Raiders trade Pryor to Seahawks


The Raiders traded quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, the team confirmed in a press release.
Pryor spent his first three NFL seasons with the Raiders. He started only 10 games during that time, with nine of them coming last season when he beat out Matt Flynn with a strong training camp.
The Raiders received a seventh-round draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft in exchange for Pryor.
After an impressive start last season, Pryor struggled with his accuracy and decision-making. That prompted coach Dennis Allen to go with undrafted free agent Matt McGloin for six games.
Pryor started the final game of the season, but he failed to make much of an impression once again.
He became expendable once the Raiders traded for veteran Matt Schaub this offseason. They also have veteran Trent Edwards and McGloin on their roster.
Pryor, through his agent, informed the Raiders soon after the 2013 season ended that he wanted to be traded or released. The Raiders finally found a taker in the Seahawks on Monday.
Pryor was late owner Al Davis’ final draft pick. He used a third round pick in the 2011 supplemental draft to nab Pryor out of Ohio State.


Steve Corkran

  • Davy Jones

    This shouldn’t be an “either/or” question.

  • Rifflicks

    tell that to all of your blog butt buddies that wanted Wiz replaced this year with Mack

  • 909RaiderLifer

    Randall Liu @RLiuNFL 1h The 2014 @nfl schedule will be released tomorrow night at 8 PM ETView details ·
    Am interested to see where the London trip falls..Bet we have an east coast game the week before London, would make the trip somewhat shorter…

  • Gdog

    You keep telling yourself that, don’t you?

    And no, I don’t expect you to understand what I mean…

  • Gdog

    I called them out on that nonsense. Nice try though…

  • RaiderCDE

    One thing RM definitely has done is increase the size of our oline. Penn and Howard are monsters and Boothe is thick and makes Brisiel look small. If we add Robinson look out..

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Draft Gods, is this really too much to ask for??

    Rnd 1. Trade #5 for Glennon and picks
    Rnd 1, Trade #7 for picks
    Rnd 1 Draft DT Donald
    Rnd 2. Draft DT Jernigan/Hageman/Nix
    Rnd 2 Draft DE Kareem Martin
    Rnd 3.Draft DE Trent Murphy
    Rnd 3. Draft QB Mettenberger

  • 2romes

    Yes, he is laughable.

  • frustrated raider fan

    more like Blind leading the Blind

  • frustrated raider fan

    not wishing for losses, but assessing our future vs 31 other teams & GMs and not too thrilled with what they have done…

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    I’d know it was temporary and I’d support them.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Reggie, DA and Olson are building a no-frills power running game. And I like it, too. In an age where the entire league is pass-happy, there’s something to be said for going a little contrarian. You’ve built a fast defense to stop four-receiver sets? GREAT! Let’s run the ball down your throat all game.

  • xraided

    minus Donald plus Beckam Jr and you’ve got a deal


    I hate to judge a book by its cover, but you could tell that Lacob and Guber were looking at SF before they even bought the team.

    Hollywood through and through. Oakland was never going to be good enough for them.

  • Pretty sure your educated, how bout educated opinion

  • Smart people rule

  • NYOakRaider1

    The Raiders are on their way back. Tuck, Brown and Schaub, in particular, were nice off season moves. If the Silver and Black can shore up their O and D lines, and find a 1 receiver in the draft, this team can go 9 -7 and fight for a wild card birth.

  • AlDavisJr

    Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown and James Jones are all good acquisitions too. The team as a unit is measurably stronger and more talented than last season at game one. We have a draft ahead of us, and se have some of last year’s draft crop that should contribute. McGloin looks to be a strong backup and may push for starting before the end of the season if given half a chance. The cry babies that keep repeating their whinny complaints over and over piss me off. Get over it! Hell, Raiders aren’t wusses…quit with the crying!

  • jumpnjiminy

    That’s an interesting website – thanks.

  • Roronoa Zoro

    Raider Nation encompasses all peoples, just in case you may not have noticed. No worries though, just watch a couple episodes of Dora the Explorer and you’ll be able to decipher the above comment =)

  • Rick Worth

    2 days later just kidding around I’m Canadian so I can take a joke too!!

  • Roronoa Zoro

    Right on man! Go Raiders!!

  • Rick Worth

    Thanks bro. Raiders 4life