Gruden talks draft


Some quick conference call hits from ESPN analyst and former Raiders and Tampa Bay Bucs coach Jon Gruden on the NFL draft:

Which quarterbacks would be intriguing for Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson, who worked under Gruden in Tampa Bay . . .

Gruden: I think Greg Olson is like a lot of NFL coaches today: you’re looking for a quarterback that can run any play that you dream up. That’s the beauty of Russell Wilson. He can run read options, speed options. He can run a west coast offense. He can run any play you dream up. You’re seeing more and more of the dual threats becoming a force in the NFL with (Colin) Kaepernick, obviously Cam Newton. You’re seeing quarterbacks being coveted that can run it, throw it, run an up-tempo style. (Blake) Bortles from Central Florida. Bortles did a lot of options, drop-back stuff in the pro-style system. I can see Olson liking Johnny Manziel. Greg Olson is a guy with tremendous imagination. I can see him liking a lot of these quarterbacks.

Thoughts on Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel . . .

Gruden:: I don’t have any concerns. I want Manziel. I realize he’s under six feet tall. Maybe he can’t see over the line. We blew that theory in the water last year with (Russell) Wilson and (Drew) Brees. I know he can learn. I spent two days with him, and I know he wants to learn. He had four different offensive coordinators at Texas A&M. He had two different head coaches. It didn’t matter. He adapted and did extremely well. This is the first Heisman Trophy winner as a freshman. In two years at Texas A&M, he had the most productive back-to-back seasons in SEC history. I don’t know what you want him to do. He threw for eight thousand, ran for two thousand, he has 93 touchdowns. All I know is I want Manziel.

The chance of Manziel slipping all the way to No. 18 and the New York Jets . . .

Gruden: If Johnny Manziel is there at No. 18, I’ll give you my cell phone number and I’ll take you out to a steak dinner.

Whether there is a clear cut No. 1 pick in the draft . . .

Gruden: To me the first pick of the draft, the sure-fire Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, I don’t know that that player is in this draft. You’re dealing with more underclassmen than I can ever remember. If you’re talking (Jadeveon) Clowney, (Johnny) Manziel, Sammy Watkins, even some of the underclassmen linemen, Greg Robinson. So it’s a crapshoot. This is not a complete body of work to evaluate. You have to use your imagination, be able to see down the road a bit. There is no sure-fire, can’t-miss No. 1 in anybody’s world, but there are some great prospects.

The possibility of over-analysis with the draft being so late this year . . .

Gruden: The longer you stir the stew, the longer you have a tendency to screw it up. This draft needs to take place quickly. We’ve had first, second and third analysis done on just about every factors from doctors to psychiatrists, the short shuttles, film study, the individual workouts and combines. I think everybody is ready to draft them.

The character of Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins . . .

Gruden: I think what sets Sammy apart is his sincerity and passion for the game. Everyone I’ve talked to has come away very impressed with Watkins’ passion to be great and to put forth a tremendous work ethic.

The relevance of Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s poor pro day performance . . .

Gruden: I’ve done a lot of individual workouts in my past as a receiver coach, as a quarterback coach, even as a head coach. If the player didn’t work that well for me, I didn’t move them down, I took them off our board. So if you’re not having good individual workouts, if you don’t have a good pro workout, that’s part of the evaluation process. You’re going to be moved down or potentially off some people’s boards. I’d be concerned if I were any person and I didn’t have good private workouts or I had a typically bad pro day.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • PlunkforHOF

    Wait, they get to play offense too? Not fair!

  • R8erEduc8er

    He’d say the game film doesn’t lie.

  • FourMoreYears

    We solved that problem by picking up Schaub. Now we’ll always be on offense!

  • 0ak R8rs

    The first month of this schedule is brutal. 21,000 miles of flying at least. An early bye sucks too, particularly because our vets r gonna need that bye later. November is terrible, starting on the road at Seattle, and the two “winnable” games that month both being on the road (maybe KC too). After the bye, however, we only have one 1pm start and only 1 more east coast trip. That’s nice. There’s pros and cons to this schedule. And it’s not an excuse. But it’s not easy either.

  • marks hair

    My board (for any team without a fcz qb)
    John Football
    B Bortles
    A Donald

  • marks hair

    JM can take over right after London..

  • The Ghost of Dave Casper

    For those who care, this article seems pretty exhaustive on Mr. Manziel:


  • TrevJo

    3 years is more than enough time to develop as a backup. Look what Rodgers did after sitting for 3 years. TP has done nothing ij college or the pros to warrant the opportunities he has had. He is a joke.
    funny thong about all this is the folly of your original premise. If we’d drafted Tebow:
    1. We wouldn’t have drafted McClain, which is good
    2. Tebow wouldn’t have helped turn Denver around from 1-4 to division winners, which is good
    3. Instead of panicking and trading 3 high draft picks for Palmer when Campbell went down because Boller Aand Pryor sucked so much, we would have given Tebow a shot, whih would have been great not only for our 2011 season but also with our future drafts.
    you couldn’t be more wrong about both Tebow and Pryor, it’s pretty funny actually

  • 0ak R8rs

    I don’t see the Fish landing The Hobbit. They will give Tanneyhill another year or two.

  • Que!!!!

  • eastoaklandraider

    you hang on to your excuses, while TP gets ready for camp, and Tebow gets ready for….. uh I guess his next crusade. LOL. Denver making the playoffs when tebow was there was more about john fox and the d than it was about tebow. any knowledgeable fan would know that. tebow had so many 3 and outs and the d would continue to get off the field til tebow could finally get his act together, and mcgahee also was a big reason so …. once again tebow sucks and is OUT OF THE LEAGUE.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Tebow cant even be a camp arm, that should tell you how much he sucks.

  • TrevJo

    What’s funny is you act like Pryor getting traded from his 1st team to his 2nd team for a 7th round pick is a positive. Tebow got traded for a 3rd round pick! What does that tell you about Tebow’s on-field performance compared to Pryor’s? Hint: It’s Tebow’s time on the BENCH in his 3rd year that ruined his career… it’s Pryor’s time on the FIELD in his 4th year that ruined his. aka Tebow’s problems are perception, Pryor’s problems are reality.

    If you think Pryor is going to turn his career around, prepare for disappointment. Doubtful he ever gets a shot in Seattle, and he’ll be lucky to get signed by a 3rd team like Tebow did. Then again if Vince Young can keep getting signed even though he sucks, maybe so can Pryor.
    Being out of the league is proof of nothing though. Ask Kurt Warner and Rich Gannon. All that means is the guy needs someone to give him a break before he can get a shot to prove himself again.

  • eastoaklandraider

    The jets giving up a 3rd rnd pick for tebow is why the jets are the jets, a historically bad org and that was another gaffe. you cant get over the FACT that any player that has talent WILL BE ON A ROSTER, despite if he’s a convict, mike vick, plaxico buress, accused of murder, ray lewis, or a prim donna, like TO, ocho cico. Talent always wins out, but guess what TEBOW DOESNT HAVE IT. TP is not great either but he’s good enough to be traded for, meanwhile you couldn’t get a used bible for tebow. LOL.

  • Snakebite

    It is brutal but we can start out at 2-2 which would go along way in the season. If we can’t break even in the first four games it will be a tough year.

  • Snakebite

    Mark better order up a super high class airplane for the team. One with sleeping quarters,gym and comfy couches and seats.

  • Que

    7.8……..great number. Most likely my next jersey will be 78 or 32. Im a huge Tatum guy but Shell is THE RAIDERS he and Upshaw

  • Que

    this blogs gonna be all upset when he’s a Raider

  • You nailed my friend….. Upshaw is what the Raiders mystic is all about… Big, bad ,tough and will knock your teeth out…. Tatum is the Assassin …. Go Raiders…..

  • Matomatic

    For God’s sake…………Reggie………..don’t touch Manziel. If we do go QB, trade down for Carr or maybe get lucky and get him in round 2. If later, go after Garoppolo, Mettenberger or Fales, in that order.

  • johnnyraiderfootball