Dennis Allen’s letter to season ticket holders


The following letter was sent to season-ticket holders from Raiders coach Dennis Allen:

It has been almost a week since we wrapped up the 2014 NFL Draft, adding eight strong new players to our increasingly talented roster. As we move forward in our offseason program, I wanted to share with you the excitement I feel for the upcoming season.

Our mission from day one has been to assemble the talent we need to be consistent and competitive in every quarter in every game. We have been focused and disciplined as an organization, acquiring the right players for the positions who will represent our organization exceptionally, both on and off the field.

Step-by-step, we are building a smart, tough, disciplined football team that will play this game with the passion an energy the fans deserve. Reggie McKenzie and our personnel staff have done a tremendous job bringing in players that fit the vision and goals of our organization.

There are three areas where I am particularly optimistic.

1-As with all great teams, there must be strong leadership within the locker room. We have brought in a lot of veteran leadership, players that understand what it takes to win a championship because they’ve been there before. They bring with them that team chemistry and winning culture, and I believe it will be felt in the locker room from day one. You can already feel a positive vibe with our coaches, players and administration.

2-To win consistently in the NFL, you must be solid at the quarterback position. We were able to significantly upgrade our talent, giving us genuine experience and more depth that will give us an important advantage throughout the season. We have a proven veteran that has been a top 10 quarterback in this league, as well as players at quarterback with tremendous potential and promise as we build toward the future.

3-Finally, we wanted to upgrade our offensive and defensive lines. We were able to improve both sides of the line with not only proven veterans, but with some of the of the most promising rookies. We believe the game is won in the trenches with physical line play. As Reggie said last week, “We want to do the pushing around. You do that with big people.’’ They have a genuine commitment to win, and you’ll see that on the field from the very first game.

We’ve had a good offseason, but we’ve only just begun. Our players and coaches will continue to work tirelessly to return the Raiders to the level of play that you deserve. We are building a team you will be proud of in 2014 and for many years to come.

That you for your support. It means everything to us.

Go Raiders!

Dennis Allen
Head Coach


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • FourMoreYears
  • Blackholepriest

    I disagree I think JC will have a better record. Matt Schaub is a technician. He ain’t the difference between wins and loses. He’s a serviceable QB…………period

  • Wonder why MJD could get Stewart to give up the number? 21 seems like a DB number

  • Chino

    @RAIDERS: More numbers: Woodley – 57, Brown – 23, Rogers – 27, Howard – 77, Smith – 97, Boothe – 67, Penn – 72, Wilson – 98

  • Chino

    @RAIDERS: The Oakland Raiders have signed 11 undrafted free agents: http://t.co/vMC2Qsmte9

  • DutchRaid

    I thought there was another game where they were yelling at each other? A thursday night game against Tennessee? Trent Green was all over Schab’s jock that night, then the trainwreck happened…


    BTW Im drinking my every offseason koolaid daily dose. are you doing the same?

  • SlvrnBlck478

    I think Noel Grigsby makes the roster

  • RaidingTexas

    I just realized that you’re Mistic.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Has Crawford ever got the elusive sack?

  • FourMoreYears
  • SlvrnBlck478

    Its not even close. Schaub will have a better career with the raider nation

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Davis and Carlos all over the field have decent shots…

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    Fields weighs less than 240 and you want this guy playing MLB?

  • RaidingTexas

    He had one last season I believe. I still like the clever twit handle.

  • 1960AutumnWind
  • 1960AutumnWind

    Yep. Ever here of Weider protein mix and a weight set?

  • 1960AutumnWind
  • Guest123

    Yeah, I’m trying to. Kool aid tastes like medicine but I’m trying to get used to it.

  • Return

    Ok. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it but he still turns out being a dumber slower less accurate Grads.

    Sorry. I tried.

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    Seen the latest pics of Reggie at Raiders.com ?? Big Reg needs to lay off the pancakes & waffles imo. Needless to say he won’t be the guy advertising the new robust Wellness program for Raider employees

  • SlvrnBlck478

    Who is Roach’s back up?

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    nope. news travels slow to Podunk

  • kuhlest

    Clowney has quite the cast around him….they can’t double him and leave the proven Watt alone one on one….

    same with Donald, you have a nightn=mare Dline in STL,,,Long, Quinn, Brockers, Donald…he is too quick for any 1 OG/C yet that is what he will get 95% of the time

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    interesting, of the 11 UDFA’s only 1 of them played college ball locally (Grigsby – San Jose State). Scouts working hard this year, turning over every rock

  • Guest123

    Fast food man…

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    Seen the DJ Coles FA signing is finalized. Surprised that kid didn’t get drafted. Has potential to be a solid #2 type receiver for us if he makes the roster. Would’ve soared up everyone’s board if Logan Thomas had any sort of ability to play the QB position properly at Va. Tech.

  • Guest123

    according to Tafur, 4 of them are WR’s.

  • hwnrdr

    We need to find our #1

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I just got here and I’m the only one that knows there’s a new post?

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    correct. after a heavy defense draft, 10 of the 11 UDFA’s are offensive players!

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    Tracy here. Dennis Allen is a great football coach. y’all should root for him!

  • Blackholepriest

    I just realized how freakin stupid you are.

  • Blackholepriest

    I will believe when I see it…….period


    Like the kids, they dont swallow their meds. but its necesary.

  • Return

    At first i was going to rave over how the NFC west and Houston’s defenses are shaping up to be some of the best ever and then it hit me like a truck.

    That “they” is us!

  • SnBG

    Agree, he is an OLB.

  • SnBG

    Agree he is an OLB

  • WagonBurner

    i know this is all just fluff to pump up raiders fans. but it was a good letter. as a bengals fan, I wish our owner would do this.

  • Nurani Reed

    If a team has a crappy QB I do not consider them a threat…JETS in particular….WE have a top ten QB in Schaub I believe…
    Seattle is going to have EVERY team gunning for them this season because they are the SB champs. Tough but not impossible.

  • Nurani Reed

    Why does anyone account last year or any previous years records to this year??
    Not the same team as last year…We have one of the BEST QBs in the league..at least a top ten…a defense that is stacked with vets…the offense is not going to suck this year….No Pryor running around like a chicken with its head cut off and McGloin is a backup where he should be. And I even think McFaddden is going to have a great year behind our much better O-line…
    BTW…the play action pass is going to be our bread and butter…

    This is the year we get back into being competitive and relevant again.

  • Nurani Reed

    RM is improving the defense by getting all the new free agents…DA has
    nothing to do with who gets signed. Look, his only job is to
    do………damn…Im not exactly sure what he does,,,G.Olsen is the play
    caller..RM Hires and Fires…Tarver calls plays on Defense….DA is a
    secondary/DB coach. I still don’t like him….not enough fire in him to
    be a head coach. If The Raiders go 8-8 he will be FIRED…..This team is
    STACKED on defense…our LBs are gonna dominate and terrorize ever
    TE/RB/FB in our division…..Shut down the Dink and Dunk passing of
    A.Smith and Manning…Yea I said it here first…P.Rivers is washed up
    and lazy until the 4th qtr so I don’t count him
    The real test is when we play the afc east Bi@tches The Patriots and the Battle of the Bay when we play the 49ers..

  • Howard Benner

    First off, you are completely ignoring facts. Your argument is entirely based on emotion
    & conjecture.

    A QB coming off a season in which he set a record for most pick sixes in a year his team, who had a much better defense than the Raiders had the most losses in the entire league is a top ten QB? Over who? Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, Matty Ice, Philip Rivers, Ben Rothlesburger, Joe Flacco. That’s 11, with six having hoisted the Lombardi trophy. I consider Josh McCown better than Schaub. The season he ad for the Bears? Are you kidding me? Jay Cutler is better than Schaub, even with his abrasive personality. . .Players play for him. . .you consider him better than Ryan Tannehill? RG III? Eli Manning? Alex Smith? Tony Romo? Nick foles? Five of those six beat the Raiders last year. I’m not even talking about Carson Palmer or Sam Bradford or whomever the Brownies put out there;Brian Hoyer or Johnny Football. . .Andy Daulton. . .

    To discount the Raiders record on the right coast & going up against a Jets team with a potentially elite defense; whomever is the Jets QB will be an improvement over a rookie Geno Smith. . .

    Duh, Seattle will have the champs target on their back; but to merely think of that as a “tough” game; have you ever been to Century Link? I live in Seattle & have been going to Raiders games in Seattle, regardless of the venue, for more than 25 years! Century Link is the loudest stadium I have ever been to & I’ve been to Arrowhead, both Mile High stadiums, San Diego, Green Bay. . .the home field advantage is menacing! The Olinemen can’t hear the snap count thus the defense regularly beats them off the ball. . .are you getting this? Is thee a better reason for the success their defensive line has rushing the passer & containing the run?

    The Raiders have a loaded defense when they prove it to me ON THE FIELD! And not before that. . .

    many other teams have “stacked” their team in a category previously considered a weakness. The Raiders have farther to go just to field an NFL caliber roster. . .let’s not go all “rose colored glasses” before we see what product Reg & DA put forth on the field. . .there still were postiions I don’t think were adequately addressed, particularly when one considers the available talent from the 2014 draft. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Are you amongst the illiterate that discounts history?

    Schaub is a top 10 QB? laughable & I proved it to you. . .a guy that has NEVER played an entire 16 game NFL season is going to be a marquee RB? No actual NFL quality #1 WR?

    You really are not a realist, are you? Are you 12? that is the level of argument you depict to me. . .

    You need to get a clue. . .believe it if it happens. . .there are plenty of other defenses in the NFL stacked with vets with much more continuity than the Raiders possess. . .especially on the Raiders schedule. . .AFC EAST, their own division, NFC West, Cleveland. . .that’s 12 teams right there! Do you maintain the Raiders have a better defense than any of those teams? The Raiders defense? these guys all are new to each other. . .some, like Woodley will transition from a rush OLB in the 3-4 back to a hand in the dirt rush DE. . in a different scheme. . .Smith played five tech with the Texans. . now he’s a three tech in a different scheme. . .the corner position is in transition. . .three newcomers, one a rookie with off field issues & a guy coming off an injury marred rookie year. . .a starting SS coming off a broken leg. . .you really need to get a clue. . better yet. . you need to enroll in NFL 101. . .let’s see; same as in college; they use a similar ball. . .rules are a bit different. . .oh, everybody is bigger, faster, stronger, nastier & they play for MONEY. . .they will be 7-9 best case scenario. . .if they exceed that I will be as happy as any other Raider fan. . .I’m 57 & have been through the Raiders roller coaster since the sixth grade. . what history do you have as a Raider fan? Sheesh!

  • Nurani Reed

    I’ve been a Raider fan since the early 80’s. I’m 40 now. I’ve seen em win SBs and lose SBs since….I had and have HOPE for every team we put on the field every year REGARDLESS of what many people say.

    What should I say? Our coaches are a joke? and the head coach is a fatheaded bafoon who can’t evaluate a potato let alone players? Our defense is going to get lit up by every team including the browns and we would be lucky to finish with the same record we had this year? We have nothing but castoffs, throwaway, and injury prone players on both side of the ball? Our biggest threat on offense is still the fullback? We have 6 number 3 WRs all trying to be number 1? Our most dangerous player on defense is a ROOKIE LB? Our QB is more injury prone than Darren McFadden?

    I hope our team does better than that…I would love to believe we are going to be a real threat again in the NFL….After 14 years of consistent losing seasons I see a real change in Oakland.

    OK I know Schaub isn’t that great…but I didn’t think Gannon was great either and look how we view him now. Schaub was harrassed by fans in Texas. Did you know that? Some fan actually went to his house and threatened him if he didn’t start playing better.
    And his team was riddled with injuries on the offense line.
    He was spooked and had no o-line.

    If you think the seahags are that great why don’t you just be a fan of theirs and leave the Nation

  • RdrFusion

    I believe that,Tracy. Just because he doesn’t go nuts on the sideline doesn’t mean he’s not a good coach. There is a plan.

  • Terrence Healy

    I believe this Season will show how good the Coaches are, now that they have a very good line up of Quality and Talented players. As a die hard Raider fan, I have been waiting to see my team rise back up and get some respect and start winning again. I trust in Reggie and Dennis to make this happen. This is going to be a very exciting season. All the pieces are in place, COME ON SEPTEMBER!!!!!!

  • Dakota

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