Allen likes what he sees of Schaub in first look at QB in team setting


ALAMEDA – Quarterback Matt Schaub was among the players that Allen worked with in a team setting for the first time Tuesday.
Allen saw some of his players during the team’s rookie mini camp earlier this month, but none of the veterans like Schaub.
“He practiced well today,” Allen said of Schaub. “All the things that we thought he’d be able to do, he was able to come out and execute. He made some mistakes in today’s practice, but that’s to be expected.”
Allen reiterated that Schaub is the unquestioned starter, which is a departure from last year, when Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie anointed Matt Flynn the projected starter when they traded for him but emphasized that the job was up for competition.
“I haven’t made any bones about (the fact) I brought Matt Schaub in here to be a starter,” Allen said. “He’s been a top 10 quarterback in this league. There are a lot of teams out there that would love to have a top-10 quarterback in this league. I feel like we have one, so that’s the way we’re going right now.”
That’s a far stronger stance than last season when Allen and McKenzie gave Flynn the first chance to win the starting job but soon discovered that they needed to find a better option.
Ultimately, Terrelle Pryor beat out Flynn in training camp and began the season as the starter. Soon thereafter, the Raiders waived Flynn.
Pryor and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin started 15 of the Raiders 16 games, with both players having the expected ups and downs of inexperienced quarterbacks in the NFL.
It was enough for McKenzie and Allen to go in search of another starter once again. The process yielded Schaub via trade with the Houston Texans.
The Raiders traded Pryor to the Seattle Seahawks earlier this offseason. McGloin, veteran Trent Edwards and second-round draftee Derek Carr are competing for two backup spots.
“I think we have a heck of a quarterback room, I really do,” Allen said. “We have four quarterbacks that can help this football team.”


Steve Corkran

  • Woodley is better rushing the passer, and Mack is better in coverage.
    So not sure why would do this other then explaining it with a simple two word answer:
    Ta-ta’s Allen

  • Myopinion

    Not if Greg Jenkins makes the team.

  • 24

    Poor b@stard went from the Raiders to a playoff team and they went 2-14…

  • 0ak R8rs

    I think that was Shelby Harris, 7th round pick. Hadnt heard about Ellis being out of shape?

  • 24

    Ah…I just said that below…hopefully he took the curse with him.

  • I feel for the guy. I really do.

  • seymour bush

    maybe that’s is telling us all something. Some guys just cannot win. It doesn’t matter about them particularly, but they are just not winners. (See Asomougha, Nnamdi)

  • the super genius dr robert

    Being nicknamed Jelly implies ur out of shape as a rule.

  • Davy Jones

    I don’t want the Raiders or Matt Schaub to fail. But I do think people should pump the breaks when predicting success for ALL our aging FAs, especially bounce back seasons from the likes of Penn, MJD, Woodley, and yes, Schaub.

    I wanted Schaub over Freeman, Vick,etc. And post Veldheer I wanted a FA LT instead of using the #5 on one. So I like what was done. But while aging FAs coming off bad seasons SOMEtimes benefit from a change of scenery, more often they continue their decline in a young man’s game.

  • 0ak R8rs


  • 24

    He’s rotational either way.

  • DutchRaid

    Remember we had Lamar Houston drop into coverage…

  • SnBG

    24, have to agree with you. Schauby should be given the chance and the benefit of the doubt. His career stats would say so. That Texas team was a mess last year.

  • 24


  • Theghostronin79

    His nick-name when he was a kid was “Jelly-Bean”…I read somewhere.

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    new post, turd buckets

  • Dakota

    Zero eastern conference competition in the last four years = tarnished trophies for the Heat.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Reggie spent $50 million on about 11 guys instead of $40 million on 3 or 4 guys. If even half of his acquisitions work out, I’ll consider it a success. Because likely only half the big name ones would have worked out as well.

  • 24

    Winning is winning.

  • SnBG

    Schauby is #1. MM will be #2 and Carr will warm the bench at 3. That will be your lineup. Edwards will be gone and soon.

  • AlDavisJr

    Agree–I think Kubiak was feeling the pressure to make the SB and it got to him. He turned into a monster control freak and started pissing in the players faces. Just my guess. The whole team was in melt-down mode. Hard for the captain to drag the whole ship.

  • Davy Jones

    Moving this to the new thread. 😉

  • SnBG

    Here’s the deal, if the naysayers can have some fun trashing the players and coaches then the positive fans can have some fun believing in the team. There is no middle ground here. Fight or die!

  • SnBG

    What part of Colo are you from?

  • FourMoreYears

    That’s true. He can absolutely help us, but I’m not looking for any kind of DROY impact from him.

  • SnBG

    Don’t tell that to John Abraham.

  • MrMatusak

    Didn’t he have a stroke on the field last year also so they lost their HC for awhile also.

  • MrMatusak

    I bet that’s the way it will turn out.

  • RaiderJesus

    Guys, here’s the way I see it. If God wants Scaub to succeed then he will. If his plan is to get Carr in there because Shaub doesn’t play well then so be it. That’s why I don’t get to up or down or too critical about things. God has a plan.

  • God leaves football up to that free will department. He doesn’t fix sports.

  • Howard Benner

    I don’t think “God’s plan” remotely revolves around who starts & who doesn’t start. . .who succeeds & who doesn’t. . .for any player for any team in any sport. . .

    If I surmise “God’s plan” it has more to do with conquering daily “tests” & adversity than it does who plays & who doesn’t for sports teams. . .

    any reference to the aforementioned is shallow & possesses no significance or relevance. . .especially when people are dying in, say, Ukraine. . .with a despotic leader close by clearly in play. . .

    What is required here is perspective. . .

  • Howard Benner

    My turd bucket is in the bathroom & I flushed. . but a word to the wise; don’t go in there. . .

  • Howard Benner

    The loss of the Texans two RB’s took away the Texans most effective offensive talent; the threat of their run to create space for their TE’s. . .Foster was just as affective as a pass receiver as a runner. . .without his threat the Texans offense was easy to predict & the lack of productivity from the so called skill positions, combined with Schaub’s high ankle sprain created more havoc than we can know. . .

    Still, I don’t think of Schaub as a ‘top 10 QB. . .” not with Brady, P. Manning, Brees, A-Rod, Luck, Big Ben, Stafford, Cam, Rivers & potentially Foles. . .notice I also didn’t include ‘Kap, Wilson, Romo, RG III, Ryan, E. Manning, Cutler, J. McCown, C. Palmer or Smith in that group. . .that is where I believe Schaub could find himself most objectively rated. . .but the 11th best QB in the league, particularly if the Raiders ground attack allows the Raiders offensive braintrust to utliize Schaub like he was accustomed for the Texans. . .would surely be an upgrade over any Raider QB play of the past two decades. . .I would take that in a New York second. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Have to agree with you. . .that would embrace objectivity in it’s truest form. . .

  • Howard Benner

    How are their trophies “tarnished” when they bested the best team the western conference, supposedly dominant over the east conference in order to win their back to back championships?

    did the western conference representatives “underperform?” Did they they not “respect” the Heat?!

    I don’t quite follow your logic. . .Oh, that’s right. . .lack of logic. . .

    Explain. . .seems like your pro Faker bias is shining through the LA Smog. . .

    Smug alert. . .

    This has to be sarcasm @ it’s finest. . .otherwise, meaningless drivel. . .

  • Heck Legler

    Remember the epic teams the Lakers beat in the early 2000s finals? Pacers, Sixers, Nets. Tarnished? or


    And I loathe the Heat.

  • Blackholepriest

    “I think we have a heck of a quarterback room, I really do,” Allen said. “We have four quarterbacks that can help this football team.”

    Code for all white QB room………lol

  • RaiderReloader

    stop with the hate crimes

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Black QB’s are OK. TP wasn’t. Jamarcus wasn’t Aaron . wasn’t So, what’s your point?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Duante was kindaOK,but just at the end of his carreer.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I liked Rodney, too.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Since you’re talking only about black QB’s

  • Turtle named Mack

    Not that interested in make believe, but there are other blogs that focus on it that might be a better fit for you.

  • Turtle named Mack

    Perhaps we just didn’t see enough of TP. If only he got a chance to start a series of games to show us what he can do. Surely his greatness will be aparent if only he would play.