Allen goes all-in on Schaub; everyone else competing for backup spots

Raiders coach Dennis Allen is so confident that he has found his long-term answer at quarterback that he anointed Matt Schaub the starter only hours after the Raiders acquired Schaub in a trade.
“We brought Matt Schaub in to be our starting quarterback,” Allen said in a conference call with Bay Area media Friday afternoon. “We feel very confident that he’s going to be able to come in and function in that role and be outstanding for us. … Right now, Matt Schaub is our starting quarterback.”
Last season, Allen opened up the competition despite the fact the Raiders traded for veteran Matt Flynn in the offseason.
By the end of training camp, third-year player Terrelle Pryor earned the starting job by outplaying Flynn in practice and exhibition games.
Pryor started nine games, undrafted rookie Matt McGloin started six and Flynn one last season. Flynn got cut early in the season. Pryor and McGloin remain under contract, but they now are competing for backup spots, along with veteran Trent Edwards.
It’s conceivable that the Raiders now will seek to trade Pryor, given Pryor is in the final year of his contract and doesn’t appear to be in the team’s long-term plans.
Allen also said that the trade for Schaub doesn’t necessarily change their approach in the upcoming NFL draft.
The Raiders hold the rights to the No. 5 pick, and they are in prime position to land one of several top-tier quarterbacks available in this year’s draft class.
General manager Reggie McKenzie said he envisioned a scenario in which the Raiders used a veteran quarterback such as Schaub for 2014 and then turned over the reins to a young quarterback in 2015.
Allen said there’s no reason why Schaub can’t be the Raiders starting quarterback for the next several years.
“I definitely can see Matt Schaub being the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders for more than just a year or two,” Allen said. “This guy can play for a while.”


Steve Corkran

  • Blackholepriest

    Honestly i think TP has been talking to both Veldheer and Houston on why they left. I honestly believe even Palmer whom i really appreciate has told TP to get outta dodge.

    Good for him give them the excuse they’ve been looking for this way the fans cant blame Reggie and his band of dummies. Everybody gets what they want……….period

  • kuhlest

    wow! that sure is some man passion and conviction for a guy that will never be a good QB in this league…..

    sure he will make a flash play here or there, but on a play in, play out basis or game by game he will never be able to have the consistency needed

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Got anything to back that up?

  • kuhlest

    I like Pryor too, not trying to bag on him, but this is going to be his 4th yr in the NFL and he is still at the level of a rookie QB

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    About what Pryor averaged per game.

  • R8erEduc8er


  • 2romes

    Good points. I agree with the majority of what you posted. The Raiders, with the new management, have not put together any stability on offense or defense. Hard, not impossible, to get the best out of the best when the leaders are not the best evaluators to being their new era.


    Pryor needs to back off of this…I am going to play QB thing.. I was rooting for him big time… black QB and Al’s Last and final pick..REALLY wanted him to succeed…but sans the San Diego game when he was damn near perfect in the first half..its obvious that he needs more playing time. He would be a perfect candidate for the now defunct NFL Europe..start there a couple years and then maybe play..as of now it will take too long for him to get the playing time he needs.. his footwork is sloppy…he takes WAAAAYYYYYYYY to long to decide where he is going with the ball and most importantly some of the worst pocket presence I’ve ever seen.. HOW MANY TIMES did this boy roll out of a nice pocket RIGHT INTO the rush (o line WAS NOT as bad as it seemed) when all he had to do was STEP UP in the pocket. I don’t think he did that one time all year.. I wish him the best and want him to do well.. he just needs PT
    can someone PLEASE talk him into staying and playing TE for us!!!! our own Jimmy Graham! man.

  • Dirk Suave

    What coaching has he had all four years? He got one year with Hue and zero from DA and his staff. They just aren’t good with QB’s. Plus let’s add in that since Reg got here we’ve been labeled the team with the least talent in the NFL…

  • Blackholepriest

    Yeah speaking of IQs you could use some help……….period


    Why would you say he got one year with Hue and none with DA and his staff? Last I checked he DIDN’T get one year from Hue (suspension due to the Ohio State situation caused him to miss TC and the first four games of the year), and he started games for DA and staff in two consecutive years. Last year he won the starting job coming out of training camp and started several games before his injury. He then started the final game against Denver so that he could be evaluated further going into the offseason. He got just as much of an opportunity as McGloin did last year, and just as much coaching.

  • Dirk Suave

    Sorry no. He did not get coached up by the current staff. They tried to Tebow him like Elway did. They bring in Flynn. He is the guy they really want but he sucks outside of GB and is hurt. Pryor wins the job. They couldn’t develop him to be better. Also the team has literally no weapons around him AND add in injuries to already talent depleted team. Mostly second year, rooks and projects. The only true weapon he had was Marcel Reece who they never use properly outside of one game where he got 100 yards rushing. Pryor went to the QB guru with a nudge from Hue. He also sat under CPalmer. Once Palmer left who was there to help TP2 learn to be a QB? Answer is not this staff. Now they bring in another QB but it’s Schaub’s job outright with no competition? At least with Flynn they said it was open. Now it’s closed to a guy that just helped the Texans to a 2-14 record? Come on bro. Pryor deserved a shot in an open competition. Has Pryor ever been to a pro bowl? No. Has he ever had a dominant rushing game? No. Did he have a top WR or Te while here like Schaub had? Nope. The D also isn’t on the Texans level. But the QB job is Schaub’ right from jump huh?

  • what a stupid analogy you made.