GM Reggie McKenzie on free agency


Caught up with Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie following San Jose State’s pro day Thursday. Topics included the Raiders progress in free agency, his thoughts on the Rodger Saffold deal falling through, the departures of Jared Veldheer and Lamar Houston and the future of the quarterback position in Oakland. A transcription of McKenzie’s first interview since the start of free agency:

Q: You’ve concentrated your efforts on picking up a lot of players between 29 and 31 years old who have experience playing in big games. How would you assess how free agency has gone so far?

McKenzie: You can’t assess it until the end of the season, to be honest with you and what we’re trying to do is add some veteran leadership. Guys who have some production, and just make sure we upgrade this team. And that’s the bottom line, trying to upgrade the team through production and the leadership. We’ve got some young guys on this team and we want to try and get that good mix, try to build. Hopefully building up front will help.

Q: Do you feel you have a good head start on that process?

McKenzie: We definitely got a head start. Instead of waiting until the draft, or later in this offseason, if you have an opportunity to get a guy, try to go after him and then you’re hopeful that you can land some of these guys. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can.

Q: How much of a setback was losing the Saffold deal and letting Veldheer get away? The outside perception is that t his was a big blunder for the Raiders . . .

McKenzie: No, no. That stuff happens. I’ve been in situations before where guys fail physicals. That’s the way it is. Now, we would have loved to have kept all of our guys that we lost, but it’s their decision whether to go or to stay and it was unfortunate that their decision was to leave. You have to respect that.

Q: There were reports that it was Mark Davis that pulled out of the Saffold deal . . .

McKenzie: Our medical people make that call and we go by what our medical people say. We made that decision based on that.

Q: Another term associated with that deal was `buyer’s remorse,’ that the you thought better of bringing in Saffold at that price . . .

McKenzie: Oh, no. Noooo. There’s a good reason why I really don’t spend a whole lot of time _ no disrespect _ reading a whole lot (about the Raiders). I get fed a whole lot of information about what’s going on. But I do know that we listen to our medical people and a risk is a risk, and that’s the bottom line. That’s what we go with and that’s what we go with, we make our decision that way.

Q: Andrew Brandt of ESPN, who you worked with in Green Bay, said having a player failing a physical in one place and passing it in another is really not all that unusual . . .

McKenzie: It happens all the time. We pass guys that other teams fail. It just depends on the nature of it and if their medical people see something different. Sometimes we may pass one of our own because we know all the stuff that he went through versus another team may not pass our guy. That will always happen. Always.

Q: But you had it within your grasp to keep Veldheer or Houston if you wanted to and you didn’t use the franchise tag . . .

McKenzie: No, that was not an issue there. You talk about, you can try and place a value on the franchise tag, I want to keep these guys for more than one year. I didn’t want to rent ‘em for a year. That’s not the way we do it. The key is if the players want to be here. If they don’t want to be here, we have to move on.

Q: You’ve addressed this before, but there’s the perception that Veldheer and Houston weren’t `Reggie’s guys,’ that they weren’t drafted by you . . .

McKenzie: Oh, no. That has zero to do with it. I’d love to have those guys. I don’t care who drafts them, it really doesn’t matter expect. All that matters is their production on the field, that determines whether they come or go. And those two guys, they were good, solid players for us. That’s why we wanted them to stay. But they got their opportunity and they took it.

Q: At the end of the season, you sounded a little pessimistic about McFadden returning, saying he was going to test the market _ which I guess he did _ were you pleasantly surprised he would come back?

McKenzie: We had no clue how the other teams thought. Was he going to get a long-term contract? Did he even want a long-term contract? If they were going to go after him, how were they going to go about it? What kind of contract were they going to give him? I think we were very competitive that way and it helps that he wanted to be here. That’s why he’s here.

Q: Do you think you know at this moment who your quarterback will be in 2014?

McKenzie: Do I have an idea? I have a really good idea. Do you want me to tell you?

Q: Of course . . . but you have to have to have options, because it’s got to be someone who wants to be here or can be here . . .

McKenzie: The bottom line still is the guy’s got to come I and compete, show the team, his teammates, the staff, that he can do it. There’s always going to be competition. I hope it’s strong competition. But at the end of the day, I have a good idea.

Q: Donald Penn put out on Twitter today he is a Raider _ I don’t know if Raiders have confirmed but assume you will today . . . .

McKenzie: I know as of last night and early this morning, he was going over everything with his agent. When I left it was on its way to being done. I’m sure we’re close to having everything agreed to. Hopefully it’s a done deal. Outside of I haven’t seen the signature yet, that’s the only thing I’m waiting on.

Q: How beneficial to have a guy with that kind of durability and pedigree for a guy like Menelik Watson to learn from?

McKenzie: All these guys. A guy like James Jones, we’ve got a young receiving corps. And James Jones will do wonders for that group. The O-line. We’ve got some young guys. We added some veteran guys and hopefully the right type of guys that are guys can see and learn from. That’s what it’s about. We have Wiz and Khalif, to me we needed more, and hopefully, at all those positions, our young guys can learn from the veterans that we brought in, and the veterans that have been here. They all need to jell together.

Q: That part of it gets tricky . . . the top teams view free agency to fill a couple of holes and build from within. That’s the way I assume you want to do it as well _ but you’re going to rely on a lot of new faces again . . .

McKenzie: I think it helps if you have the right type of guys. I really do. If you have the right type of guys, that type of transition won’t be as difficult as some would think.

Q: Did you hear the San Jose State fan begging you to draft David Fales?

McKenzie: Yeah, I heard that (laughs).

Q: What did you see from him today that you liked?

McKenzie: I thought he had a good day. I the quarterback coach, Terry Shea, put him through just about every possible situation, every possible throw that he would have to make and what he displayed is he can make all the throws. I thought he did a good job showing himself. A lot of scouts were here to see it. It was good for him, good for him.

Q: Is (quarterback coach and former SJSU offensive coordinator) John DeFilippo pushing you to draft him?

McKenzie: He definitely knows the guy very well. We spent time with him at the Senior Bowl and we know him pretty well. But we’ve got good handle on the kid and I just wanted to make sure I got a chance to see him in front of his own, and in his own setting.

Q: Dennis Allen has been in Louisville watching Teddy Bridgewater and in Florida watching Blake Bortles. Is Manziel next up for Allen?

McKenzie: Yeah, Manziel is next and we’ve got Carr tomorrow.

Q: Are you going to Stanford or see Carr?

McKenzie: I’ll probably go see Carr.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Gdog

    MM at Pitts is a perfect fit… kinda watching that one… Stevie Brown.

    Wait.. are we suppose to say solid for OUR team??

  • 0ak R8rs

    No. Just solid period.

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    If I didn’t take that one someone else would have. Lol.

  • Marley Bob

    I’m thinking Woodley may shift to the Left side on passing downs since Tuck used to rush from the inside in the NYG’s Rushing packages…..Clowney comes in from the Right side, would be great to get him….maybe Mack, but I’m not as high on him.

  • DJ Johnny

    Penn at WR makes more sense since he has a couple td catches to his credit.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    You oughta see me. Though, as a teenager, I looked like the stereotypical white Jesus and went out on Halloween as such. Got Arrested and was hitchhiking home from the San Gabriel Sherriffs station at 6 AM the following morning, Sunday, of course, up Rosemead Blvd in the fog. White robe, red sash, longhair, bearded Jesus appearing out of the fog to churchgoers who, for whatever reason, didn’t stop to give me a lift..

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  • DJ Johnny

    Veldheer was solid. Houston was good. Mitchell as it turns out. Ummm. I might need some time.

  • Marley Bob

    Still baffled by our strategy of pouring nearly 40 million dollars into the 2014 season alone, as we know most deals we signed only have guaranteed money for next season, if things don’to go well, we might be back to square one next off-season.
    How can you build a long-term contender if you keep overhauling the roster every year?.
    I guess we shall see
    QB remains the biggest decision left to be made by Regg, stupid NFL moving back the draft, hated the wait as it was before, now this….

  • Scourge of the East

    Well, keep up the butt watching! Someone has to do it!

  • Blackholepriest

    This is very disappointing to me. I see two things.

    1 a nonchalant approach to our players not wanting to be here.

    2. The fact that two up and coming young players decided they don’t like the experience here. Which really gives me pause!

    This us a real problem because it’s a reoccurring theme. Why do players not just any players your best players wasn’t to leave every year? From Palmer to Lamarr Houston. This is a serious red flag. Because I think if they really thought well of Reggie and DA this wouldn’t be happening at the rate that it is.

    I know I know, they weren’t worth keeping. It’s t he same garbage you all keep telling me. If that’s the case then why is he even attempting to keep them. They’re turning HIM DOWN.


    You all can gloss. Over it but I see it as a real bad sign……….period

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    @MoveTheSticks: RT @KeeptalkTruth: Bridgwater will go top 10 for sure.> He’s my top QB but I can’t find one exec to agree with your statement.

    So reggie is trading back

  • LondonAl

    True it looks as if if Reggie did little to keep them both here but you don’t mention the dollars. Players love dollars more than most things.

  • Pre Bone

    Veldheer’s mom tweeted out that Reggie didn’t offer anywhere near the Saffold deal, which makes sense considering it would have been the highest dollar amount for a tackle this off season, higher than the Ravens paid for Eugene Monroe…Reggie really outed himself there. Who the hell did the Raiders have doing contract negotiations?!

  • really? do you actually expect Reggie to get on his knees and cry for mercy cuz veldheer wouldn’t resign? did you expect him to admit to unconfirmed source reports? All he did was play this interview like the raiders have always played things. He didn’t say anything of use or give anything away. He just said everything is good. This interview doesn’t give us anything, so don’t try to take something out of it.


    Great post Priest.

  • doug5301

    Losing those guys was a money and timing deal. They have gotten 2 OL for the price of Velheer and 2 DL for the price of Houston. Neither of them were elite.

  • Theghostronin79

    I’m sure it’s MORE than just DA and RM. It probably has something to do with the stadium situation, the drama they’d already been through, the deconstruction…..Maybe they doubt the future of the org. I’m sure it’s ALOT of things, along with not being offered what they THOUGHT they should get.

  • Theghostronin79

    That’s what I was trying to say the other day “They were turning him down”…..I said JV didn’t wanna be here and I got gunned down; point blank.

  • Theghostronin79

    DMAC has been through more than these guys…and he WANTED to be here. He stayed for another year, with only 100K in guarantees.

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    Roxy Petrucci

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    You are 100% correct

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    Reggie loves 1 year rentals just not at $11M or $13M respectively.