Coach Allen attends Bridgewater’s pro day Monday, meets with top prospect


It’s no secret that the Raiders are in need of a long-term solution at quarterback. On Monday, coach Dennis Allen attended the pro day workout of Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater in an attempt to gauge whether Bridgewater might be the answer.
Bridgewater is one of a handful of quarterbacks considered potential first-round picks in the NFL draft in May. Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr are other options.
The Raiders hold the rights to the No. 5 pick, and they should have a shot of at least one of the aforementioned quarterbacks.
Several analysts in attendance at Bridgewater’s workout Monday came away less than impressed. That didn’t prevent Allen from meeting with Bridgewater soon after the session concluded.
As of now, the Raiders have three quarterbacks on their roster – Trent Edwards, Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin. Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie have made it clear that they aren’t convinced that their starting quarterback for 2014 is on the roster right now.
Bridgewater is projected by some as the first quarterback drafted, if not No. 1 overall.


Steve Corkran

  • Chino

    Jets fans are bitc hin nonstop. Their gm has made one move

  • Chino

    @PackerReport: Was always amazed how Rodgers could throw a 0-yard pass and Jones would always gain 6 on it. Practically easiest yards in football. #Packers

    How many of those did you see last year with the raiders

  • Chino

    Still sticking with 7

  • Howard Benner

    I’ve watched FIVE ENTIRE GAMES he has played in. . .live. . .

    I was tuned into the S. Carolina & Louisville games, checking in on “the Clown” & Bridgewater, respectively. . .

    In both contests (I think I’ve posted this testimonial over a dozen times. . .) he jumped off the screen. He is big, athletic, competative, aware (against SMU he was rolling FULL SPEED to his left on a third & nine play; he had a LB forcing from the edge & looked BEHIND himself to detect backside pressure. . .then made a little move to influence BOTH players & completed the ball for a first down. . .on a slippery, below freezing field. . .I’ve NEVER seen that before. . .very impressive. . .

    His comeback against Losuiville, down by 21? He just willed his team to get back in & subsequently take over the game. he kept making plays with both his arm & lags, completely outclassing the ‘ville defense.

    Against S. Carolina he looked like the football equivalent to “Rocky;” the chips were down against a vastly superior team. He did throw one pick in that game but it was an effort where seemingly ran out of time. .

    Don’t make assumptions like “only watching highlight” plays. . .

    He overcame his two picks against Baylor. . .didn;t let them effect his play. . displayed toughness by running with authority for 93 yds. . .oh, I know; for you to mention that would be an admission to his toughness. he practically encourages the opposition to TRY to hit him. He relishes contact. That goes far in the leadership aspect of a QB. . .he possesses the “it” factor & is a clutch performer. . .even if you “don’t like him” or can’t see it for yourself. . .

  • kenchun24

    Well, I don’t value Reggie and Allen’s player evaluation acumen.

  • kenchun24

    Absofrigginlutely agree with this synopsis and grade for Reggie’s big 2014 Raiders Rebuild start we were all looking forward to. Meh – “D+” – ocre

  • Howard Benner

    Again, I implore you to watch the entire games against S. Carolina & Louisville.

    I do believe you are subjectively putting more importance on the two picks against S. Carolina. on the first he does misread the coverage & on the second he should have put air on the ball instead of straight lining it.

    However, you don;t mention his ball handling when combined with his mobility makes the defense play him more honest. he has fantastic ballhandling skills & this enables him to be more effective on the underneath routes. He buys time for his receivers 7 creates space for them to operate.

    He reads the defense well. He takes what he is given. Even when he does throw a pick this doesn’t impact his game. He just rolls on. . .

    His receiver (the guy that made the one handed catch of the year) drops a wide open ball on a play in which Bortles is flattened just as he is releasing the ball. . .unflappable, he doesn’t admonish his receiver for dropping the ball.

    How about the two fine intermediate throws he makes, one aided by a downfield block for a 73 yard score & the other 79 yards to set up a TD throw on thevery next play. . .nah, of course you would fail to mention that. . .

    did you notice the amount of times his receivers ran wrong routes? of course you would fail to mention that. It would be a disservice to your opinion.

    Onto the ‘Ville game. . .national television, undefeated Louisville. His team is underperformong & ‘Bridge leads his team to a 21 point lead. Bortles again just takes what he is given, UCF’s running game comes to life I they tie the game up. After they kick the go ahead field goal ‘Bridge leads the Cardinals down the field for the go ahead TD.

    Game over? nah. . .Bortles calmly leads UCF down the field, throwing on all but one play. . .making the proper read, cooly in the face of adversity, he rolls out to his right & opportunely finds his receiver for the winning score.

    The Bowl game win against a heavily favored Baylor team, playing close to their Texas home?

    Again, the two picks don’t effect Bortles @ all; water dripping down a duck’s back. he runs (93 yards, many times running OVER defenders. . .he’s practically begging for contact. Sound like your typical QB?) & throws his team to convincing win, doubling up the HEAVILY favored Baylor Bears. Petty looked like a shell shocked minor leaguer in comparison. . .

    You may have something against Bortles but you MUST possess a more objective outlook when evaluating talekt. I like his game, his makeup, his approach & his skill set. His ballhandling skills would mesh very well in a run first, play action, roll out attack. That aspect of his game reminds me of Brett Favre. His moxie & running ability remind me of John Elway after he lost some zip. He’s a gamer; unflappable, smart, charisamatic, cool. . .just what you want in a franchise QB. . .he’s not always pretty but invariably effective. . .

    Now go OBJECTIVELY watch some football. it’s all there in “YouTube. . .”

  • Depcharger

    dont know, but i know there were a lot of mcfadden up the middle for 0 yards.

  • Depcharger

    its better to have 2 good WRs. streater, moore, holmes, ford are all backups.

  • brad


  • brad

    D.Moore has the heart of a off and on Jacoby Ford he needs to see the Wizard LMAO!