Live Raiders chat on Matt Schaub trade, Friday at noon


Jon Becker

  • RaiderTruth

    i completely agree

  • Twinkle

    That’s damn good dude lol

  • spiff

    isn’t it funny how it’s been us vs. Cleveland this off season. from rivas to schuab and Watkins…….

  • spiff


  • Alex7

    lol, you’d rather a 6th rounder than a legit starting QB?

  • RaiderDirt

    I’m sure that Reg wouldn’t have entertained the trade if Schaub wasn’t prepared to restructure his contract…

    Been there done that with Flynn & Palmer, the one thing Reg is known for is not making the same mistake twice..

    One Nation

  • Thec

    1 Nation

  • aig-raiders

    Man, did we just trade for a qb who just had a career melt down and force him to start again? Plunkett sat for a while before he was put back in there and regained his confidence. I think this will end badly and we will either see the young qbs start ahead of him again. Schaub will get booed badly the first pick 6 he throws. How do you throw 4 straight pick 6 games?

  • spiff

    even if we trade for D. Jack I would still draft Watkins a 5 or trade down for evans. that could make for possibly the best receiving corps in football. we play some good secondary’s this year……..


    Agreed just saying it would be wede open. Playing some good offenses to.

  • kenchun24

    If Reggie gave up more than a 6th then yes I don’t like the move…just stating facts, the Raiders get hosed on trades no matter who is calling the shots. But I guess since Reggie’s draft pick/traded for QB evaluation acumen is about the same (weak) it really doesn’t matter.

    Oh and I suspect Schaub will perform just the same as Palmer did on a lesser team in the Raiders. At least I’ve seen the ceiling value of a Schaub/Palmer on far more talented teams in Houston/’Zona.

  • RaiderDirt


    One Nation

  • spiff

    need weapons , impact players no doubt , time to go toe to toe……..

  • spiff

    nothing like seeing Duke bounced out the tournament , and seeing the disgust on coach K’s face……….

  • Return

    Well we know Flynn didn’t compete and still couldn’t win the job.

  • Chino

    You got the wrong guy. I’m all in favor of mcgloin at qb. He’s got it in him to succeed

  • Return

    The only person who had trouble with the cap was Reggie.

  • Dan Goodman

    pryor will be a starter…in the cfl

  • Raideralex99

    Exactly no difference but Palmer would be in his 3rd with Raiders now instead of the Raiders going with Schaub in his first year.
    Clearly Reggie has no ideal about the QB position because the Packers never had that problem when he was there.

  • Raideralex99

    Seriously … Do you honestly think he did want to be here?
    Reggie did not want Palmer PERIOD. If you can not figure that out I have some swamp land for sale.

  • Raideralex99

    Lol … Schaub has a melt down and you want him but Incognito is asked to make a rookie tougher and he has mental problems.

  • Raideralex99

    Here’s what I don’t understand …. why do so many people want to trade down and acquire more picks?
    With Reggie track record of picks … He will made less mistakes with less choices.