McKenzie says he intends to speak with Pryor about future


A FOX Sports report Monday said that quarterback Terrelle Pryor asked for a trade on the heels of the Raiders acquiring veteran Matt Schaub via trade.
That’s understandable given Raiders coach Dennis Allen made it abundantly clear that Schaub is the unquestioned starter next season.
Also, Pryor is entering his final season under contract to the Raiders. On Monday, Bay Area News Group columnist Tim Kawakami tracked down Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie at the NFL owners meeting in Orlando, Fla., and McKenzie gave his take on Pryor’s future.
“Terrelle wants to start so bad, so we’re going to … I’ll visit with him, and we’ll talk to him and we’ll move on from there,” McKenzie said. “So we’ll see in the next week or so how he feels about his future and just starting. That’s what he wants to do. So I’m going to talk to him.”
When asked if it is accurate that Pryor seems on the way out, McKenzie said:
“Anytime when you sign a veteran player like that, a guy that really wants to start, it’s going to hit him. So that’s what I want to talk to him about.”
The FOX report said Pryor informed his agent to go about getting the permission to seek a trade. McKenzie said those talks have been limited to Pryor and his agent so far.
“He hasn’t talked to me about it,” McKenzie said.
Pryor, of course, beat out Matt Flynn during training camp last season for the starting job. He started nine games and played well enough for the the Raiders to jettison Flynn after only one start — in place of an injured Pryor — and finish the season with Pryor and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin taking turns auditioning for the long-term job.
McGloin started six games, Pryor nine. That apparently was enough for McKenzie, Allen and others part of the decision-making process to glean that neither was seasoned enough to be the starter going forward.
As of now, the Raiders have Schaub, Pryor, McGloin and Trent Edwards on their roster. McKenzie on Monday didn’t rule out the possibility of adding another quarterback in the NFL draft in May.
In a perfect world for the Raiders, they get at least a sixth-round draft pick in a trade of Pryor because that’s what they gave up for Schaub. In reality, Pryor doesn’t have much trade value as a quarterback.

In other news:

1. McKenzie didn’t respond when asked if he has any interest in signing veteran offensive lineman Richie Incognito, who got suspended last season for his alleged role in bullying fellow Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

2. Offensive tackle Jared Veldheer is the one that made the ultimate decision to sever his relationship with the Raiders after four seasons.
“I didn’t let Veldheer go,” McKenzie said. “I really wanted to keep him. Really did. But it was his decision to go.”

3. McKenzie refused to divulge whether the Raiders are interested in veteran wide receive DeSean Jackson via trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also declined to say whether he has called the Eagles about Jackson.
He did say that Jackson’s $10.5 million salary for 2014 is not a sticking point, if it reaches the point where the Raiders go after Jackson.
“As long as he’s a really good player that we think is really going to elevate our team,” McKenzie said. “I mean, big money, name is not the major issue. It’s what else he can bring to the table. Production is going to be a lot; but there’s many other characteristics that fall into that.”


Steve Corkran

  • irjonny

    if i’m reggie, Vince Wilfork would be high on my list. adds more super bowl rings too

  • hue jax? the dude that traded a #1 & a 2 for Carson Palmer? laugh,,,,

  • IAmAlwaysWrong

    Thec, what about our bet??

  • BigBenRexor

    That’s still not as bad as trading any pick for Matt Flynn

  • LB32

    You’re kidding right??

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    He did get it done with that same team for years before that though… if getting it done means throwing for lots of yards and lots of touchdowns. 2009, 2010, 2012 he passed for over 4,000; 29/15, 24/12, and 22/12 in those seasons TD/INT.

    Not saying he’ll be great here, just putting up the numbers and saying maybe he can get it done here.

  • irjonny

    or does it? Wilfork around for SB??

  • Chris in NY

    I do think it’s highly risky dumping Pryor. If he develops into a really good QB Reggie will never live it down. I’m not saying Pryor is the man, but he has such a high ceiling and was light years better in 2013 than 2012, it’s very risky to just discard him.

  • irjonny

    pretty sure thats why he’s saying he’s going to sit down and talk to him 1 on 1.

  • 909RaiderLifer

    Did you mean: “False start, number sixty-nine offense”?…Or, “Holding, number sixty-nine offense”?…

  • DJ Johnny

    How many HC’s would sell the farm to get the QB they want? Mark had to sign off on it and probably consulted w/ Madden, Herock and Wolf before doing so.

  • Going into 2013 he had Wilson, McGloin and TP for crying out loud. He had to add someone, he went with the dude he knew from GB.

    The only problem with that thinking,

    Flynn had an elbow issue.
    I’m more frustrated with Reggies medical team than I am with his choice of targets.

  • Chris in NY

    Yeah, the guy that was our best coach since, and maybe including Gruden, remember? The guy that took the offense from #31 before he got here to top 10 in year 1 while juggling Grads and Jasonf-ing Campbell at QB. The guy Reggie got rid of just so he could get a coach he could take credit for if things went well. Guess what, they haven’t.

  • irjonny

    he did well when he moved to LT. i remember….do you?

  • Raideralex99

    Hue Jax made the Raiders offence a top 10 in one year … What’s so funny about that.

  • scinfidel

    new post

  • that they over achieved, then fell apart mid season on, similar to a DA team with zero talent.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    Barnes surprised the heck out of me when he performed pretty decently at the LT position. It made me think that he was playing out of position on the right side… He really did a solid job when filling in for JV for the most part.

    I had been freaking out over it. I mean False Start/Holding champion Barnes on the left side… then I was like, HUH??? Not too shabby.

  • Chris in NY

    Plus Hue never even got a real chance to see what he could do long-term with Palmer. Not his fault. What did the Bengals get that was so amazing? Gio Bernard is a really nice young RB. Dre Kirkpatrick is just a guy. You think if we had those two guys (or comparable value) instead of Palmer that we’d be in significantly better shape? You’re dreaming.

  • Hue Jax bent MD over, found it an easy lift,
    so easy he thought he had HC sewn up for years to come.

    Then MD consulted Madden etc,,,

  • plunkhead

    That Tom Cable laid the foundation and coached that team to overachieve

  • TerrapinRaider

    OMG! I’ve been on a hiatus vis-a-vis the Raiders for good reason (read, terrible outlook for my team given mgmt and coaching) and came to find out we lost both our LT and DT/DE …H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.!@!

    WTF is going on here >> Mark Davis are you awake???? You better get control of this sht ASAP! These boyz are headed straight for the toilet again! O.M.Goodness! …how can you be flushed with cash and lose two of your best players! You don’t win in this league by creating holes in your team.

  • his right ear works better, thus can hear the cadence with more efficiency.

  • Just Win Baby

    Which is why I only mentioned Brisiel.

  • whaaaaaa?

    are you doing the hypothetical, if we picked the same draftee as Cinncy chose game?
    that’s just silly

  • Chris in NY

    Just saying that’s the kind of value you get. Everyone hears 1st round pick and thinks Peyton Manning type players. Fact is there are many more Kirkpatricks, DJ Hayden’s, Roland Mc Clains, and Michael Huffs there than anything else.
    We were 4-2 when that trade was made and looking pretty good. Hue was right going all in on a QB with Palmer’s ability.

  • Chris in NY

    Now look where we are.

  • Chris in NY

    Oh please. Cable didn’t do jack. Defense was bad and offense was atrocious till Hue came on board to run the O and call plays.

  • Rick Worth

    They were not worth the money!!

  • Rick Worth

    New post you heard it here first

  • Howard Benner

    Right. . .exercise in futility & faulty talent evals. . .

  • first of all, you’re being super insulting to a very innocent question that wasn’t even asked of you.
    Second of all, you didn’t prove me wrong about anything. you actually have to make an intelligent counter-point to prove someone wrong.
    Third, I never accessed my memory, I simply talked about what’s to come. I didn’t say anything about the past.
    Fourth, i’m not starting to sound like anyone after putting up one comment.
    Finally, my logic is pretty damn on point, the guy was given a golden ticket last year and he beat out Matt Flynn and an undrafted rookie. He’s never going to have that kind of lackluster competition again in the NFL. He grabbed an easy-to-get starting job on an abysmal team and couldn’t even hold it for a full season. He can’t throw and he can’t read a defense. He’s as hard of a worker as it comes, but so was tebow…

  • the swanky socialite dr robert

    I posted that two weeks ago.

  • One mediocre game. hahaha. is that how desperate we’ve become as a fan base? we try to justify a player because he had one game where he was average??

  • Rick Worth

    You da man!!


    Stacked. 2-14. Alrighty then. Have you watched any of the games?

  • Pre Bone

    2. McKenzie really wanted Veldheer back……If I want to read Raiders propaganda I can always go to their website, Cork. We all know Reggie wanted to give 42 mil to Saffold to start at LT, but not 35 to Veldheer

  • LondonAl

    Our team fell apart at the end of a promising season. HJ did some good but overall he failed like all of our coaches since Gruden.

  • LondonAl

    You’ve nailed it there. We could have kept Veldheer for less than Reggie was going to pay for Saffold. Sometimes I do wonder about Reggie’s thinking….

  • LondonAl

    I liked Tom Cable.

  • Ronin559

    Trade Pryor for Jackson…
    If they are both getting released anyways why not make a trade and get something out of it? Coach Kelley has always loved Pryor so he could very well be interested in this trade.