Raiders 2014 schedule game by game


How the Raiders’ schedule shapes up in 2014:

Sun., Sept. 7 at New York Jets, 10 a.m.: Think the Raiders are getting sick of MetLife Stadium? It will be the third time in eight games in New Jersey after losing to the Giants last Nov. 10 and the Jets on Dec. 8. Jets backfield could have both Michael Vick and Chris Johnson. Quarterabck Matt Schaub has his Raiders debut, Big Apple style as the Raiders open on the road for the fourth time in five years.

Sun., Sept. 14 Houston Texans: Obvious storyline in the Raiders home opener. Schaub faces the team that dumped him after one bad season. Former Houston defensive lineman Antonio Smith, an excitable type anyway, will be even more so for this one.

Sun., Sept. 21 at New England Patriots: The last time the Raiders played in New England, it was the Thursday night regular-season opener in 2005. They were full of hope under Norv Turner, had traded for Randy Moss and added free agent running back Lamont Jordan. We know how that turned out.

Sun., Sept. 28 vs. Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium, London, 10 a.m.: This counts as a “home” game on the Raiders schedule, but it’s a pretty brutal road stretch to open the season. They start in New Jersey, play one game at home, face the Patriots, then board a plane in Boston bound for London and a week of practice leading up to a game against a Miami team hoping for a little chemistry after last year’s Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying scandal.

Sun., Oct. 12, San Diego Chargers, 1:05 p.m.: Presumably rested coming off a bye from all that time on the road and jet lag, the Chargers and Philip Rivers come to town. A 27-17 late-night win over San Diego in Oakland last season was one of the high points of the season and the high-point of Terrelle Pryor’s short-lived career as Raiders starter.

Sun., Oct. 19, Arizona Cardinals, 1:25 p.m.: If the Cardinals introduce their offense, go ahead and assume there won’t be a lot of cheering for quarterback Carson Palmer or left tackle Jared Veldheer. Palmer essentially forced his way out of town. Veldheer’s curious exit was his own doing, Reggie McKenzie said. Veldheer maintains he wanted to stay.

Sun., Oct. 26, at Cleveland Browns, 1:25 p.m.: This game gets a lot more interesting if the Browns draft Johnny Manziel and make him the starter.

Sun., Nov. 2, at Seattle Seahawks, 1:25 p.m.: Of the nine teams the Raiders play that made the playoffs last season, only two come in the first eight games. The Seahawks, defending Super Bowl champions and the proud owners of Pryor by trade, mark the midway point of the season in about as good a measuring-stick game as you can find.

Sun., Nov. 9, Denver Broncos, 1:25 p.m.: For the last two years, it has looked like Peyton Manning is playing against eight men when he faces the Raiders. Defensive coordinator has a lot more veteran talent this time around, plus the Seahawks blueprint from the Super Bowl.

Sun., Nov. 16, at San Diego Chargers, 1:05 p.m.: The last time they played in San Diego on Dec. 22, Nick Novak kicked four field goals and Matt McGloin played his way out of the starting job as the Chargers prevailed 26-13. But at least Marquette King punted five times for a 54.2 average.

Thurs., Nov. 20, Kansas City Chiefs, 5:25 p.m.: Unless the Raiders have another game flexed to Sunday night (which can begin after Week 5), this will be the lone chance for the home crowd to get good and lubed up for a prime time affair. The last time the Chiefs were in Oakland, Jamal Charles kept getting open on screen passes and the Raiders elected not to cover him. He had eight receptions for 194 yards and four touchdowns.

Sun., Nov. 30, at St. Louis, 10 a.m.: The last time the Raiders played in St. Louis, the quarterback was Rich Gannon in 2002. The Raiders started the season 4-0, only to lose 28-13 to the Rams and quarterback Marc Bulger. First of back-to-back games against NFC West teams.

Sun., Dec. 7 San Francisco 49ers, 1:25 p.m.: Assuming they’re still healthy and in the lineup, this game will hold some significance for cornerbacks Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers, who got lukewarm interest in San Francisco and came to play across the bay.

Sun., Dec. 14 at Kansas City Chiefs, 10 a.m.: Justin Tuck has expressed the hope that the Raiders are this year’s Chiefs, who went from 2-14 to the playoffs last season. Left unsaid is that they also hope that this year’s Chiefs turn in to last year’s Raiders. A potentially brutal weather game.

Sun., Dec. 21 Buffalo Bills, 1:25 p.m.: By this time, either the buzzards will be circling above coach Dennis Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie, or the town will be abuzz that they’re actually alive for a playoff berth.

Sun., Dec. 28, at Denver Broncos, 1:25 p.m.: Ah, nothing like Denver in late December. If they’re built as advertised, however, with good defense, a physical running game and a passing game that stresses completions and accuracy, the Raiders shouldn’t have to blame the weather.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • What was the last time it happened? Vick?

  • DKnight007

    They gonna trade with Atlanta if anybody…and than at 6 take either Manziel or Bortles. Atlanta wants Clown

  • R8erEduc8er


    “Oprah Winfrey is in discussions with David Geffen and Larry Ellison to make a bid for the Los Angeles Clippers should the team become available,” Nichols said in the statement.

    Geffen, a music and film mogul with a net worth that Forbes estimates at $6.2 billion, reportedly tried to buy at least a controlling stake in the Clippers in 2010 for $600 million but was rebuffed by Sterling.

    Geffen also told Schaap that LeBron James was interested in playing in Los Angeles when he was a free agent in 2010 and that James, who ultimately signed with the Miami Heat, told him he would not play for Sterling.

  • DKnight007


  • OhioRaider

    We all know that Reggie takes his deconstruction seriously.

  • Purvis, can u cut and paste something for me?

  • SR Raider

    Vick is the only one in recent times. Eli also if you count that. Both involving the Chargirls

  • R8erEduc8er

    Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. and music mogul Sean Combs both claimed interest in buying the team Tuesday, as did real-estate tycoon Rick Caruso.

    Magic Johnson, Mark Walter and their Guggenheim Partners group, which made the billion-dollar purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012, also are possible bidders, though sources have told ESPN that any such discussions were premature at best

  • RaiderTruth

    no to Evans..

  • R8erEduc8er

    Johnson, who was specifically mentioned in the recorded conversation involving Sterling, laughed off the suggestion he should buy the Clippers in an appearance on ESPN on Sunday night, saying he was focused on bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles.



  • RaiderReloader

    I guess it really depends on how the Texan’s GM feels about Clowney, he is is not sold you know someone will be, and also might be will to do what it takes.

    I kinda want Johhny to get to us too, so my silver and black colored glasses tinting things for me :p

  • DutchRaid

    How funny if they trade with Atlanta, Manziel is taken by ______ and we trade our pick to the Vikings so they can take Bortles…

  • Raideraholic

    Good to see you Donny, Come down this dark alley with us…

  • RaiderReloader

    Carr will be gone somewhere in first round, I wonder if Reggie will go for that, or stay up high enough to get Arron or Lewan.

    Man i am ready for real thing

  • BigBenRexor

    It’s becoming the CA Goveners race of 2003

  • SR Raider

    Don’t see how that happens. JM will be the top QB on 2-3 of the top 4 teams’ draft boards. One of them will bite

  • Where’s Mary CArey!!!


    He said NFL team. haha

  • DKnight007

    I think so…or trading down with Atlanta. At 6..Houston can get Manziel or Bortles and Atl gets Mack at #1


    They will take Clowney if they trade to one,

  • RaiderReloader

    I agree, or someone trades up with one of them to get him.

    still wanting to dream a bit, Had enough rotating QBs for last 12 years, I want our guy!

  • IAmAlwaysWrong


  • DKnight007

    It’s going to be the Geffen/Ellison/Winfrey group who buys the Clipps or the Guggenheim/Walter/Magic Johnson group.

  • SR Raider

    sure would be nice, but clowney watkins and manziel are all probably out of our reach. fortunately plenty of other good prospects

  • R8erEduc8er

    He’s a Raider fan, I believe. Never know…

  • DKnight007

    I wouldn’t be mad in a trade down for Evans, Donald or Lewan

  • DKnight007

    Houston, or Jags.

  • Curious what Magic, sports wise, has been successful at post playing career?
    Failed as a HC, didn’t do much as a GM, was awful as an analyst, Dodgers have the highest payroll in baseball and are in 3rd place in the division.
    I wouldn’t be excited at all with Magic as our celebrity owner.

  • R8erEduc8er

    His #1 job would be to get us a new stadium. As far as hiring a GM, he’d be lost imo. Smart move would be to lure that McCoughlin guy that recently resigned from Seattle back in.

  • RaiderDebo

    I’m defining athletic as it relates to playing QB in the NFL, not a Superstars competition. Culpepper was bigger, faster and had a much bigger arm. He could take off and run for 60 yards and do damage to the tackler at the end of it. He effortlessly threw 60 yd bombs to Moss and Co., and fired darts into tight windows. I like Romo. Great golfer. But as a FOOTBALL athlete, he’s not in the same universe as Culpepper was. If you don’t agree, take it up with the scouts. One guy was drafted in the top 12, the other went undrafted. This really isn’t that hard.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist


  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    New Post. Really. I’m serious. There’s a new post. It’s only JMac, not the elusive Cork, but there really is one!

  • SnBG

    Everytime I see a post here where someone says a new possible owner should bring in a new GM I crack up or someone like Magic wouldn’t know how to hire a GM makes me laugh. Reg isn’t going anywhere. I was right about this last year and I’m right this time also. Give it up folks. You’re going to have Reg and DA for awhile.

  • Raideralex99

    New post

  • SnBG

    Stedman must like basketball.

  • Return

    Fans going to the games is not where the money is at. It’s football fans staying home watching the games that’s the money maker. Where billion dollar paydays are the high stakes for colleges.
    Fans might start turning off the games if they are no more competitive than high school games.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Again, you’re referring to me yet instead of replying within the post, you top post.

    Hypothetically, if Magic was to take over, he doesn’t have to replace RM. Even if he hypothetically took over, it’d be a few years from now and by then, we’d know if RM needs to be replaced or not. And if needed to replace RM, hypothetically, hiring a NFL GM would be very foreign to him. He’s a basketball guy. Just saying….hypothetically.

  • Miamiraider78

    Thanks Marley!