Raiders draft Mississippi St. G Gabe Jackson

Gabe Jackson, a guard from Mississippi State, was the Raiders third-round selection in the NFL draft, No. 81 overall.

Jackson was selected with the pick acquired from the Miami Dolphins, who took the Raiders’ original selection at No. 67.

The deal gave Oakland an additional fourth-round pick Saturday at No. 116 to go along with their other fourth-round pick at No. 107.

Jackson is 6-foot-3, 336 pounds and considered a powerful straight-ahead interior run blocker. Currently, the Raiders projected starting guards following the release of starter Mike Brisiel are Khalif Barnes on the left side and possibly free agent acquisition Austin Howard on the right.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DJ Johnny

    That does sound like a good idea.

  • Eldiabs

    you can develop on the field too you know

  • Rico Stifler

    I wanted Louis Nix more than Jackson, but we needed upgrades at guard. I think Jackson will start at LG.


  • http://thebadtenants.com/ eternal pessimist

    Eli still has 2 rings…

  • AlDavisJr

    Right. But if the OC is doing a good job of calling plays, lots of that pressure can be avoided. If we have a strong (country strong–heh) running game, and Rivera is as good as it looks like he could be, some of that pressure cooker thing can be avoided.

  • aig-raiders

    yup and peyton throws picks at the worst moment.

  • http://thebadtenants.com/ eternal pessimist

    oh, maybe i missed your point. my bad. i thought you were implying that Eli was missing the no fear element?

  • aig-raiders

    Boldin contributed greatly to their offense last year. Stevie will this year too. Basically they got STevie for free. It is very rare for a rookie WR to contribute immediately, even 1st rounders, so to me this is a steal.

  • Rico Stifler

    You look like a lesbo trying to pass as a man…

  • aig-raiders

    we got nix?

  • http://thebadtenants.com/ eternal pessimist

    my bad. edited that. i was reading another article about Nix while i was writing over hear. slip of the brain. edited my comment.

  • marks hair

    We had bashud breeland in for a visit.. might be our cb in rd 4


    DaQuan Jones, DT Penn State.

    Oh, and Gabe Jackson was a great pick. Watch his game vs. LSU this past year. Keep in mind that one of the LSU tackles has already been drafted and that the other one “failed” a UA or he would have been taken by now also.

    Jackson is a beast. That kid blocks out the sun when he pulls. Watch his games. He’s going to be a really good player in the NFL. I was high on him early, but figured that with the moves in free agency Reggie was done with the o-line. Really happy Gabe Jackson is a Raider.

  • AlDavisJr

    If he isn’t already drafted I want this guy (Looked but didn’t see his name on the first 3 rouinds)—fearless hitter. Dang right!
    Craig Loston–SS from LSU 5′ 11″ 211 lbs.

    Projected 40 Time: 4.63.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.
    5/5/14: Loston totaled 57 tackles, three passes broken up, three interceptions and four tackles for a loss in 2013. He didn’t play well against Georgia, but was better versus Florida. Loston also played well against Alabama, Texas A&M and Iowa. He followed it up with a strong performance at the Senior Bowl.

  • Ron69

    Mack A, Watkins would have been A+ but Mack can be the better player at the end.

    Carr. D, he won’t start anytime soon and might not even beat MM in the delpth chart, a proyect, Lee would have been the pick for A+

    Jackson. A+ he was the best player available at 81 Nix has injury issues.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Lee is a risk after that surgery and other issues.

  • pistolpete9

    The ONE thing I worry about Carr is his continued passing problem of throwing off his back foot. GOT to improve on that problem.

  • pistolpete9

    Carr has a problem of throwing off his back foot too often.

  • pistolpete9

    Its always kind of funny that late round picks always seem to wind up being your best picks of the draft. Brady at 199 being the best example. Patriots pick up Garoppolo and put Mallett on the trading block?? Mallett broke all the passing records at Arkansas and unfortunately RM and DA got rid of the guy who came behind him and broke those records, Tyler Wilson in his Jr. year.

  • pistolpete9

    THINK SO??? That scares me………

  • pistolpete9

    SEC player and played against the best in the nation: Alabama, LSU, A&M, AR, and MIZZOU.

  • pistolpete9

    We NEED another stout healthy RB.

  • pistolpete9

    What about Shaw from Pitt?

  • pistolpete9

    No, but you can TEACH him to be calmer under pressure and TEACH him his “outs” at the same time. All the great QBs learned to read the blitz and check off to short passes under pressure.

  • pistolpete9

    Wish they would have taken Garapolo instead.

  • pistolpete9

    Watch his footwork and you will understand his shortcomings.

  • pistolpete9

    Bad footwork and throws off his back foot too much.

  • pistolpete9

    Over reaches his brain power each year.

  • pistolpete9

    Would RM dare trade for Mallett now that NE drafted Garapolo? Solid training in NE.

  • Ian

    Sorry about the late reply. Everything that Ive heard says that the Raiders like Mcgloin. Alot.

  • Ian

    no. Why?

  • turf toe

    I wanted the little punk.

  • Chino

    Looked around. Plenty of options with those 4th round picks. Didnt really pass on anybody

  • Hotep Down

    mack makes the d more creative and could improve various parts of defence i.e. pass rush, line backer play run stop.. love the back side pursuit by the kid.. need a few more like him swooping in on the ball and you’ve got an elite dfence.. maybe woodson and branch will be leapfroging guys to take down ball carriers .. well see

  • Mike_Trail

    Morning Nation. Great Draft so far. I understand why some are down on Carr a bit but he will have time to develop, we all knew we would take him if there in Rd. 2, and he has plenty of potential. Reggie is really hitting on all cylinders right now.
    Welp, gonna go put a pork butt on the smoker for Mother’s Day (we do it today instead of Sundays) drink some beers, get out the gloves and toss around the baseball a bit.
    Hope you all have a great Saturday!

  • elpolloloco

    re: carr… worst case scenario he’s jimmy clausen and we pick our cam newton next year.. best case scenario hes aaron rodgers..

    sure it’s not ideal to use the 36th overall pick on the gamble but at this point why not?

  • Twinkle

    He seems to have all the tools but we’ve been down this road before ……. a lot lol. Perfect fit for both I reckon…….fingers crossed . Good to hear from ya.

  • Twinkle

    Yeah no sh*t but the for a short time lol

  • Twinkle

    Now there we have a winner lol

  • DKnight007