Fox reports Boothe visiting Raiders


Kevin Boothe, an eight-year veteran who started his career as a rookie starting guard with the Raiders, is visiting the facility in Alameda, according to a Fox Sports report.

Boothe, 30, has 62 NFL starts, including all 32 games the past two seasons with the New York Giants. Boothe started 14 games as a rookie sixth-round draft pick out of Cornell under Art Shell in 2006, but was cut the following season when the Raiders switched from a power and gap scheme to a zone scheme under Lane Kiffin and line coach Tom Cable.

Oakland’s offseason moves have zeroed in on tackles, with Austin Howard signing and Donald Penn visiting. Boothe would provide competition inside for right guard Mike Brisiel and left guard Khalif Barnes.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • rudegruden

    The 4 year to get back where we started plan. 8-8

  • SaintKaufman


  • SilverandBlack666

    I missed him.

  • Guest123

    but we miss Matt Schaub?

  • RaidO

    Reggie is dumpster diving. As expected

  • gurneyhallack

    Sign MACK to large contract guaranteed first 3 years to make it cap friendly to sign our future studs later on. Draft picks for Schaub would not be smart but I would pay him an average salary since we do have enough cap room this year.

  • IAmAlwaysWrong

    i’m glad the Saffold deal never happened. that was horrific. not glad to have a meddlesome owner, but when your GM is dumber than dirt, somebody has to step in and hold him accountable !!

  • Guest123

    the reverse rollover plan?

  • FourMoreYears

    He probably missed you too. If he threw it in your direction anyway.

  • Chino

    @RaidersBeat: Mike Jenkins visiting the Buccaneers today, #Raiders may well lose him. Grew up in Bradenton, college career in FL as well.

  • FourMoreYears

    new post

  • Gdog


    Ariz went from 31st to 15th in passing TDs; while Oak went from 13th to 29th.

  • DJ Johnny

    They did upgrade and get better and better over time till as Reggie says “We didn’t get over the hump until we brought in a guy by the name of Reggie White”. At the time it was the biggest free agent deal in the history of the league.
    Reggie wasn’t there for the beginning stages of being one of the worst in the league. They were already very good.

  • Guest123

    what does it say about the coach to work for such an idiot GM? who’s dumb and who’s dumber?

  • Blackholepriest

    You know it, it’s what he does best. And they told us it was because he had no cap space…….lol

  • Return

    Your analysis is spot on except RM is not part of “they”. MD had to step in and save RM from himself otherwise we’d have Flynn part Deux.

  • DJ Johnny

    Why “slowly” make incremental upgrades if you can get better MUCH quicker? With the most cap space in history and a top 5 pick and a full draft, the opportunity WAS there to significantly get better THIS YEAR. It’s already been TWO YEARS.
    No reason to be slow just for the sake of being slow.

  • Tyler Angelica Miller

    Is it true we have 57 million still to spend on our cap…..?

  • Return

    Yes, MD killed it, Not RM. Saffold confirms that. Said “Dr Davis killed it.”

  • SilverandBlack666

    We went from the 8th best passing game in the league to dead last and you still say Carson Palmer was not missed.

    He was missed exactly like I said he would be. Once Reggie shipped him out of town that there was no viable replacement Flynn can not do the job…..and by week 9 we were dead last in the league in passing all because our GM wanted to save 3 million dollars.


  • RaiderGuy50

    Nice link- It outlines a plan which can be in question. I also heard on 97.5 the game that these FA agent contracts are written up to front load the cap charges/hit so not to pile up as huge cap hits at the end of the contracts. This will help for the future.

  • SilverandBlack666

    On kickers and punters maybe…

  • Chino

    You called it JFB
    @AlbertBreer: Texting w/a coach who’s at Pro Day, said Bridgewater’s “overall control of the ball” was troublesome. Wondered why he didn’t wear a glove.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    What about those of us that loved Davis for what he’d created, hated what his age/ego did to the team recently, and want to see a normalcy brought to the organization?

    Or does your objectivity include having the longest tenured coach since Gruden’s four year span to be three years? I for one, am tired of the turnover. Every new coach wants a year to evaluate, then a year of cutting the fat, then a year of rebuilding, then they’re gone. NEXT, then repeat if they even get the three years.

    I just want desperately to see the Raiders back in contention.

  • Davy Jones

    Only Reggie fans know which year of the four year plan we are in, and they aren’t telling.

  • Charlie

    You continue to skip the fact that only three of Reggie’s picks were in rounds 1-3 and he had to scramble to get the second rounder. I think he did well with Burris, Hayden, Moore and Watson and Rivera.
    Injuries do a play a part in the NFL and sadly those injuries hampered Burris, Watson and Hayden.
    Just think, they may play well next year.
    Maybe, just maybe, that is why Mark is using an independent Stanford medical team to evaluate any prospects that we bring in to the Raiders.
    Maybe, just maybe the disasters of guys like Seymour and Curry have us changing our talent evaluation protocol and fortunately avoid that problem with Saffold.
    Maybe. just maybe, Veldheer’s injury and caused us to lower our offer to him.
    You can choose to wallow in your own delusional negativity as we get better and make process improvements to sign players to financially responsible contracts.
    Perhaps some day you will realize that what we did from 2003-2011 did not work out very well yet you seem to want us to make the same mistakes of the past.
    What are you going to complain about when we start to win and Reggie and DA are here to over see it?

  • Return

    There is a lot to be said about moving slowly and deliberately. Great strategy but only if you are consistently right. RM has been consistently wrong. Being wrong more often than not just means your are slow – as in thick.

    As far as low risk that went completely out the window with drafting Hayden and Watson and letting JV and LH walk.

  • Davy Jones

    I did love Al, so I guess I fall into the latter category. But I prefer to think of it this way: During the Davis era, I found myself arguing in favor of what I knew were questionable decisions- because it was Al. And even though I’m rooting for Reggie, I’m not doing that one for anyone ever again. At least until they win a SB. So when Reggie takes a dump on the LT position, I’m going to say he took a dump on the LT position, not come up with reasons why Veldheer is suddenly sucky.

  • Davy Jones

    It’s a joke alright, but the joke is on us.

  • Davy Jones

    Moore? Which Moore you talking bout?

  • Return

    RM is the one who started the walking wounded strategy. It was doomed from the beginning. We told YOU about the futility of getting the wounded scrubs. Now you are trying to hijack it as something you and RM have always promoted.

  • Davy Jones

    Because DENARIUS Moore was drafted by Al Davis.

  • JLofty

    Toddler hands…

  • Alex7

    Sio. The All-Rookie team linebacker.

  • Davy Jones

    Oh right. Cheerfully withdrawn.

  • ZeTotalPackage

    Robinson looks good, any reason to favor him over Matthews?

  • kuhlest

    do you think Mack is still in play with our recent additions?

  • Kevin Martin

    Palmer doesn’t miss us, though. He had no intention of returning to us. Just like he wanted out of Cincy, he wanted out of Oakland. I doubt there was anything we could do short of (probably) doubling his contract, to make him stay. I really do wish he wanted to return, and put his 100% into it…but our O-Line wasn’t great, and our receivers kept dropping passes (his INT’s were also “partly” on the receivers). People should quit whining over losing him.

    He. Doesn’t. Miss. Us.

  • mikeschoice

    All you reggie haters will be licking his ball sack when this is done.
    Thanking Madden

  • elpolloloco

    wonder if reggie has ever met up with billy beane and picked his brain on statistical analysis… im sure he could translate some perspective to the nfl