coincidentally, former Raiders draft pick Joseph Barksdale filled in for Saffold while he was injured.
Over his career, Saffold suffered head, pectoral, knee and shoulder injuries, among others.
The Raiders did confirm the signing of right tackle Austin Howard, who played last season for the New York Jets.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Tomas

    Signing Incognito would be awesome. He’s not a bully (except on the field) like the media is stating. Instead he was trying to get a soft cry baby to play like an NFL player

  • Chuck

    I would be on board if I didn’t think signing Steve Smith made getting Sammy Watkins less likely.

  • Tomas

    Barnes can play LT, I think we trade out of 5 and get a LT in the draft to go with Watson.

  • turf toe

    And no reason for it, either.

  • inonewordraider

    tuck wilfork hatcher allen
    moore roach Woodley
    Jenkins Porter
    branch woodson
    Watson incognito wiz briesel howard
    smith Watkins
    dmac reece

  • SharksA’sRaiders

    Yup! McGloin got rid of the ball most of the time long before he could be sacked. Pryor turned our offense into a game of tag.

  • Raider_Riff

    that’s more likely than you think

  • J Hill

    Porter signed with the Redskins, thankfully.

  • Raider_Riff

    Bridewater will not work out in the NFL IMO.

  • RediaR

    I think it equals protests, many 2 yard runs, McGloin starting 14 games and Incognito being cut midseason.

  • inonewordraider

    the squad is doable, yes it’d be an older squad, but the oldest guys are hall of fame candidates (allen wilfork smith) and they still have 3 years left in them which means three more drafts to find replacements

  • PlunkforHOF

    If Richie signs, how could you not believe Riff has an in? I for one trust Riff already.

  • 8raiderreign8

    He’s gonna draft one

  • Ronin559

    I am a bit of a Reggie apologist, but I think this Tuck signing is just OK.The contract is resonable but I would not say it is a good signing just based off his age. I thought Reggie was going to get away from the big name players and pick up good ones. I thought he was going to build the team for the long haul and that is why he had to clean house.

  • Ronin559

    But why not go after the younger guys who will be in their prime in 3 years? Guys like Bennett, McDaniel, Johnson, Houston, and Veldheer? Then you can take the best players with the draft picks and go for playmakers instead of filling holes.

  • Ronin559

    Wilfork and Hatcher would be nice, but I wouldnt say we’er set. That is a good starting lineup, but there is no depth to the team.

  • A lot better than over paying for Rodger Saffold

  • Finally, peoples diaper gets changed.

  • nolimits3333

    Because Reggie is not very smart.

  • nolimits3333

    Reggie is an idiot.