Raiders reach across the bay for another veteran CB

The two players that started at cornerback for the 49ers last season now are leading candidates for starting jobs in Oakland, with Carlos Rogers on Monday following Tarell Brown to the Raiders via free agency.
Rogers, who turns 33 on July 2, started all 48 regular-season games for the 49ers the past three seasons. He has started all but 10 of the games he played during his first nine NFL seasons, the first six with the Washington Redskins.
The 49ers parted ways with Rogers in a cost-cutting move. Rogers was slated to earn $6.6 million in base salary and bonuses in 2014. The 49ers saved $5.1 million in cap room by cutting Rogers.
Brown and Rogers are expected to compete for the starting spots vacated by Mike Jenkins and Tracy Porter, both of whom signed elsewhere soon after free agency started March 11.
“We’re two older guys that can bring experience, can bring leadership, can bring a lot of stuff to the table,” Rogers said in a conference call. “ …We were a big part of the puzzle that turned San Francisco’s defense around, so hopefully we can translate that over here and be even better.”
Second-year player D.J. Hayden gives the Raiders another viable option, though Hayden struggled as a rookie last season and showed that he has work to do before he can be counted upon on an every-down basis.
Rogers is the kind of player that Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver covets because of Rogers’ versatility. Rogers has the ability to play outside or inside on the slot receiver in nickel coverage, and he excels in any kind of coverage.
“I’m going to have a big opportunity to compete on the outside for a starting spot as a corner,” Rogers said. “My biggest role is going to be making sure I’ve got all the nickel stuff down.”
Rogers is the fifth free agent signed by the Raiders this offseason that has a chance to win a starting job in 2014. He joins defensive linemen Justin Tuck and Antonio Smith, linebacker LaMarr Woodley and Brown.


Steve Corkran

  • _Mista_

    Riding Dakotas coat tails now.

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  • definitely an upgrade. no question. he’d be an upgrade. But I don’t buy that he’s worth $10 mil a year…

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    ..please. Thank you sir.

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    Just pay the $50k in taxes and I swear, we will send you the Congo Lottery winnings!

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    sounds like a big contract for d.jack………….

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    Has Charlie been here yet to tell us how perfectly Reggie is handling the DJax situation so far, and that the Raiders are better off with him, or without him, depending on the outcome?

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    April fools. . .

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    They haven’t all but announced anything. There unsure cause he’s a development project and got injured and missed most of last season. A player has that athletic ability or not. If he can play at nfl level, no reason to not put a guy with athletic ability at lt.

  • Howard Benner

    April the first. . .

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    Raiders Release Guard Mike Brisiel…

    One Nation

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  • Watkins didn’t meet with the Raiders at the combine……

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    And never ask for permission. Better to apologize after. On the way home from a pack trip, they’re really well behaved and wouldn’t even need leads.

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    @RaidersBeat: #Raiders created $1.38M in cap room by releasing Mike Brisiel.

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    You would be surprised…..I know at least 9 Raider fans in my small area.

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    Steeter and DHB nearly did with not as strong QB play. Gang or no gang, I can see why Philly did this. That contract was toxic for that level of production.

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    Watkins sounds like a humble, friendly young man.

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    Reggie just got some more DJAX bonus money freed up???

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    Oh? @NBCdianna: Sources close to DeSean Jackson: if he does not sign with Washington, he will meet with the 49ers tomorrow


    Then hop across the bay??

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    @RaidersBeat: Oh? @NBCdianna: Sources close to DeSean Jackson: if he does not sign with Washington, he will meet with the 49ers tomorrow.

    We are this guys last choice… Forget it.

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    If Jackson kept us from Watkins, I don’t know…….

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    He’s reloaded

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    Ok ,Never at LT might have been over the top. Look at the announced positions. Watson is not listed at LT. He is listed at RT/G. He could very well be a great LT. Just not this year. He would get annihilated.

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    It came to you, roses and asking him out? Why don’t you do it.
    He’s not my type.

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    u dont know that. U dont what sources.

    EVERYTHING is a game at this point. WHO WILL PAY THE MOST PERIOD

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    We are this guys last choice

    Story of this year’s Free Agency

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