Raiders then and now

How the Raiders lined up on offense and in their base defense in the regular-season finale and how they might look when they open the regular season in 2014

WR Andre Holmes/James Jones
LT Jared Veldheer/Donald Penn
LG Khalif Barnes/Khalif Barnes
C Stefen Wisniewski/Stefen Wisniewski
RG Mike Brisiel/Mike Brisiel
RT Tony Pashos/Austin Howard
TE Jeron Mastrud/Mychal Rivera
WR Rod Streater/Rod Streater
QB Terrelle Pryor/Matt Schaub
RB Rashad Jennings/Darren McFadden
FB Marcel Reece/Marcel Reece

Note: Kevin Boothe is a potential starter at guard.

DE Lamarr Houston/Justin Tuck
DT Vance Walker/Antonio Smith
DT Pat Sims/Stacy McGee
DE Jason Hunter/LaMarr Woodley
WLB Kevin Burnett/Kevin Burnett
MLB Nick Roach/Nick Roach
SLB/Sio Moore/Sio Moore
CB Tracy Porter/Tarell Brown
CB Phillip Adams/D.J. Hayden
SS Brandian Ross/Tyvon Branch
FS Charles Woodson/Charles Woodson

Note: Mike Jenkins was a starter at corner most of the season missed the regular season finale due to injury.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Twinkle

    We played them last season and Schaub looked like Namath between the 20’s and like me in the red zone.Perhaps if we shorten the field by 40 yards it would help.

  • 909RaiderLifer

    Raider fan since the days of the Mad Bomber…
    Until Reg & DA’s “plan” starts to bear some fruit i.e. Wins..I will remain skeptical of them both..

  • Schaub has never been a top 5 QB.
    Have to be clutch to get that type of praise.

  • severeraiderz

    Levi Damien is a bum smh


    Flyn was the starter because the GM went out and got him for that purpose.
    He didn’t start the year because Allen, contradicting Reggie’s choice, saw that Pryor-although with problems-was the better choice to start.
    THAT is what happend.

  • RaiderCDE

    Like Namath? Havent heard that one before. lol. Yeah, and that team and he sucked last year in general, my post refers to the other 5 seasons he was good so we know he has done it in the past.

  • RaiderCDE

    Probowl is not top 5?

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    I’ll do you the favor of assuming your first statement is a joke.

  • Twinkle

    DA was saying he was bought here to be the starter……..really ?………but I still see McGloin winning the job.A large pile of loot sitting down where DMac usually resides will cause a lot of friction especially when DMac wants his seat back.

  • I’ve tried to get him to admit his closet problem, there’s just too much denial there, I was hoping the whole SAM thing would help him , but to no avail. What do you think doc, spade , neuter or lobotomy , or all of them?


    Isn’t the plan Reggie’s? Isn’t he the GM?
    Allen is the HC.

  • Goldie7


  • The Florida Pete

    you are kicking the crap out of my bullschit meter…


    Don’t think so.

  • Twinkle

    They never seem to recapture their magic it seems unfortunately.


    DA is the head coach.
    Reggie is the general manager of the team and makes all of the decisions.

  • kenchun24

    Actually in some ways Mark, Reggie and Dennis are all hot seaters. – since Mark only interviewed ONE guy (then hired him immediately, who does that? Only the Raaiduhhs) in Reggie, then Reggie hired Dennis then…well you know the rest.

  • Not necessarily.

  • The Florida Pete


  • Reggie has improved the team.
    But he has gotten us soooooooooooooo old. And not that good.
    This current team, by sheer age and health, will not grow as a team.
    All in to save his bacon. Can’t believe Mark is letting him do this.

  • Chino

    Yup. Sounds like the 30% of you
    @HBNadolny: @ChrisHansenNFL expected Schaub to sign after HOU released him. Schaub then signs with CLE and then fans berate OAK for not trading for him

  • SilverNBlackPA

    Mark needs wins right now to help get his stadium, be it Oakland, LA or Timbuktu.

  • Twinkle

    New Post.

  • Raidman (Formerly Veldiman)

    He’s upgraded on defense, 4 positions: Tuck, Smith, Woodley & Brown. On offense: Shaub & Jones. I think we still have a ways to go. Look at what the other AFC west teams have done to improve, especially Den.

  • RaiderCDE

    I was talking stats. Read the post man.

  • kenchun24

    Mark did say “no excuses” so take that for what it’s worth.

    But yeah JFB…it’s been pretty much lateral moves by Reggie since he started in Jan 2012. But winning cures all and if Reggie/Allen pull it off, and by “pull it off” I mean finishing 6-10,7-9 or (gulp) better well then kudo’s to them, I guess?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Did Flyn get demoted to just one ‘n’? What’s he got to do to earn it back?

  • jumpnjiminy

    I know college style is a lot more like NFL these days…I’m talking about what a guy like Manziel can get away with in college such as carrying the ball around like a loaf of bread that he won’t be able to in the NFL. Throwing it up for grabs over the middle and late… He’ll have a rude awakening. I just think McCarron has that cool, calm, Joe Montana demeanor, so in effect I’m contradicting what I said above…forget about that…I just got a big hunch McCarron..that he’s gonna be a Super Bowl MVP some day and why not with the Raiders? I see the other guys I mentioned going the way of Gabbert, Leftwich, Pennington, NYJ Smith, Klingler, Weinke, ORE Dixon, Troy Smith, etc.
    I don’t see a Luck or RGIII in this crop…just a Brady/Montana type…McCarron…Manziel? My money’s on his being a HUGE flash in the pan!

  • jumpnjiminy

    Oh crap…I just blabbed on and on and on and on and on below so no one could see my wonderful, insightful post of the decade! Phooey!

  • Carl weathers

    If you’re talking stats, why mention “probowl is not top 5?” Shaun May have sniffed the top 10 in a category or two a few times but never has he been close to top 5 QB, and that was with top quality players and stability in coaching.

  • PlunkforHOF


  • Raiderfusion

    I can’t believe all the negativity out there today. Come on now, up until last year just about everybody on here would have done anything to get Shaub, and you all know it. He had a bad year, O K so he had a bad year, alright he had a dreadful year. RM is betting it was an aberration, and hoping he’ll bounce back. This year was about the worst year for FA QB’s and he had to do something, he’s not only hoping he bounces back, but that he can teach the youngsters how to game manage. McGloin and a draftee, I’m not putting TP in there because he’s not really a QB for the NFL. I’m hoping we can get that 6th rounder by trading TP, but I’m not sure there is a market for his services. If he had been willing to make the move to WR he’d be much more marketable, but he wasn’t.
    Shaub is going to be running this offense behind a big physical power running OLine. That will take a lot of pressure off of him, especially if he can get rid of the ball quickly like McGloin was able to do in his limited stint with the team. I’d like to see Labount, and Morerno brought in to add to the stable of RB’s we already have. With the Top 5 running game I’m hopeful of the WR’s won’t have as much coverage on them as the other teams D will have to crowd the line which will make the WR’s that much more effective.
    Shaub may not pan out, but IMHO the chance was worth taking.

  • Rick Worth

    Sorry I just get mad sometimes at the comments no disrespect !!

  • Rick Worth

    Maybe Pryor will make the switch to wide out hmmm!

  • Rick Worth

    Pryor>kordell Stewart>McFadden>wildcat!

  • Rick Worth

    And Schaub

  • Depcharger

    these are the “i dont want to get fired” moves

  • Depcharger

    the giants signed kurt warner the year they drafted eli (or philip rivers, and then traded for eli). so does that mean they will draft a qb?

  • Depcharger

    yes, but no bonus. so no dead money if he ends up being cut. this is better than if he waits for him to be a free agent, and be on a bidding war w/ cleveland who is also interested in schaub.

  • Antonio M. Guardiola

    It’s MY opinion…in the Matt Schaub acquisition, that we could have easily went with the younger Mark Sanchez because they both suck! I’m a Raider fan through and through for 36 years, but I’m not blind. I like what we’ve done so far(except losing Valdheer)…but we gave a draft pick to a has been. Since Schaub isn’t the future of the Raiders either, and with(what should be) a better offensive line, why not stick with what we got? “Turning this thing around” with this team against the toughest scedule in the NFL…really hoping to get to what: 8-8?

  • Raider Rocker

    I couldn’t disagree more. There is NO COMPARISON between Schaub and Sanchez. Schaub is a two-time pro-bowler with multiple 4000 yard seasons with a good TD to INT ratio who’s had a quality 7 year career to date leading a consistent AFC top 10 offense. He had one bad year following a lisfranc injury. Sanchez has never made a pr obowl, never thrown for over 4000 yards, he’s thrown more INT’s than TD’s and hasn’t had a good year in 3 years. And is a butt-fumbler. Please dude, no comparison. A late round pick for Schaub is a good deal to better the team now and help the young QB(s) we draft.

  • Antonio M. Guardiola


  • Raider Rocker

    Since you obviously can’t make a cogent rebuttal it is you that should unsubscribe. Use dictionary.com to look up cogent.

  • SpudRaider

    I Would have preferred Sanchez as well…Last year he sat out after a decent pre-season ended by a stupid call by his coach. A year off to get his head back together after the “Butt Fumble,” I bet that took major counseling to learn to put into terms that he could accept. Stronger arm and California Boy. I think he has more to prove than Schaub, and my gut feeling Schaub is nothing more than a slightly improved version of Matt Flynn. I don’t understand Princesses fascination w/ being like the Texans. Personally I don’t no anyone who wants to be like a Texan over a Californian. Idaho bunch of transplants from both states.

  • jmjoker

    no way that clowney drops to #5- he is way way too good-if he is there-no question, grab him!

  • jmjoker

    well gannon had brown n rice to help him excel

  • BigDRaider

    Sanchez sucks. Schaub has accomplished more with one bad season. I think Sanchez had a few bad seasons.