Report: Raiders, Jones-Drew reach agreement on contract


The Raiders and veteran running back Maurice Jones-Drew agreed to terms on a three-year contract Friday pending a physical, according to an ESPN report.
Jones-Drew, 29, spent his first eight NFL seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. His best season came in 2011, when he led the league with 1,606 yards rushing.
He struggled through the worst season of his NFL career in 2013, when he finished with a 3.4-yard average rushing.
Jones-Drew graduated from De La Salle High School and grew up in the Bay Area. Now it appears as if he will get an opportunity to resurrect his career in front of friends and family.
It’s unclear how the Raiders intend to use Jones-Drew. They re-signed Darren McFadden to a one-year contract at the start of free agency. McFadden has been the Raiders lead back when healthy for most of his six-year NFL career.
Just the same, McFadden also is seeking to prove that he still merits consideration as a starting back. He averaged 3.3 yards rushing each of the past two seasons.
The Raiders also have Latavius Murray, Jeremy Stewart and Kory Sheets on their roster as options at running back.


Steve Corkran

  • Raider O

    Lol. I like that too.

  • Goldie7

    However, this is Raider Nation not Palm Beach. lol

  • spiff

    with the new leadership we signed in free agency , maybe that’s all he needs . once the reality hit he lost 10 mil. he can either join his gangsta friends or he can say ‘ F##K this S#!T…………

  • Worked awesomely for Jovan Walker and Rolando McClain.
    The last two Raiders with gang ties.

  • marks hair

    How many gangstas have hurt their nfl club with gang troubles? Not many considering how many of those kids get to the pros.
    Has djax hurt the Eagles?
    I think a no risk contract, would work out fine.. worst case scenario we cut the guy no big loss

    I guarantee you DMC gets booed more than Djax does in Oakland

  • the super genius dr robert

    Lol. Yeah. U have to be a gangster if u grow up in ghetto.


  • inonewordraider

    I rather have Jackson and mack barr pryor or Jernigan. what happened to you o, always down in the dumps lately, we’ll be back next year, 8-8 baby!

  • AlDavisJr

    How often does that happen? Once a gangibanger always a gangibanger.

  • 8raiderreign8

    And they’ve found nothing…..crickets

    You realize the fact that they’ve looked at him for 2years and found nothing only weakens what you’re saying.

  • Aaron Hernandez was from Connecticut suburbia.

  • spiff

    I can see you didn’t run with any……..

  • They found enough to get his azz cut and him taking a million dollar paycut.
    And give it some time. Took a few years of leaks, police questioning and rumors before Hernandez went down.

  • the super genius dr robert

    String willed good people don’t become gangsters.

    Weak willed, bad people do.

    It’s really simple.

  • _Mista_

    Interesting while you troll and stalk me 24/7 you call me a……troll!

    You have deep mental issues fktard.

  • dplunk

    let’s draft johnny J.Manziel, and then we can have two angry little midgets.

  • 8raiderreign8

    Where’s the proof?

  • Papertiger

    I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say he goes to the Redskins.

  • Goldie7

    We thought Marvin Harrison was quiet dude, turns out he was a real gangster.

  • Return

    The difference, is “new wave” qb’s rush for yardage. Steve young, VY, Vick, Wilson., Kap, Newton, semi Luck, RGIII. That is what sets this new qb apart from the others.

  • the super genius dr robert

    Dude was flashing gangster signs during the game.

    No thanks.

  • 8raiderreign8


    Do you really think a real gangster goes around flashing gang signs in front of national TVs?

  • Here it is:
    Deasean Jackson, Pro Bowl WR, couldn’t be traded and was cut today, due to nothing to do with his ability to play football.

  • SilverandBlack666

    Except Johnny is not angry he is a winner and DeSean Jackson is a douche bag “ME” guy

  • 8raiderreign8

    If you think that is proof you need to retake logic classes in college

  • Gdog

    Reggie doesn’t exactly strike me as a gangsta-hiring guy, but who knows.. he is desperate to save his job…

  • the super genius dr robert

    He’s being investigated with an association with a murder.

    His team cut him.

    There’s a problem.

    How many people saw the Aaron Hernandez thing coming?

    Wanna sign him?

  • I don’t want a wannabe gangster either.
    Neither do the Eagles, and half the league.
    Someone will sign him in a month or two though, after the draft and to see if anything continues to leak out.

  • marks hair

    No worries.. He signaled “hi mom”.

  • Return

    That’s what I keep saying. Until this regime wins 8 games it can’t say anything about the incompetency of the previous administration.

  • Goldie7

    dumb ones.

  • _Mista_

    Not your cup of tea being the brain surgeon that you are.

  • Well your proof is that he is good at football.

  • the super genius dr robert

    Lol. Sign language.

    It was all a misunderstanding.

  • the super genius dr robert

    U guys are missing the good news. We can count on sevensuns showing up and killing the board for an hour.


  • SR Raider

    Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 52m
    DeSean Jackson’s gang connections troubling to Eagles http://www.nj.com/eagles/index.ssf/2014/03/eagles_desean_jackson_off-the-

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Not Mark’s cup of tea, wanting to build a fan base, wanting families of kids to buy Raider instead of Niner gear for birthdays.

  • marks hair

    Id just call Philly and say whats up?

  • Return

    I have no idea if we are better on both lines than we were 2 weeks ago. As goes Penn so goes the offense. Shaub is moot. We have no idea how Penn will perform.

  • Same people who say Desean isn’t a gangster because he has never been charged with a crime are the same ones who call Ben Roethlisberger a rapist at every turn.
    Hungarian racism?

  • inonewordraider

    most nfl players came from rough neighborhoods and have loved ones still living the life, add money and fame and it must be extremely hard turning your back on it. this could be the wake up call he needed, I don’t want that talent elsewhere, this is home for him

  • DKnight007

    Great sleeper pickup by McK to sign MJD. No need to draft a RB now. MJD
    should start over DMC….easily and DMC is a better a change of pace
    or as a split out slot receiver also. Keeping both MJD and DMC on the
    at the same time will keep teams guessing and that is something Olson
    needs to take advantage of. MJD, DMC and Reese on the field at same
    time? Wow

  • RaiderCDE

    Pass on Desean – just draft Watkins instead and we have our #1. Younger, cheaper, less hassle.

  • the super genius dr robert

    So MD thinks about taking team to LA and we are bringing in an LA crip?

    Doubt it.

  • DKnight007

    Need to sign a slot or nickel CB. Should have kept Jenkins

  • Rooch

    Sign DeSean Jackon ASAP

  • People saying he will be signed by Monday are hilarious.
    League will wait, see if anything else comes off this, see how he will respond, etc.
    He will be in a training camp for sure, but he probably won’t get even a contract offer for a few weeks, and it will lowball the hell out of what he was going to make prior to today.

  • ComptonRaider

    The Defense is very concerning. in the depth department.
    Reggie i need answers!

  • the super genius dr robert

    If ur gonna let others bring u down, prepare to drown.

    He embraces it. Flaunts it. He’s not begrudgingly supporting his uncle who used to be a pimp.

  • DKnight007

    No way Reggie signs D Jack now I think. It is possible, but I doubt it. He would rather have Sammy or even Mike Evans at this point.

  • Alex7

    Desean and Mack at #5 is better than just Watkins, right?