Raiders pre-draft live chat Wednesday at 11 a.m.


Jon Becker

  • IAmAlwaysWrong

    Gilbert would be a terrible pick at 5. Maybe at 10, if Lions trade up

  • RediaR

    W/E the franchise QB is Wynrick Smothers anyway.

  • the super genius dr robert

    They could

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    funny you said that, ’cause I think Cooks is a Steve Smith clone too.

  • xraided

    new post

  • the super genius dr robert


  • Return

    little troll boy, you don’t rate that high. But I do keep track of your cute little upturned shoes. You must be sporting a brand new pair today because you are in rare form. Carry on fool.

  • Blackholepriest

    None of them are very good in this category. Bridgewater might be the best at sitting in the pocket against pressure and throwing accurately. Manziel will bail and the others just aren’t very accurate vs pressure.

  • RaiderDirt

    My Mock Pt Trey

    1. Mack (OLB/DE)
    2. Ward (FS)
    3. Tuitt (DE)
    4. Purifoy (CB)
    7. Archer (WR))
    7. Wilder (RB)
    7. Burnett (DT)

    One Nation

  • RaiderDirt

    Was predicted to be an late 1st to 2nd rounder..

    Since hydration test level failed..

    Predicted to go late 3rd – 4th round

  • Davy Jones

    ‘Hate’ may be limited to this blog, but severe criticism sure isn’t. Get out of the bubble.

  • Davy Jones

    Mark Purdy not exactly complimentary in his article yesterday. Jon Wilner and Jerry McDonald called his record “spotty” in an article on 5/4. Two weeks ago Kiper was still talking about what a mistake it was to let Veldheer/Houston go. You boys really need to get out more.

  • DKnight007

    Heck…he won’t be there past pick 9

  • Hotep Down

    So, in my book, Steve you made some headway on jerry, more accuratly describing the raiders draft outlook… time will tell

  • Hotep Down

    call me boring but if we take robinson at 5, i will love it. it might develpe into a strong run blocking and pass blocking o line.. With that no team will look rediculous, but develops a tough mantality eminating from the smartest most humble players on the field. im not a dancing bear, not even a bear but you gotta love the big guys. and it if he looks a lot better than valdeer in the run game than reggie has thus got double in the double or nothin stakes

  • Hotep Down

    isn’t hayden’s and watkins performance This year, even more indicitive of reggies draft ability than the players of this year?? Yes ys yes

  • Hotep Down

    If the goal is run first and pass second, in the 2014 nfl , doesn’t that mean getting a big, nasty oline and lining up someone to run through it.

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    One NATION! It’s almost that time!