Q&A with personnel exec Joey Clinkscales

A transcript of director of player personnel Joey Clinkscales’ session with the local media after the Raiders concluded the second- and third rounds of the NFL draft Friday:

Q: Pretty pleased Carr was there?

Clinkscales: I think we were pretty excited. At the point in time of the draft, Derek was the highest rated guy on the board. We werepretty comfortable at that pick taking him.

Q: Derek has taken almost all his snaps in the shotgun the last two years, do you look back to his years under Pat Hill when he ran more of a pro-style offense?

Clinkscales: We did a lot of extensive work on him. We went back a couple of years and looked at tape when he played under center more. We felt like at that point we stayed true to our board and he was the best player available.

Q: All in on Schaub, is the best case scenario Derek sit for a year or two?

Clinkscales: Right. We stayed true to our board. We think Matt Schaub is our starter. We’re confident with that and Derek will come in and he’ll learn and wherever he fits in he’ll fit in. We’re comfortable with the pick and knowing that he will come in and develop the way we would like to see him develop.

Q: Is Carr the future?

Clinkscales: We took him in the second round, we would like to think so. But that being said you never know what will happen in the future. We’re excited he’s here and he will have a chance to compete. Who knows what happens.

Q: Is Carr another one of the high-character guys your team seems to covet?

Clinkscales: Very much so. He’s a very mature kid. He’s had a lot of life experiences that the regular 22 year old hasn’t had. He has a family, he’s married, he has a child also. Were excited to get a guy like that in the program.

Q: Did you evaluate him with his brother in mind?

Clinkscales: Not at all. I don’t think you evaluate one guy and think about the brother. I think the lineage is good. I think his father has been around football and the family has been around football, I think that’s a plus.

Q: Any thought of bringing David Carr in as well?

Clinkscales: We drafted Derek so we’re excited about Derek.

Q: Was Derek at the top of your board among quarterbacks Friday?

Clinkscales: Derek was the top quarterback on the board today.

Q: How ready will Derek be ready to play if needed?

Clinkscales: That remains to be seen. He’s a young quarterback. We aren’t expecting him to walk in the door and be the starter. We have a starter. So whenever that times occurs we’re confident the kid will be ready to play.

Q: Were you surprised he fell to 36?

Clinkscales: We were surprised that he was there at 36 yes.

Q: Having not taken a receiver yet, are you happy with what you have or not seen one you like?

Clinkscales: I think you can say it’s a combination of both. Again, we stayed true to the board. We were able to draft Derek, then we were able to move back, get a player that we like in Gabe and pick up a fourth-round draft pick.

Q: What was appealing about Gabe Jackson?

Clinkscales: He’s a powerful young man. He gives the physicality we’re looking for in the run game. He’s athletic enough to move around in the passing game.

Q: Did you look at moving down in the second round, or was Derek the pick?

Clinkscales: We considered it. We’re open to moving up and back, but the fact that Derek was there gave us a great chance to upgrade our football team.

Q: Did having Carr available change when you’d take a QB, were you considering taking one later only to find him on the board?

Clinkscales: A little bit, from the standpoint that we stay true to the draft board. He was the top rated guy on our board. We were excited to get that player.

Q: How do you evaluate Carr’s poor performance in the bowl game against USC?

Clinkscales: That was one game. Again, we’ve all had bad games and we’ve all had bad days. I don’t think one game can outweigh the totality of his playing career.

Q: How raw of a player is Jackson? Can he play as a rookie?

Clinkscales: I think he can come in and play pretty early. I think he’s a powerful, physical young man. When you’re building a guard, physically, that’s what they look like. Once he gets on the field and starts competing, we’ll see how it turns out. I’m pretty confident that Gabe will be tough and compete. That’s exactly what we expect him to be.

Q: Did you turn people down for the No. 36 pick?

Clinkscales: We fielded a lot of calls. Quite a few.

Q: Ever consider trading up to get Carr?

Clinkscales: No. There was no discussion from our standpoint to move up. We were pretty comfortable there.

Q: Where are your biggest needs going into the third day?

Clinkscales: There’s a point in time where the draft becomes a need, but right now we’re still following the board. We’re going to take the best player available. At the point in time where it becomes a need draft, we’ll go down that line.

Q: Favorite thing about Mack?

Clinkscales: He’s physical. He’s tough. He’s able to rush the passer standing up or with his hand in the dirt. He can play versus power or speed. I love the player. I could go on and on. I love the pick.

Q: Are you trying to bringing hard workers?

Clinkscales: Jackson is a 50 game starter in the SEC. That tells you a lot about the guy he is. He hasn’t missed a start. When you’re building a foundation, it’s important to get the right kind of guys. I think you can tell that from what we’ve brought in from free agency and from the players we’ve brought in the draft.

Q: You feel like you’ve gotten lucky with players that have fallen to you?

Clinkscales: We’re excited about the players we have. The Raiders need a little luck like everyone else. We’re excited about that.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Charlie

    Go away haters.
    Great job Raiders! The dawn of a new day is upon us.
    (That was for Purv).

  • Marley Bob

    Yes mcgill

  • Michael

    Ugh, I haven’t heard that. But that seems like a goodel thing to do

  • Elliot

    Nice pick love it true press corner..

  • Steveopa

    Come on Reggie grab desir the cb from Linwood

  • raiders24

    Keith Mcgill nice pick

  • Marley Bob

    Reggie, respect man, great draft so far

  • annnoymousasshole

    damn a 6′ 4″ corner. call the draft a success RM hit on every pick. biggest positions of need have been filled along with 2 day 1 starters. excellent draft

  • annnoymousasshole

    Raiders even picked up a legit NT, can play some 3-4 now. defense will be a force

  • PlunkforHOF

    Crap, woke up just logged in and we’re already done for the day.

  • DKnight007

    No other teams were gonna take a qb after us..maybe Tenn…that’s it really

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