Incognito can see himself as a Raider

Embattled former Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito can picture himself in silver and black.

A free agent after being released following the bullying scandal involving former Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin, Incognito told the NFL Network’s Michael Silver, “I’m 100 percent into that. I think that would fit my personality best.’’

Incognito played with Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson with the St. Louis Rams and line coach Tony Sparano when Sparano was head coach of the Dolphins.

Whether general manager Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen would have a reciprocal interest remains to be seen. The Raiders have already added guard/center Kevin Boothe, as well as tackles Doanld Penn and Austin Howard.

Incumbent starters up front include left guard Khalif Barnes and right guard Mike Brisiel, as well as Lucas Nix, who also started last season.

McKenzie and Allen are careful about who they bring into the locker room in terms of team chemistry. While acknowledging the difficulty of putting together a team with a lot of new faces, McKenzie said Wednesday, “If you have the right type of guys, that transition won’t be as difficult as you would think.’’

Defensive lineman Antonio Smith, signed by the Raiders last week, has had two on-field issues with Incognito, swinging a helmet at him during a preaseason game and kicking him during a regular-season game.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Agreed but add trade Palmer for nothing
    Get injured QB that gets cut and now trade for Vet QB contradicting reasons you got rid of Palmer….

  • RaiderGuy50

    Granted we have the cap space but I’m not that excited about paying him 10 mil next year and potentially stink up the joint.
    Here’s to hoping he doesn’t, dmc becomes a beast, and we have a great draft.

  • The Florida Pete

    thinking positive is a fine idea… but we should still draft a QB in the 1st couple rounds…

  • Theghostronin79

    You never know…We have to see how this new O-Line shakes out. Having Jones should help…… Trying to place Schaub on LAST years offense is the problem. We have no idea how our “O” is gonna look next year.

  • Theghostronin79

    And we’ve “Booed” just about every QB out of the Black Hole too…….So what?

  • 1960AutumnWind

    New post and- poll

  • PrometheusISgodoftheblog

    Schaub is the newest raider. good move by RM. people thought philip rivers was done after the 2012 season and he rebounded. no reason that shaub can’t do the same. all of the blogtards on here needs to stfu and be raider fans. negative fuuuks on here don’t know their azzholes from their cakeholes

  • Blackholepriest

    Reggie has literally blown this offseason about as bad as one could do so. Matt Schaub is hot garbage just as Matt Flynn was. Reggie’s incompetence has reached a new low.

    I said he would find a way to do this if Mark didn’t get him a legitimate boss. And here he is trading for a bum AGAIN. If Pryor doesn’t win this job outright I will be shocked with this cast of characters.

    It’s sad a bunch of old men and now we have a QB who flat bottomed out masquerading as a franchise QB………to say it’s laughable is putting it nice……….period

  • PrometheusISgodoftheblog

    there is no comparion between schaub and flynn. ypu reveal your lack of football acumen and madness with that post. Schaub has 100+ career starts 131 Tds 84 Ints 90 QBR and 2 pro bowls, matt flynn had 2 CAREER STARTS! when he came here. wake up man

  • Blackholepriest

    It’s not hard to figure out, they’ll take anybody if he’s white. Case in point,,,,Matt Schaub.

  • Rick Worth

    All you guys that don’t like Reg go fck yourselfs Woo we got Schaub!!

  • Rick Worth

    Schaub > Plunkett wooooo!!!

  • Rick Worth

    I’m giddy wooo!!

  • Chino

    @VicTafur: #Raiders like Matt McGloin a lot as a backup QB. Used “McGloin bar” to evaluate QBs in free agency & draft as wanted someone better to start

  • Chino

    They’ve reached an agreement. Pretty much done deal huh

  • Gerry

    Coming from Shreks fkn lap doggy or perhaps beeatch!

  • Rick Worth

    Good one playa


    I don’t know who the Texans are taking, although Bortles is as good a guess as any. What I do know is that the photograph above doesn’t shed any light whatsoever on who their eventual choice will be. Perfect example; Allen spoke to Bridgewater at his pro day and all of a sudden the media is reporting that we’re taking him. Then we’re present at Carr’s pro day and he’s all of a sudden atop our board. It’s amazing the connections people make with this stuff sometimes.