Woodley eager to get after quarterbacks after switch to DE


LaMarr Woodley shined for many seasons as an oversized outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, chasing smaller and faster receivers and tight ends.
Now that he’s with the Raiders, Woodley is looking forward to putting his hand in the dirt as a defensive end, beating the man in front of him and sacking the quarterback as often as possible.
That’s the thing that attracted Woodley most to the Raiders when he hit free agency after spending his first seven NFL seasons with the Steelers.
“Seeing how guys were flying around on defense and getting after people, after talking to coach (Dennis Allen), that’s what he wanted me to do,” Woodley said. “He wanted me to rush the passer more than drop back in coverage.
“I felt with the kind of people that were on their defense and adding me, I felt like I could help the team win.”
Woodley was accustomed to winning when he played for the Steelers. He played for teams that reached the Super Bowl twice and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy once.
He said he feels as if he and other older players such as defensive end Justin Tuck and wide receiver James Jones – two other offseason acquisitions – can help instill in the Raiders younger players what it takes to win.
“They were in a lot of games (last season), they just didn’t finish,” Woodley said. “This offseason, they went and brought in guys that know how to finish games. You bring that in here along with the attitude that a lot of these players have and this team has and you go to the next level.”
Woodley is a firm believer that the Raiders are talented enough to make it to the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season.
He told Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie as much when he visited the Raiders during free agency.
“If you come here saying, I’m just trying to be 8-8, I don’t want you as part of my team,” Woodley said.
Woodley, who turns 30 this season, also is hell-bent upon proving that his best years aren’t behind him. He said calf and ankle injuries in recent seasons are the only reasons his production dropped.


Steve Corkran

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  • 1960AutumnWind

    Now to give you a straight answer. I believe the raiders will catch Houston early before the new coach can establish his offense. I believe KC has taken a step back and with the improved offense and pass rush Oakland will sweep them. I also think the Raiders will victimize young QBs for Miami, Buffalo and yes Cleveland. I also think the Raiders will split with SD. That is 7 wins. They also have a good shot with NY and SD for the sweep. My over under is 7 but they could win anywhere from 6-9 in my mind.

    Why? In a word depth. The Roster has better depth. For instance, last year we had four QBs with a combined 3 pro starts. This year we have a 2 time Probowl QB, a QB with 5 starts and a promising rookie unlike last year. We also have scheme continuity and some returning players that can help with rolling out the offense and defense. We did not have as much of this last year or define toy the year before.

  • Raiderfusion

    Great job Plunk. That was a fun team, I remember the 11 Angry Men, what a great moniker. Clem Daniels was the 1st of our big backs. I can still see him churning up the field. We didn’t play well in that game, but it was the beginning of some really outstanding years of football for our team. Let’s hope we’re getting there again.

  • nolimits3333

    I remember watching that game.
    Max McGee scored a touchdown late.