ESPN reports Jones to Raiders


The Raiders added a productive veteran to their wide receiving corps Monday with the addition of James Jones, who caught 59 passes for 817 yards last season for the Green Bay Packers.

ESPN first the signing.

Jones, 29, played seven seasons for Green Bay, catching 310 passes for 4,305 yards and and 37 touchdowns as a target for both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

A third-round draft pick out of San Jose State in 2007, Jones was selected by the Packers when general manager Reggie McKenzie worked in the personnel department.

Two seasons ago, James had a career-best 14 touchdown receptions. Twenty-nine of Jones’ 46 career starts have come in the last two seasons.

He joins a group of wide receivers with precious little experience, as second-year player Rod Streater led the Raiders in receptions (60) and yards receiving (888), with undrafted free agent Andre Holmes ending the season as the second starter.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Chino

    Haven’t heard a player bad mouth Al

  • _Mista_

    Boothe & Jones!

    Nice job Freckles, had you tagged JV we would be looking good but I like where were going.

    Resign Woodson, find a LT and a QB.

  • JOn Wooah

    Pauline ‏@TonyPauline
    Mar 12

    I’m told even if the New York Jets sign receiver Eric Decker in the coming days they will continue to pursue James Jones…

    Sorry Tony.

  • _Mista_

    Tuck & Woodley means no J Allen.

  • Walker Bennett

    Don’t remind me of Crockett. Too soon.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Personnel-wise, I won’t recognize this team next year! Hope it’s a good thing!

  • severeraiderz

    Im not sold on Woodson coming back id rather have Ryan Clark at this point

  • scinfidel

    Best signing of the Free Agency period, by far!!

  • Walker Bennett

    better than last year where I pretended not to recognize the team

  • JOn Wooah

    12 years of losing and u need to ask? lol

  • Only one nation ! Love how the rest of the teams started copying us

  • _Mista_

    Wood has 1 more left in him let him play it out in Oakland.

  • JV.

    With syrup bottles in hand.

  • SaintKaufman

    Well, if we keep adding we can kick Barnes, McCants or even Watson inside. With Watsons athleticism he could be a very good guard. We’ll see.

  • RaiderGuy50

    Agree and he’s Over rated, IMHO

  • Walker Bennett

    Seahawks and Giants have shown us you can never have enough pass rushers. Especially if Hayden and Brown are the plan at CB

  • scooboy

    Clark can’t play in Denver tho remember

  • Still hate he wore a nasty oiler helmet

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I do remember the handle. Don’t remember you raising my hackles.

  • Chino

    I wanna hear you guys publicly apologize for all the reggie hating

  • PlunkforHOF


  • Walker Bennett

    Woodson is the leader this D sorely needs

  • RaiderGuy50

    Sorry – Man

  • Chino

    2-3 year deals means we probably get to buy their jerseys and not regret it

  • _Mista_

    Too many other needs.
    You think Allen, Woodley or Tuck is going to be a backup ?


  • Hotep Down

    i don’t hate but if i did i probably would appolagize very well until he rebuilt my line

  • Walker Bennett

    Still gotta prove me wrong in the draft before I apologize. That’s where teams are truly built

  • JV.

    On that train as well.

  • RaiderGuy50

    Agree, plus the extra year of veteran leadership for the secondary is a good thing.

  • DanfromVegas

    New Post

  • Walker Bennett

    It’s called rotation bro. Woodley’s odd man out. Don’t trust him to set the run against 300 pounders every play. He’s the weak link right now.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    Curious, what happens if the team Reggie McKennzie is building actually competes and puts up a winning season… Not 8-8, but an actual winning season?

    I’m wondering how the chaps that’ve been calling for his head will feel. Hopefully as Raiders fans happy, but I wonder… Salotta hatred directed his way…

  • It says fans complain a lot, yet still follow the team and should be glad theyve actually signed some decent players.

  • Gdog

    Uhh, he has had a few nice signings. Not punching my playoff ticket quite yet… are YOU?

  • _Mista_

    Eat shet.
    He deserved it 100%.
    I give him credit for getting things done but we dont have a LT on the roster. Woodson needs to be signed or replaced. We need a Qb.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Don’t see that happening. These r solid signings but they aren’t part of the bigger plan. And we have a brutal schedule plus one FCKING game in England this year.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    No, I’m not punching your playoff ticket, either.

  • _Mista_

    Woodley will be a 3rd down rusher lining up at LB or DE.

    My guess.

  • RaiderGuy50

    Agree- that’s why at #5 i think we get the best available pass rusher ( not Clowney) if available or play maker (watkins)

  • scinfidel

    The bulk of our ire is from the previous blown calls; Flynn, CP, DJ Hayden, JV, LH etc. He has $65M to spend, it’d be hard to completely choke with that kind of bankroll behind you

  • Just Win Baby

    You pretty much need a starter to back him up at his age.

  • Gdog

    Holy crap.. I will be the first to donate for a statue of Reggie if front of the HOT if he makes the playoffs next season.

    Get real dude… nobody is HOPING he fails. Just looking obvious he will. One nice signing doesn’t change that.

    The Sycophants are acting like he just signed Aaron Rodgers or something..

  • Check the pizza before you eat it

  • TrevJo

    current O starters?
    QB McGloin (meh)
    HB McFadden (meh)
    FB Reece (like it)
    LT Watson (meh)
    LG Booth (like it)
    C Wiz (like it)
    RG Brisiel (decent)
    RT Howard (like it)
    TE Ausberry (meh)
    WR Jones, Streater (decent)

    current O backups?
    QB Pryor (meh)
    HB Murray, Sheets (decent)
    FB Olawale (decent)
    LT Barnes (meh)
    LG Barnes? (decent)
    C ?
    RG Bergstrom (meh)
    RT McCants (decent)
    TE Rivera (decent)
    WR Holmes, Moore, Butler (decent)

  • R8erEduc8er

    All 5 of those personnel moves made sense imo. No gm is perfect.

  • Eldiabs

    Yeah fans for decades should just be happy with the “effort” I wonder what Al would have thought about that

  • R8erEduc8er

    Folks said deconstruction was the easy part. I said it was the hard part, because RM had to take all the criticism for doing something that was necessary.

    Folks said having $67 mil in cap space and “filling out the roster” was the hard part. Nope, I said have all that money in cap space was the fun part as a GM.

    I stand by what I said.

  • Gdog

    Boothe sucked at center for the most part, but looks like a decent guard. Another nice signing!

  • This is loyalty signing, he needs to retire with us, then coaching staff , class act!

  • RaiderReloader

    Not yet, but lynch mobs are for season end, not the start.

    I don’t think there is any need to disrespect the man like some have done here. He took over the worst GM job in NFL history, no team has ever sunk to the depths of the raiders the 10 years before the job opening.

    Lets give him this year to prove what he can do