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Jon Becker

  • DJ Johnny

    If he’s gonna stand in the way of going to LA then stay away from him.

  • FourMoreYears

    1. Manziel is not a run first quarterback.
    2. Alabama and LSU have NFL defenders. Johhny played them each twice and didn’t die.

  • TrevJo

    cork lost his cred hyping pryor

  • Mac Attack

    Alabama & LSU might have a couple of defenders ready for the NFL & Manziel does run as soon as his first read is not there,& in many cases and would always rather run before sliding in the pocket to allow receivers to clear.

  • The Florida Pete

    Charlie… he allowed a top 10 offense to be re-tooled into a bottom 10 offense…
    he didn’t fix at all the defense that cost us a trip to the playoffs…
    BOOM… he ain’t special…

  • PrometheusISgodoftheblog

    thats not why man. scrambling QBS put a lot more wear and tear on their knees and ankles than pocket passers do. just like RBs do, that AND the hits. being fast didn’t save Vick, RGIII or Pryor from getting hurt either. i prefer a pocket passer with pocket awarness that can move when he has to.

  • Alex7

    what about a passing QB who can scramble well with pocket awareness that doesn’t get hit much? Steve Young, McNabb, Culpepper back in the day…Manziel certainly could become like them in the sense he’s also a pure passer.

  • The Florida Pete

    okay… please allow me to provide you with an opportunity to bash Palmer…
    who went 10 – 6 last year… 4000+ yards…
    lemme guess it was all someone else’s fault…
    those were garbage wins and garbage time yards…
    maddenraider, pick up your true handle and join the blog…

  • Alex7

    if you run as soon as your first read is not there, I’m not sure how you break passing records and have a higher from the pocket rating your sophomore year than Luck had his senior year.

    Maybe you’re wrong?

  • 1960AutumnWind

    “Hey Cork I found your Raiders mock draft. 1) QB Manziel. 2) QB Mettenberger. 3) QB Murray. 4) QB Fales. 7) QB Savage. 7) QB Matthews.”

    Corks reply.? Like it…..

    Now that’s some outstanding analysis…..

  • The Florida Pete

    wow, you’re hyping a QB ’cause he didn’t die…

  • 1960AutumnWind

    See my post above about all QB draft. I come here for the semi posts not the Sgt. Shultz commentary from Cork.

  • Tyler Angelica Miller

    Trevor Knight from OU!!!, had a huge game vs Alabama!!!

  • kuhlest

    yeah that kid gets it, and he does make a handful of special plays each game

  • Mac Attack

    It is something you can away with in college not in the pros. So maybe you are wrong.

  • Howard Benner

    I’ve been hearing some Trevor Knight buzz. . .we’ll see; I’ll have to go back & watch some film on him. . .

    BYI; for anyone’s benefit many college games are available on “YouTube. . .” so, thanks “YouTube. . .

  • Howard Benner

    What? What made RG III successful his rookie year was Alfred Morris & his 1600 rushing yards. Russell Wilson was the benefactor of the “Beasmode” running threat.

    As a rookie Luck, who BTW has put his team in the playoffs his first two years in the league, did so without the benefit of as stout of a running threat as RG III. Luck really had no TE help as a rookie & lost Reggie Wayne & essentially was down to TY Hilton. . .

    What did RG III do last year without a running threat? Not so much. . .Luck, without a legitimate running threat?

    dude, isn’t a little late to be rolling out of bed & hitting the crack pipe?

    Did you think I wouldn’t check the stats? Alfred Morris was third in the league in rushing in both 2012-13. His combined numbers were 2,878 yds., 4.7 yp gain, 13 TD’s in 2012 & 7 TD’s in 2013.

    RG III regressed in 2013. . .but his combined numbers were 849 atts., 532 comp. 6,403 yds,. 36 TD’s & 17 ints., 12 of those (16 TD’s) in 2013. His int % is 2.0

    Andrew Luck numbers, with a best RB for 2012 Vic Ballard, 21st in the league, 813 yds,. 3.8 avg., 2 TD’s. The second best Indy RB had ONE TD. . .some running game support. . .

    Andrew Luck’s career stats; 1197 atts., 682 comp., 8196 yds., 46 TD’s, 27 int. . .his int %? 2.3. . .on 350 more atts. . .hummm oh, his td/int for 2013? 23 TD’s, 9 picks.

    His running game fell off exponentially in 2013; best RB 40th in the league, but six TD’s. . .

    Oh, & Luck has two more rushing TD’s for his career than RG III, four more than Wilson. More efficeint runner. . .

    Wilson has better completion percentage, int % was 2.4 & QB rating than his rivals going 509 for 800 for his career, but Beastmode was a combined 2847 yds. with 23 TD’s., 13 in 2013. . .

    Oh, check this out; Luck, 73 sacks. . .Wilson, 77 sacks. . RG III? 68 sacks! Whose more efficient?!

    so, just as I suspected; your stats are completely off, particularly when you take into consideration Luck threw about 33% more throws than RG III & Wilson. . .

    In this instance Lucy can tell Charlie Brown, my stats shut you up! Bang!

  • kenchun24


  • Que


  • frustrated raider fan

    Cork, I just don’t get it, RM took an extra year to trim the fat, hasn’t hit on many draft picks, can’t pick a QB, hired a coach that still has the look of a deer in headlights, to go with his new QB who also looks like a deer in headlights, lost our 2 best young players in free agency, when he could have at lease tagged one and went into free agency with $60M+ and we still don’t have one player in their prime locked up beyond a year, that is an actual PLAYMAKER.

    About the only thing he has done right is not sign all of these older vet players to contracts that will cripple us beyond the next 2 years…We can all sit here and try and predict what they will do in the draft, but not one of us saw him trading #3 for Hayden & Watson last year, both of whom he has already signed mediocre free agents to replace.

    These guys have no vision, are willing to draft a cb last year that was coming back from a near death injury and a right tackle with one year of experience, yet are scared to take a shot on Johnny Football if he’s there at #5, who not only would help fill seats and excite the fan base, I guarantee he would outplay Schaub and they would have wasted another draft pick on a QB who would have been released and could have been overpaid without giving up a pick anyway.

    Wake up Mark Davis and get someone in here who can start building a foundation by bringing in younger talent and taking calculated risks, not like these fools who will always play it safe.

    Jacksonville is trying to bring in Alex Mack, not because he is worth $10M a year, but they realize they don’t have much young talent and they have a young coach that has a vision and a plan.

    Last week we could have signed Desean Jackson and it would have finally given us an impact player, a difference maker, so what if he isn’t perfect, when did beggars get to be so choosy…are we so blind that we can just watch this inevitable train wreck continue, enough is enough.

    I am not some fair weather fan, I have been on this train for about 40 years now and guys, it’s time for a change and that has to start at the top, sorry RM, you talked a good game, but your vision is lacking and your plan isn’t working.


  • Depcharger

    I agree. I think he’s going to be a bust.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    The offseason has been pretty contentious among the Oakland Raiders‘ faithful in terms of debating the team’s quarterbacks. Though most seem pleased with the addition of former Houston Texans signal caller Matt Schaub, the Raider Nation is sharply divided when it comes to talking about Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin.
    The two young quarterbacks both saw extensive action last season and
    guided the team to a dreadful 4-12 record. Though they both made some
    fantastic plays, as well as mind-numbingly dumb mistakes, much of last
    season’s misery can be attributed to poor offensive line play and a
    defense that gave up yards as well as points at an astounding rate.
    There are good points and bad points to both young quarterbacks. Both do
    different things well and have their strong suits. And we could argue
    about, parse and analyze their head-to-head stats from last season until
    Hell freezes over or the Cleveland Browns
    win a championship– whichever comes first– without ever coming to an
    agreement about who performed better on the field. But the former
    undrafted rookie from Penn State recently showed the biggest difference between he and Pryor — and why you’d want him, rather than Terrelle, on your team.

    When the Raiders announced that they’d acquired Schaub from the
    Texans for a sixth-round draft pick, Pryor threw a fit and reiterated
    his request to be trade or released from the team. It seems that for
    Terrelle, it’s starting QB or bust. If he’s not going to start for the
    Raiders, he would rather take his ball and go elsewhere. McGloin,
    however, had a very different response. He actually welcomed Schaub in
    and said that he’s excited to learn from the veteran quarterback. In an
    interview with CSNBayarea.com recently, McGloin had this to say: