Poll: Do you like reported Raiders trade for Texans QB Matt Schaub?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Raiders have acquired Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans.


Jon Becker


    Throwing 4000 yard doesn’t mean anything anymore when did he get his yards ?How much was he down by ? Go look up how many qbs threw for 4,000 more than ever due to rule changes not because the qbs are ballin out !

  • The Florida Pete

    if we’re losing by 29 every game, we have issues with the defense…

  • SilverandBlack666

    4,000 yards means something to a team that has only seen it once in the last 12 years!


    Palmer threw for close to 4000 and we still suck if you think Matt is going to win in are division you’re crazy !


    All I’m saying is start fresh

  • SilverandBlack666

    Scaub had the Jason Campbell “deer in the headlights” look all year last year. He is done…..Vick was even worse he lost his legs now he is a turnover machine.

    So I guess if I had to chose between a douche and a turd sandwich I would choose Schaub.

    The reality is we would probably be better off rolling with McGlion he knows the offense better.

  • SilverandBlack666

    Those are your words not mine. I never said anything about winning a division or Matt.


    i’m saying draft players forget this batch of free agents far as qbs …Ang giving a draft pick for Matt S IS STUPID !

  • Mike_Trail

    Dude, He is far from done. He had a bad year, so did the entire team–Which is why they are picking #1 overall this year. They were the worst team in the league. He’ll be fine here.


    He’s terrible I watch a ton of the Texans games I had players on my fantasy team trust me he’s terrible ! foster foster foster , then ben tate is how the won 12 games that year !

  • Mike_Trail

    I had Schaub and Foster on my FF team last year, and they both sucked.
    Regardless, Im not willing to roll with a Rookie next year, we do that, and this whole staff will be fired at the end of the season and we will be back to square one……
    Doesn’t matter what we think now anyway: Like it or not, Schaub is our starter next year.

  • Raider O

    He is 32, and he still has a strong arm. He is not done.

  • Raider O

    Btw, that’s what people said about CP 2 years ago. Lol

  • Rick Worth

    31per cent no idiots!!

  • Rick Worth

    You know dik!!

  • Jon Train

    Who would u have chosen?


    People can some one tell me Reggie’s plan ?

  • Raideralex99

    This is insane … really!
    The Texans are dropping Schaub and drafting a QB … so what do we do … help them by taking Schaub off their hands. The Texans should give us a pick.
    I hope this is a smoke screen for the Raiders to draft a QB at #5′

  • Nick Gancayco

    I thought reggie valued his picks… If ur gonna use a pick use it to brong desean jackson here so u have weapons for a young qb. Not some washed up qb that couldnt even win with a stacked deck.

    Whats done is done tho.

  • Stabler


  • r8ter4evr

    Listened to a local Texan’s reporter talk about Schaub and how everyone was thrilled when they started out 2-0 last year.He put up more yards on Hawks than anyone last year at that point in the season, they were up 20-3 then he made some mistakes including throwing a pick six to Sherman.

    He was a above a good to great QB for many years before including being a pro bowler why all the hate again. We can still draft a QB and you never know Schaub might become our new leader


    He’s not a closer ! He throws for a bunch a yards but when you need him to win a game or even get a first down he never makes the play! The Texans are laughing at us for taking him trust me no one is mad he’s leaving !

  • Raider Al from Atlanta, Ga

    Terrelle Pryor will be the last QB standing. History repeats itself.
    Mark Davis will veto a trade request by DA, GO and RM.